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  5. I am having my 1st in March....We are so excited!!

I am having my 1st in March....We are so excited!! Lock Rss

My 1st little bubby...Little Stephanie Gordon....

Congratulations!!! Hope all is going well for you!

P.S. I think Stephanie is a great name lol grin:D

LOL thanks....Have you though of a name yet?

Brayden Wayne will be our little man! Wayne after FIL grin he doesnt know this yet so it will be a great suprise grin

I like the name Brayden, my little cousin is called Brayden.


It was either going to be brayden or seth, but we cheated and had 4D scans done so we know wat he's kinda going to look like lol we couldnt wait to see him grin

Its good to hear someone calling there daughter stephanie...its not a very common name...all the way thru high school i was the only the WHOLE school! lol

Where can u get the 4d scans done at? and how much do they cost?

Which state are you in???

nsw sydney

Im not sure about Sydney because I'm in brisbane

smile]...Congratulations!!!!Hope all is going well for you and you are enjoying your pregnancy.

I like the name you have choose.I like the name Stephanie,is she going to have a middle name??
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