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~~AUGUST 08 MUMMIES~~ Lock Rss

Hi this is will be baby number 3 for me and hubby. We are excited and hoping for a girl. anyone else due in august

Forever in our hearts....

congrats. im also due august with bub #2. im 4 and a half wks. i would love a boy, but would be over the moon with either

Mum of 2 Mac 3 & Tyler 7 months

I'll join this thread too. I was in the June 08 thread but had a m/c 7 weeks ago - now I'm pregnant again! Only found out last night. Waiting on blood tests to confirm all is good. Hope I can stay in this thread....
This will be #03 for us. We have DD 5yrs and DS 3yrs in Feb 08. Not sure if I'm hoping for a girl or a boy. Just hope this one stays where it is.

I'll join this thread too. I am 6 weeks pregnant and this will be our second. DD is 2 so we are very excited. I had a blood test today and it confirmed everything. Hubby and I are very excited now.

Hi guys! Congratulations to you all & hope you're doing well.

I've just noticed that there's currently 3 threads going for August 08 bubs, and just wanted to see if you'd like to come & join the "Babies Due Aug 08" thread (as it seems this was the first Aug group to start).

I just thought it would be great if we were all in the same group together.

Take care!

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

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