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Hi all you Sept-to-be mums!

I am due (by my calculations) on the 25th September with my second bubba.

So far I have been having a LOT of morning/afternoon/evening sickness, which has come as quite a shock seeing I had a perfect pregnancy with Jordan (now 3). Maybe it's just bad Karma for always saying how easy I had it the first time around. smile

I can't believe I'm only 9 or so weeks, and I'm already so excited!

I'm looking forward to dropping in and chatting to others due around the same time....always fun to talk to people going through the same stuff at the same time.

Take care of all those lovely bumps-to-be!!!!
Hi everyone

Im not due in September but the first week of October with my first bub. My husband wanted it to be born on 26 Sept though because thats his bday. lol.

well for me i am constantly nauseous and tired and have been since 6 weeks and have been eating lots of bread etc to settle the tum, i have put on a bit of weight already but think thats just from eating more and not exercising and my breasts are sooo big and sore...i cant wait to start showing though, its so exciting and i hope everyones sickness ends after the 12 week mark

good luck girls. love to chat on email

im from nz and have been here 1 year so would love to chat

Krista,30, VIC, Noah born 8/10/2005

im due 18th september, baby number 2, my daughter will be 2yr 1 month

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

Hey mums and bumps,

I had my first ultrasound yesterday, and my EDD has been moved up to the 21st September, which makes me 12 weeks today.

It was so amazing seeing the scans. Little bubba is 5.5cm long, and we could see head, body, legs, arms, heart (146bpm), liver and spine. Could even see a little nose! Well, to be honest, I couldn't see it, but the scan-man pointed it out.

It was a refief to actually see proof that there is a little baby in there, and that it seems perfectly healthy.

I have been going through all the old wives tales and such to guess if it's going to be a boy or girl. Everything points to girl so far, but I just have a feeling it's going to be another boy. I don't mind either way.

Sorry for the ramble girls, I was just rather excited smile

Take care everyone.
Hi everyone. I am due on the 27th Sept 05.

Jamie I was just wondering what these wives tales are when it comes to guessing the sex of the baby. I have heard of the ring on a piece of hair and I have done that but it was really hard to tell what it was doing.

I am convinced I am having a girl but I may just be talking myself into it as I already have a boy and I have 4 brothers so I am desperate to add a girl to our family.

However I know I will be happy with a healthy baby either way.

Looking forward to chatting more

Suzi Qld DS 24/11/96 and DD1 28/09/05 DD2 15/11/07

Hi Suz75 smile

The best "indicator" I have seen is the old Chinese prediction chart. Apparently it was found buried in a tomb 700 years ago, and is said to be 99.9% accurate. A more recent study has shown it's only 80% accurate (or something like that) but I think it may have something to do with some of the charts not calculating the lunar age.

I don't know if I can post websites here, but if you google "chinese baby sex" and click on the first site that is listed it has the chart. Down the bottom of that page it has a link for more sites, and then a link to "old wives tales".

Some of them are really funny.

I know what you mean about convincing yourself over having a girl. I did that the first time around, especially seeing I was the last girl born into my family (27 years ago!).

This time I am convinced I am having a boy, although all the "tales" say girl. I charted my ovulation for 7 months before getting pregnant in the hope of having a girl, but then decided I would have what I was meant to have, and stpped following it. I don't mind either way now.

I was "originally" due on the 27th as well! After my ultrasound it was pushed up to the 21st, and my mum swears it will be the 19th. Either way it seems like forever away!
Hi Jamie,

Well I have quickly looked at 3 sites and two of them predict a boy and one predicts a girl. So maybe I will just have to wait until I have my 18wk scan to find out.

But that seems forever away. I feel like I have been pregnant for ages already, I found out when I was just 3wks and I have been quite sick so I have had enough already.

Hopefully the sickness will ease up soon though I was sick for seven months with my first.

Take care

Suzi Qld DS 24/11/96 and DD1 28/09/05 DD2 15/11/07

I know the feeling!

I didn't have morning sickness with Jordan, and this time around I got it quite bad, so I wasn't impressed. Mine stopped a week or so ago. Just gone. Woke up, and took me a few hours to realise that I hadn't been sick yet. smile

18 week scan seems like a lifetime away, and knowing my luck with ultrasounds, they won't get a good look anyway smile

I hope your MS doesn't last 7 months this time.....I couldn't even begin to imagine how I would cope with that!
Hi Everyone,

Well im not pregnant, but i had a bub on the 09 september 2004.

Why am i writing i guess you all must be thinking, well i got readind all the posts, September bubs attracted my attention, and the old wifes tales on guessing bubs gender, so out of curiosity i got onto the website you had mentioned, and the first link said bub would be a boy but the others indicated a girl and a little girl is what i did have and she is so beautiful, i just thought you might find it interesting.

I have also heard if bubs heart rate on ultrasound is below 140bpm it is a boy and over is a girl, my daughters was around 148bpm.

Also during my pregnancy, i brought a yearly diary and wrote how i was feeling on different days and weight gain, doctors visits, etc, its a great thing to be able to look back on and also compare it to any other pregnancies you may have, and also something you can give bub later, just a thought.

And also some places when you get your 20 week ultrasound provide a few minute video of it if you ask, we had one done and its great, something you could look into, and i also brought a newspaper the day Maddisyn was born and put it away for her.

Sorry about all the rambling on, hoping all goes well for everyone.
SherrieAnd Baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
After my ultrasound I couldn't wait to get home to check out the heartrate thing.....couldn't for the life remember which was above and which was below.

Bubs had a heart rate of 146bpm. I looked through my antenatal details from Jordan to see if that worked out, but it wasn't recorded.

I have also heard of the draino test, but apart from sounding dangerous, every website seems to have a different colour for girl/boy.

Everything so far points to girl, but I'm still thinking boy. I'm probably not a good judge though....with Jordan I was positive I was having a girl (wishful thinking?) but I got my darling son. I certainly wouldn't mind having "my boys" smile
Hi Young mum,

I hope all went well for you during your pregnancy.
What did you end up having, and when was bub born?

I had a little daughter 09 September 2004.

Sorry i never responded to your post, but i only knew about this website after i had my baby.

I do hope you reply, maybe we can exchange info on our bubs growing progress.

Sherrie and Baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Hi Jaime,

Whats the draino test? Do you think you will find out bubs gender at your ultrasound?

Have you tried doing the website test giving the dates of when you were pregnant with Jordan to see what it comes up with?

Its such a exciting time.

Sherrie And Baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
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