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anyone else a bit confused?? Lock Rss

Hi there
Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem...

When i found out i was pregnant i was a little unsure of the date of my last period, so my doctor sent me off for an ultrasound to determine my due date. At this stage i thought it had been about 10weeks, but the ultrasound said i was only 6wks pregnant, and so my due date was 17-01-06. When i went for my ultrasound at 20weeks, the sonographer said that it was a few days bigger and instead of being 20weeks, 1 day (according to my due date of 17-01), it was 20weeks, 5days. No real difference though! Just 3 days! But now i am 31 weeks (according to 17-01), but for the last 2 and 1/2 months i have been told baby is two weeks bigger, making me now 33weeks, due about 03-01-06. Or not? My baby could just be big!? Midwives say they will be able to tell more when i only have 4 weeks to go. But in the meantime, im quite confused.. If i go by my last period than i could even be due in december? I have read that ultrasounds arent really that reliable, especially in the first few months, so i guess i'll just wait till im 36weeks to find something out....


I was breastfeeding when I fell pregnant.

My LMP was 25.05.05 so that would make me due 01.03.06. I told the doctor I was unsure of my dates and I went for an ultrasound, they said I was only 10 weeks and not due till 20.03.06. (19 days later). When I went for my next scan at 19 weeks some dates were a little over some a little under (talking 1/2 days) but the sonographer said that the earlier the ultrasound the more accurate. At my first scan there was still a little sac which tells them how far along I was and combined with babies size gives an accurate date.

That said I have been told by others that a scan at 19-20 weeks is the most accurate as all babies grow at around the same rate up until then. And it is easier to measure all the parts as they are that little bit bigger. After 20 weeks babies grow at different rates and all women have different amounts of fluid that can affect the fundal measurment. I think that I have heard more of people having problems with ultrasounds guessing size at later dates, ie saying the baby is huge and then having a 7 pounder or visa versa.

So, I don't know of I have helped any smile but good luck.

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I have just had an unltrasound at 25wks and was told that was correct then I saw the midwife at 26+ wks and she said I was carrying a baby the size of 28wks so I don't know, I am also worried cause I have to fly to Darwin from Sydney when I'm about 32wks and I think I am 2 wks ahead of what the scan showed going by the date of my last period. so I may be 34wks when I fly...does anyone know at what stage you can't fly anymore???
Hi Angela ... with my first pregnancy, I had no idea of the dates for my last period ... the first ultrasound I had which was somewhere between 6 and 10 weeks, was the first indication I had of my due date!! Going by bub's measurements, they gave me a due date ... and bub was born on that date!! So with me, that was very accurate for determining how far along I was!!

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