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August mum Lock Rss

hey everyone, is there anyone out there who is due in August, if you know yet? hahahaha I found out this week and I am so happy, i have started to feel abit strange and dizzy. its so good! congrats to everyone who has just found out


Hey! Congrats.
I'm due Aug 10th. Feeling really nauseated and tired and dizzy ! heh
OMG OMG OMG BF..............P!!!!! yep thats rite im in here with you ladies. lol. I cant believe it this is bubba number 3. Would love to chat through msn if you have it cause then we can keep in touch a bit quicker lol. Im due bout the 9th.

Forever in our hearts....

add me i can also help with you EDD

Forever in our hearts....

Hi ya all

Yep due in Aug too, with our first. The only thing I have is the cramps but they say that is normal, but it makes be so nervous, they are not all the time but they have been there every day. I am a little worried, not sure if I should be too worried or not. Any advise?

I haven't got any sore boods or sickness as yet but they say that can happen anytime from now on.

God the weeks are just going so slow, I found out a week ago and it feels like forever ago

i had the cramps as well....its ok, its meant to happen. My boobs hurt like crazy so my man bought me a body pillow to cuddle them into. I have myspace if anyone wants to chat with me....i'll try and get msn...this is so cool i am so excited there are some august mums now...ive been waiting a week


Hi guys,

There are more of us! There's already another thread started with the early August babies so it sounds like there's quite a few of us! Congrats and I hope that everything goes well for everyone!

Me too! Just found out last Thursday with hpt, then beta on Friday!! It is IVF and we've been trying for years. Due 14th August.
this thread is way better tongue
i am due about the 9th...felling the morning....or shall i say afternoon sickness now. even when you go to the doctor it doesn't seem real at all.....i found out last tuesday and already it has gone on forever, i just want to get big and show my bump off

i have a 4 year old named ethan, he is my world...and my husband david who is my universe

hows everyone feeling???


Thank you, I was starting to get worried.

I am due the 11th Aug, it is our first, so have no idea what to expect. We also did IVF, and off course still going with all the drugs, but hey it is so worth it.

We have our first 7 week U/S on Christmas Eve, I can't wait, I am so happy but trying to keep it quite until then, we haven't told our family as yet.

Bring on Christmas.

Found out last week after nine months trying! So, one more for our list of Mums due in early Aug! I have had a little cramping (like ovulation pains)too and very sore boobs, but both seem to have eased today...It's our first, so I am also worried about everything little feeling (or lack thereof!). No MS, but I am sure there is time yet! Due on the 12th...We haven't told our families yet, but I think my mother-in-law suspects something is up! Just like ausqilruk, we are hoping to tell them on Christmas day!

It is so hard keeping quiet but I would rather people not know if we lose this baby!

[Edited on 12/12/2007]
Hi August mummies,
Sorry to crash your thread but just wanted to pop in and say a huge congratulations to you all!!! I was also a due in August mum! I can't believe this time last year I was finding out i was preggers! Now i have a beautiful 4 month old little boy called Riley. Reading your posts makes me a little sad because i know i won't be doing it again! I have 3 beautiful children so that is me done!
Good luck to you all on your pregnancies! I wish i knew this website existed when i was first pregnant. its nice to blurt out the news to anyone that will listen when its too early to tell family and friends!
Good luck again!

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