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I need help and advice!!!!! Im due to have twins in 12th May 2006 but been told the latest they will come will probably be march. at the moment i currently have a 10 month old little girl so need advice on coping with 3 children under 16 months.

Would appreciate any help anyone has got for me
hi i have a 19 month old and a 6 month old.
it'll definately take a few weeks to get in the swing of things, i guess the bestt thing to do is try and keep your toddlers routine as much as possible, and adapt the twins to that schedule......, i know eaiser said than done.
i found the best routine for my two where the eat. play sleep routine, that way your twins can at be doing the same routine, and should HOPEFULLY go down at the same time.......
just make sure you have loads of support and helping hands.

My aunty is due in march shes having twins too..
identical, two girls.
I feel very sorry for her because she lives up tamworth way and has to travel down to john hunter hospital in newcaslte every fortnight, as she is unable to deliver up there because her twins has this problem , they share the same umbilical cord but the cord is forked and vears to the left and one baby takes more than the other.
the doctors are hoping that shell last at least till 34wks shes 19 or 20 now but only time will tell....

any way let us know how your progress is going..........

best of luck

Rochelle, mother of 2

My twins are due 13 January 2006, but have a tentative booking for a C-Section on 21.12.2005. I currently have a 16month old girl, so I'll have 3 under 2!

I often panic and wonder how I'll cope. I live in North Queensland and don't have any family close by.

Would love to hear from other Mums having twins with a toddler, or have already had their twins plus have a toddler.

Mel, Qld

congratulations on your twins!!!

I dont have twins so i cant help you there but i am a twin and i know how hard my mum founf it at first, she was only 19 and when we were 2 1/2 our little sister came along sp she had 3 young children.

i know that as we got abit older mum found it easier with twins because whereever she took us we entertained ourselves.

i would just take help from anyone who offers and always remember that even though twins are twice the trouble they are also twice the fun smile

good luck!!
hi there.. i have twins who when they were born i already had a 3nhalf yo and a 15 mth old at home.. i was told constantly my twins wld be born early but i carried them til 10 days before their due date. i had a caesar.
all i can say is be patient, dnt try to be too organised, dnt be afraid to ask for help at any time of day or nite,, most of all... enjoy it to the fullest!
Hi Cubes,
Just wondering how you are going ? I'm doing well & cant wait to buy air con LOL
Just wanted you to know that i'm thinking of you, take care & chat soon xoxoxo

Deb QLD mum of 4 Emelia Grace 6/5/06

Quick question...

Im having a baby shower for my twins but in with the invites i would like to put a poem in there saying "please give money as its the big things i need to buy instead of presents" but i would like it in a little poem so it doesnt sound as rude".

Can anyone tell me where to start looking for these poems???
Hi Cubes,
How are you doing ? How are the babies ?I'm well & have to do that stupid diabeties test this week sad not happy but i will do it LOL Has dad felt the twins kick yet ? or do they still stop when he touches your tummy ? my partner has felt our girl just LOL. he now lightly rests his face on my tummy & gets to feel her that way smile We have finally agreed on a girls name now too ( at last ) tongue Emilia Grace.What do you think ? 28 weeks preg & only just agreed on a name LOL Take care & chat soon xoxox

Deb QLD mum of 4 Emelia Grace 6/5/06

Hi Cubes,
I hope you & the twins are doing ok...................I havent seen you on here for a few days ? You have me worried :S I do hope that you are resting & not unwell.Take care & hope to hear from you soon xoxox

Deb QLD mum of 4 Emelia Grace 6/5/06

i know how u are feeling i have a 22 month old i am pregnant with twins they are due in july
i dont know how i am going to cope
hi i don't have twins but i have a 3 year old daughter,22month old son and a 11 month old daughter and another baby due the 16 may 2006. I find it very easy to look after so many children who are of a young age. But if you find it hard i find try to split your time with each the children differnetly like when the twins are a sleep spend time with your little girl and when she is asleep spend time with the twins and when they are all a sleep do something fot yourself or get some sleep yourself if that doesn't work asks family or friends if they mind if they could help you in your house work and looking after your children when you are to tired to do it yourself also try to make a sceduale to keep to hazel good luck and i hope that i have given you some ideas on coping.

hazel, nsw, 2year old, 11month old, pregnant

hi i ve got twins due in july in 19wks now the prob is that i m on my 2nd marriage and i already have 3 kids and i had those them within 4yrs of each other too i found the best way to cope with people s comments is to just get on with your own routine once u get into a routine u ll be fine my boys are now 9 8 and 5 and we re all really excited about the babies alrhough being so long ago since i was preg and with twins it feels like a 1st preg and everything is so different from single pregnancy you need more rest than other women all i m able to do now is make lunches cook dinner and pick up and drop off kids from school my husband (poor man) takes care of everything else and mum comes and does some housework for me once a fortnight....if u need to chat or ask any questions pls just ask
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