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Hi everyone
hey Suz75 how was your scan? I had my 18 week scan last week - it's a GIRL!! It was the first scan i've ever had so a bit daunting but all is well with bub and I feel so much more at ease now that she is growing as she should.
Is anyone going to find out the sex of their baby?

As for strange dreams - yes! I've put it down to too much dairy before bed (My Boss' suggestion). I dont think hubby believes half the things i tell him. how is it that you can get from a preschoolers room to a plane wreak on a gigantic slope being held up only by a tree stump with a pensioner tour guide and teenagers??? I cant work it out! My dreams had always included a newborn girl with a porcelain face from about 8 weeks no matter where the surroundings. At the time I was convinced I was having a boy so I thought nothing of it but now maybe i knew all along -we'll never know!

Hope to chat to you soon.
Hey All,
My 19 week scan is the friday after next (may 6th) . I think its a boy but all my work friends are placing bets that its a girl. hopefully all will be well. It actually started kicking the other day which fealt really weird to me seeing as this is my first. At the last scan my doctor said that its actually bigger then the average. :S
as for weird dreams, i haven't had any that I can remember. any that i can remember however, involve incream!! (I work at Wendy's so that could explain it)
Suz75, do you have an email address or are you happy to chat via this forum?

Cinta, QLD, EDD 15/09/08

Hi cinta,

I am happy to chat on here or by email. My email is

I did think I was having a girl but all my dreams involve a baby boy, so I have no idea. With my first I knew he was a boy right from the start.

Where abouts in Brissy are you?

Suzi Qld DS 24/11/96 and DD1 28/09/05 DD2 15/11/07

Not due this year but ALL my 4 girls were born in september 2 on the 11th then 1 on the 26th & my last on the 12th so I told my hubby no more sex in December. ( lol )
Hi everyone!

I finally had my first visit to the antenatal clinic, and got all the background stuff out of the way, then was told to go and get a blood test, book my 19 week ultrasound and come straight back to book another appointment with a doctor.

All good, went and got my blood tests, walked down to book my scan.....can't get an appointment for 3 weeks, and then another 2 week wait for the doctor. (so much for them telling me they wanted to see me again in 2 weeks).

I'm really disappointed that I don't get my scan for another 2 weeks sad

Did get to hear bubs heartbeat though, and the midwife told me bubs was very active in there, which I'm taking as a very good sign.

Counting down the days till my ultrasound....hopefully I will get to find out the big boy/girl question!

Take care everyone!
Hi there Jamie and everyone else. Wow so much has happened here since I last had a chance to check in.

Jamie i am like you bubs is due somewhere between the 15-22 September, and I have my first appoinment at the anti natal clinic in oh my god two hours. Where are you? Im on the sunshine coast and this is my first. Grown out of all my clothes and waiting for the ones that I have ordered to get to the shop!!

Hopefully going to find out if its a boy or a girl, although my mum wants bubs to keep its legs closed and surprise us! lol

Take care everyone and I will check in again when I can!

Ange, Jessica, Luke & Dean

Hi everyone

Well I had my 18 week scan yesterday and everything is going great. We found out that its a girl.

So I am thrilled. My mum was crying when I told her, my family is full of boys.

I was just pleased to finally hear that everything is going okay and a girl was an added bonus.

My placenta is sitting right at the front so it made the scan a little difficult and it also explains why the movements I have felt have been very tiny and not many.

Hope everyone else is doing okay. Nearly at the half way mark.

Suzi Qld DS 24/11/96 and DD1 28/09/05 DD2 15/11/07

Hi Angeliz2b,

I am at Caboolture, and will be going to Caboolture hospital.

Originally my due date was 27th Sep, but after my scan at 12 weeks they moved me forward to 21st, and my mum says it will be the 19th. I hope she is right....I would much prefer to be a few days early than the 2 weeks late that I was with Jordan.

suz - Congrats on the girl! How exciting for you!

My parents are hoping for a girl (they have 4 grandsons) but I still think I'm having a boy.

Does your placenta sitting at the front pose any problems for birth, or just for ultrasounds?

Hope all the other mums and bumps are going well!
I am due on SEPTEMBER 11 i am not very thrilled about this being the potential birth date of my first baby but what can you do fingers crossed bubs comes early or late. Hehehe
Hi Jamie,

The placenta at the front is fine apparently for birth. Just scans are difficult and it makes it more difficult for me to feel bubs moving. I can only feel her slightly sometimes, the placenta is acting like a sponge and getting all the movement. Apparently as I go along I will feel movements more at the back or side.

I am really excited about having a girl, I have to keep reminding myself cause it doesn't feel real. I guess it will soon enough.

My son is not to thrilled with the idea of a sister, he doesn't want to have to play with dolls. LOL

I am sure he will get over it when she is born. Has anyone else had their scan and found out the sex?

Suzi Qld DS 24/11/96 and DD1 28/09/05 DD2 15/11/07

Hi everyone

Well had my first appointment at Nambour Hospital on Friday and they were absolutely wonderful.

Going to find out this Friday if its a boy or a girl! Well as long as bubs doesn't have its legs crossed!!!!

Really excited about that!

Have fun girls!!!

Ange, Jessica, Luke & Dean

My daughters bday is the 11th of september

we do not think of 9/11 when its their b'day we think of their special day. The day they arrived into our world.
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