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Babies July 2006 Lock Rss

Hi there,

My EDD is 11th July. Anyone else due around this time? This will be my second child. I am as excited about it as I was with my first. Here is hoping for a smooth ride !

Andrea and 2 Princesses

Hi Brijash

I am from Taranaki in NZ & am due on 5th July 06.
Had my pt confirmed by my nurse last week and am due in the morning to see the doctor for bloods etc. This will be my first baby and am a bit anxious rather than excited at the moment. I think my partner is more excited than me lol.

How have you been feeling? I have had no major MS as yet, but the sore boobs and slight nausea.
Other than that I feel fine.

Hear from you soon

My precious boy Kayden 10.07.06


I am due on 5th July with my second child. My first, Lachlan, is 20 months old. At this stage of my pregnancy with Lachlan I was already in hospital with servere MS but so far feel completely different this time! I had my first blood test two weeks ago and another one today. I have an untrasound on 21st November which I am really looking forward to as I was to sick to enjoy it with Lachlan

Brijash - where in Victoria are you? What hospital are you going to? Selena - we have the same EDD! I am very excited for you expecting your first baby. Congratulations to all of us.


just found out on monday 7/11/05 that i am going to be a mum for the first time, my edd is the 16 july. i am so excited want to share my news with everyone

W.A baby boy Brett William 15/7/06

I have just found out this morning that I am pregnant! YAY!!! As my mum would put it I have literally "just got off the bed" - only about 4 weeks going by my last period. I am not telling anyone till Christmas though (except for everyone here!!) as I don't want the same comment this time around.
So I am looking at a late July bub, early August. I am so looking forward to this pregnancy, I loved the last one, just a shame it only went for 9 months. I could stay pregnant forever!!
My little girl was bory July 3rd 2004, so there will be a little over a 2 year age gap.
I'm so excited!!!!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

Hi Brijash,
Im a mother of 4 aging from 9yrs to 9 months and im expecting my 5th child on july 9th 06 and im as excited about this one as much as i was with all of them and im sure you will have a smooth ride

Danielle,nsw,4 kids + 4 months pregnant

hi all

im 23 and pregnant with #2 EDD july 21 i have a 6 month old daughter . im quiet excited about this pregnancy as i was with my fisrt but at the same time a bit worried about having 2 close together montana will only be nearly 13 months old when i have the next i like the idea of them being so close in age but am worried how i will handle it as i dont want montana to feel left out if this baby is demanding or anything like that.
how are all your pregnancys going? i didnt have any morning sickness but was nauses all day everyday from weeks 7-10 but feeling good now and got to start digging out all the maternity clothes again (but i dont have any summer 1s as i didnt show this early first time)

good luck and hope to here from you all soon.


danielle nsw dd 24/6/05, dd 26/7/06

Hi everyone

I am 20 weeks preggers with twins and am due on the 18th July but dont think we are going to make that, might get to the start of July just after 38 weeks hopefully for the sake of the twins. These two are number 4 and 5 for my husband and I so hopefully everythings should go smoothly.

Hi, my second EDD given was 11th July.. Not sure how they can get it wrong even though I am an IVF patient??? This is my first bub and very anxious that everything goes smoothly. I am most anxious about the lack of movement.... my sister is also expecting at the same time (her second) and she does nothing but comment on how active hers is...oh well we are all different aren't we?

Megan, NSW, Due July

Hi There Brijash

My EDD is the 3rd July. I'm excited & anxious at the same time as this is my first baby & not sure what to expect.
I'm also very far away from home as I've immigrated to Australia. No Family here except for the in-laws.
I had 'morning sickness' the first 12 weeks of pregnancy & now doing good. Just wish my Mom was with me.
Oh yes, I'm having a little boy & don't have any names for him just yet.

Keep well.

Hi my little baby girl is due on the 18th july, i think she wants 2 b a boxer as she doesnt stop kicking! Especially when its bedtime smile
Hi there how are you? My baby is a boy & he is due around mid july. They say the 20th but who knows, they can never give you an exact EDD. Just looking at ur dates you must have found out when you were around five weeks or somewhat like I did. This is my first child and I am so excited. I just cant wait. Do you no what you are having or do you like the suspence????

Alessi, 10 july 2006

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