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Hi i am due on september 8th with my 5th baby.

Lisa NSW 5th baby

Yep, im due in sept. 17 but my Obstetrician advise me that he will induce me 1 or 2 weeks early cos of my gestational diabetes. Im quite freakin out now, and just want someone to share the feelings too...

Jen, deer park Vic

Hey... I'm new to this site, i'm due on September 25 and we have been told its a boy...Very Exciting! Yeah all my friends have had their babies around me aswell. I know what you mean.

Amanda QLD mum to be in 3 weeks


Yes I am due in September 22, so anxiously and uncomfortably counting down the weeks and days till my precious little girl comes,
I have had a very good pregnancy so shouldnt really complain, I suppose,

How are you feeling? is this your first bub?

I am due with my second bub on the 24th September so share away.....

Is this ur first? I am finding this pregnancy competely different from my first in every's unbelieveable but still very excited.


Brooke, 3yo son n due in Sept

Yeah I'm due on the 19th of September and I'm 20 so its scary
Hey there,
im due on 26th September, this my first child and im scared to death, i thought i was going good not much sickness until last week headaches, vomiting and a few blood noses also soooo congested. gone off anything that resembles food even old favourites but funny i cant get enough milky drinks and crunching on ice. Ive been yelling at my hubby alot (poor thing feel a little bad) crying for no reason. How have you been feeling? am interested in other peoples feelings.


Hi everyone,congrats to you all...
my name is Judi I have already two darling girls aged 2 and 4 with another due september 18th, I am so excited cant wait to see what she looks like... If anyone wants to chat Im on skype or via email
love to here from you.....
Hi Judy try in the Babies due sept 07 thread i think this one is an old one

i have a messenger address if you want to chat in that it is

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