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Come on December due mums to be, where are you all? Lock Rss

I always look at the "what month is your baby due section" but never really find anyone who has posted for December - though I know there are a couple of posts a few pages in. We are all getting closer - some will be a matter of a week or 2 away from meeting their bundle. Hope to catch up with others who are nearly there!!

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

hey nikki,
how is your pregnancy going?
Im due on new years eve, what a great way to celebrate, thats if she decides to come out then lol.... Theres not long to go now and its getting so exciting, this is my first baby and i cant wait till shes here.
talk to you soon

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

Hi! My name is Amanda and I have just joined the Huggies "Mum to Be Club". I am due on 23 December!! Not long to go now... this is my first baby and I am really looking forward to meeting him/her soon. Hubby is also very excited!!

Amanda, QLD

Hi! I'm due on the 29th of December but am hoping he will come early (hopefully before christmas!)

at first i was told my due date was the 8th of january 2006 but after an ultrasound in week 19 it was changed to december 30th 2005. however due to my gestational diabetes my baby is growing very big so i will be induced early by 1 or 2 weeks when i am 38-39 weeks (i am 36 weeks now). i go again to the day assessment unit on the 12th to find out what date they want to book me into the hospital to be induced. so thats only 2 weeks away. so i dont know what my exact due date is til the 12th.
I was due the 6th Dec but now 6 days later i am still waiting with no sign of my little girl making any kind of arrival. It is so frustrating they want me to wait another week then they'll induce me. Anyone else waiting

Janelle Melb mum to hannah 19-12-05

I'm 39 weeks pregnant now and due on the 29th - still waiting patiently and hoping like hell he comes early!!!

I was due on December 23rd. Though Im still going. At least I am home for Christmas!
This is my third and I hope things go well.

Jade; Brianna10/12/98; Sadira30/3/04; Rykus1/1/06

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