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june 06 Lock Rss

hi everyone I'm pregnant with my second due on the 23 june planning on going to the redlands hospital if anyone in brisbane hasn't choosen a hospital let me say the redlands is really nice. I would love to share info on pregnancies with anyone due in june/july
good luck toall look forward to hearing from you

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

I'm due june 12th with my 3rd child.I'm 21 and i live in sydney and will be having my baby at blacktown hospital like my first 2.
So how is your pregnancy going so far?
I have begun morning sickness and started getting a lil belly already.I have my first ultrasound at 11 weeks and first hospital appointment at 12 weeks.
Hi Im Laura First time I have used this but have been reading it for a long time. Well I am due on June 10 2006 and cant wait, it will be my second baby, so that makes me nearly 9 weeks and my daughter is 8.5 months old. I am from New Zealand, But my mother lives in Australia. I have had no morning sickness yet when last time I was all day and night, so I am still wondering if it is going to hit in late, but will see, I am very tired, but other than that I feel great, I dont even feel pregnant yet I already have a little tummy though smile
Hi, i am also due on June 23rd. This is my first time, so im excited nervous any info would be handy thanks jo

Jo 1st time Mummy to Bayley 25/06

Hi there mummy love, my baby is due on the 1st June. I'm having the baby in the Logan hospital (but i haven't booked in yet) I wonder if I can go to Redlands as it is a much nicer hospital. My sister had her baby there. I grew up in the Redlands area. (Birkdale). Anyhow bye for now Debbie.

Jacks Mum.

Hey everyone,
I'm pregnant with my first, due on the 26th June.
I would also like to chat and get to know other people due around the same time.
Love to talk and hear your experiences.

Kristee, NSW, mummy to Tarleha Maye 29-06-06

still go the morning sickness thing does anyone have anything that they can eat that doesn't make them sick, as of a couple of days ago I can't eat apples toast, anything with vegimite on it, anything with dairy it all makes me sick. Ive tried the blackmores morning sickness, and got a perscription from the doctor but can't seem to hold them down. so please help i'm so hungry but can't find anything that doesn't make me sick. other than that all iss ok.

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

Hi there! I'm due 21st June!! Everything has gone quite smoothly for me so far *touch wood* had barely any morning sickness..which there is absolutely no sign of now!! Had my first hospital appointment today which is how I found out about this site, it's so exciting that everything is moving along so quickly but still it's scary with this being my first and really not knowing what to expect as time goes on! Well that's my quick run down for the ladies in here!! Look forward to getting to know everyone.
Take care and enjoy your bumps!
Charmaine and Squirmy xo

Charmaine, VIC, EDD 21/06/06

hey myname is clareiam due on the 23rdofjuly2006 iam pregnant with mnysecond child iamgoing tohave thebabyatthe kingaroyhosptial

I am due 20th june. Its my first pregnancy.
Hi ladies,
Hope all is well! I haven't been posting in here much..I've been a bit slack with other forums. A couple of friends and I have opened up
It's only small but I'm always in there if you want to chat.

Charmaine, VIC, EDD 21/06/06

Hi all,
I am due for my first bub on 5th June. A boy. I am still finding my way around the Parents Exchange Forum and hit on this line of posts today. Great to think everyone is able to share their experience like this. I'm living remote and don't really get to talk pregnancy much to anyone so I'll pick up a lot from this site other than relying just on what I read in books about what's meant to be going on with the pregnancy. I fly into our nearest town next week for the 28th week antenatal check up and a Gestational Diabetes test. Leg cramps during the night are becoming a bit too regular these past few days. I've read it's normal. I'm enjoying being pregnant but I've also read the discomfort is really about to begin. Hope you are all coping well.

Kerrie, Nth WA, Mum of ERIC JOAL

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