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pregnant in adelaide? Lock Rss

anyone pregnant in adelaide?

its my first and im due in august.
I am due in July about the 13th or so the experts say. This is also my first even though I am 39 years old and have been trying for about two and a half years, we had two misscarrages in the mean time so third time luck I say. How is it all going?
I'm about an hour Sth of Adelaide - is that close enough???

I'm due in 3 wks. It's our second, we have a little boy who will be 2 on the 23rd of this month.


im 26 and im due 08.08. its a little boy. i find it pretty hard to come up with a good name. good thing we still have a few months. everythings going great! not been sick only had restless legs and sleepless nights but thats starting to get better now too. what about you?
good luck this time:)
i am 2.5 hours from adelaide...

due in may with my second smile

Hi Im Ruby. I have 8 weeks to go till I have my 3rd. Im in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

Mummy to 3 little goblins

i go to the womens and childrens hospital. where do you go?
Hi I am 28 weeks with number one due the 6/7/8 from the northen suburbs of adelaide going to the Lyell McEwin hospital for mine.
Im due with my second on the 4th August 2008.

congratulations to you all. Ive just found out im pregnant with my second due mid december. not sure which hospital ill go to yet. whats everyone think about the hospital they are going to????

Hi there,

I live in the adelaide hills and work in the city, its my first as well and I am due in October.


i live in adelaide and we are due with our second on the 23rd of august. We are having our little girl at the WCH as well. may see you there.
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