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Due April 06 Lock Rss

Hi all,

Just wondering who else is due in April 2006. I already have a daughter born May 2004 and would like to chat to other mums (dads) due about the same time.

Sharon, Kimberley, Jessica, {Angel} & Rebecca

HI there. I am due April 20, 2006. There are quite a few of us but the thread seems to have gone quite lately. Anyway love to catch up and welcome!

Hi Sharon,

I am pregnant with baby number two, due April 6 also! I have a daughter who is almost 8 months. Would love to chat. How are you finding this pregnancy?

Alice, Sydney, Emily 18.2.05, Sophie 7.4.06

hi there sharon my name is denise and i am also due in april(25) this is my first i went for an ultrasound on tuesday and it was great got a few piccy's far everything is going well i got over my "all day" sickness about just over a mnth ago and am feeling pretty good....i don't really feel prgnant as yet although i have seen the baby...maybe when i feel movement it will hit me

Denise 25 Xavier 28.04.06

Hi, my name is Renee & I am from Brisbane.
I am also due in April ( about the 21st) with baby number one.
I go for my 18 week ultrasound in five weeks which is very exciting. I haven't really felt pregnant yet except for the morning sickness the first couple of months and feeling tired.
I am hoping that when I go for my ultrasound that I will will feel more excited and pregnant or maybe I will just have to wait till the baby moves.
Hope all is going well.

Renee, Qld, Mother of 2

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