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Hi Sherrie smile

The draino test is mixing crystal draino with your urine (after the 4th month) and the colour it turns is meant to tell you boy/girl.

After all the warnings about doing it outside/wear eye protection/have hose ready to water down the fumes and so on, every website seems to give a different colour for either sex. I'm staying right away from that one! smile

I tried the Chinese prediction with Jordans dates, and they all said boy, except for one that didn't go by lunar years. The old wives tales didn't really apply, because I couldn't remember some of the stuff. I never thought to check them out when I was pregnant with him.

If it's possible to find out bubs sex at my ultrasound I will be happy to know. I won't get my hopes up though, because they couldn't tell with Jordan. Should have known right then that he was a stubborn to turn around to give us a look!

I know it doesn't matter either way, but heaps of stuff to buy if it's a girl. It would be nice to have some time to get it all. smile

Hope everyone is doing well, and looking after those growing bumps!!!

Take care everyone!
Hi Jaime,

Wow i never heard of that, sounds scary, i dont blame you for wanting to steer clear of that one.

We found out what bubs sex was but they could only give us a 70 percent guess as it wasnt too clear, we never told anyone though, and you cant always rely on them because sometimes they turn out to be wrong.

At the time i wanted my first to be a boy, but one look at her when she was born i was so glad she wasnt because i wouldnt change a thing about her, shes so perfect.

Your right, it doesnt matter either way, as long as they are healthy.

Sherrie and Baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Well, I can say the old wives tale about the heart rate is a bust!
Apparently over 140bpm is meant to be a girl, and under that a boy.

I pulled out my old ultrasounds from Jordan and at 12 weeks his heartrate was 149bpm, and at my 20 week scan it was 161!

On the bright side it's only 6 months or so until I find out for sure.

Seems like forever!!!!

Other than that everything is going good. No more morning sickness, but still really tired all the time, and the occasional heartburn. Nothing major.

How is everyone else going?
Hi Jamie,

My mum is a midwife and I have been telling her about all the old wives tales I have read on the internet and she just laughs at me. She reckons they're all garbage. Any way I think I have looked at every possible site and some lead to a boy but most say a girl.

My morning sickness (all day sickness) has pretty much gone too. But like you I am soooo tired. By the time I get home from work and get my 9 yr old organised I am ready for bed.

I have alos been getting heartburn, everyday. I never had that with my first. Hopefully from this point things will get a bit easier for a while.

Though I have a couple of friends pregnant and they are ahead of me and they say they are still exhausted all the time. My sister in law was due two days ago and she says the same thing.

I am not giving up work until 3 weeks before I am due so I hope to get some relief from my tiredness.

Anyway, hope every one is well.

Just thought I would add my piece.

Suzi Qld DS 24/11/96 and DD1 28/09/05 DD2 15/11/07


sorry i mislead you on the whole heart rate thing, i had read it in a book and was also told about it when i was pregnant and bubs heart rate was over 140bpm and i had a girl so i guess i thought it did work, just goes to show that it doesnt always work i guess.
I was also told the more heartburn you get means bubs will have alot of hair, i had abit of heartburn and my daughter wasnt covered in hair but she had quiet abit (fine and fair) when she was born, once again you never know for sure until bubs is born i guess.
Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Hey Maddismummy smile
No such thing as being "misled" when it comes to this's all just speculation. The heartrate one is on almost every website covering the old wives tales, and one of the most common I have heard.

They are all fun though, I'm having a ball going through them all. Most of mine still point to girl, (oh, and 2 say twins) but I'm still thinking boy. Strange isn't it smile

I spent most of yesterday in tears. A sick (and VERY naughty) 3 year old mixed with raging hormones don't play well together.

Jordan is an angel 95% of the time, but when he's in a "mood" he really lets it all out. Because he is sick though, I let most of it slide. This morning he seems back to his normal self, so I'm feeling a lot happier.

I'm babysitting my niece tomorrow, so I will get my first taste of looking after 2 kids. Maybe I should have done this *before* getting pregnant again! Too late to back out now! smile smile

Take care everyone
I was just looking up the websites on predicting the babys sex and ended up with a 50% chance of each! I feel its a boy- never had a feeling of a girl until today when when i saw on the computer screen It's a Girl!. it was such a great laugh and made feelings of nausea and tiredness disappear for at least 10 minutes. Although we heard the heartbeat at 12 weeks it was disappointing not to have an ultrasound - Doc wouldn't let me! but now i'm just so excited to see my bub at 18 weeks. the bubs heartbeat was at 140 so no predictions on that can be made yet. Have others had a scan at 12 weeks? Are our bellies supposed to be so noticable yet?

I didn't have a scan at 12 weeks. I had one at 6weeks because I was unsure of dates. I haven't heard the heartbeat yet either. My first appointment is in two weeks so I am looking forward to hearing it then.

I was also wondering about how much I should be showing. I know you usually show sooner with your second so I wasn't to bothered by my belly. I have a friend who is 6 weeks in front of me and we look about the same if we compare bellies. I guess everyone is different.

I am so glad my morning sickness is gone and I am starting to feel normal again.
What about everyone else?

Suzi Qld DS 24/11/96 and DD1 28/09/05 DD2 15/11/07

I found with Jordan I was huge by 6 months, then between 6-8 months I didn't grow at all. I got a bit bigger in the last few weeks, but I'd say 90% of my belly was there by 6 months.

A friend of mine was preggers at the same time, and she is a tiny little thing but she didn't really even look pregnant until her 7th month.

I couldn't wait to be showing.....I just love big pregnant bellies.

My morning sickness is pretty much gone as well. Still get the queasy feeling every now and then, but nothing major.

I am getting a few food cravings though, and just to gross me out it's stuff I don't like! Even worse a few of my favourite foods I can't eat at the moment without feeling sick.

The joy of it all smile
my belly was huge from about 6 weeks but has gradually shrunk which is disapointing in one way as i love the idea of a big pregnant belly although on the other hand it has been easier to hide at work for a little longer! i;m beginning to understand the whole truth behind 'you feel better in the 2nd trimester' although i dont think i'll ever be the same again (energy levels) but hey i wouldn't change it for the world! i cant stand the taste of orange juice at the moment even though i lived on it prior and during the first two months. im just thrilled that my love of chocolate hasn't been affected by the whole food aversions - more of a craving now!!! anyway hope all is well with everyone and i look forward to reading updates on our expanding bellies!
see ya
hey, im due in September (30th) to be exact. anyone else in brisbane or goin to the Mater Mothers (public or private) in Brisbane? im interested in chatting to anyone as this is my first bubby and am goin it alone. hope to hear from you soon.

p.s email is

Cinta, QLD, EDD 15/09/08

Hi Cinta,

I am due on the 27th of Sept. I am in Brisbane but am going to Redlands Hospital (my mum is a midwife there).

I have an eight yr old biy already, but being such a big age difference I feel like this is my first. This pregnancy is so different to my first.

I would love to chat and keep in touch. I am off to have my 18wk scan next Friday and am feeling a little anxious about it as I have been having really weird dreams.
Has any one else been having any strange dreams?
Hope everyone is well.

Suzi Qld DS 24/11/96 and DD1 28/09/05 DD2 15/11/07

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