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pregnant in adelaide? Lock Rss

Congratulations on your pregnancies everyone. I am 35 and preg with bub #4 after a 15 year break! I have 2 girls and a boy and think I am having another boy though we are going to leave it as a surprise. I am having my bub at Flinders and I have heard they are good though I won't be touring the labour ward till I'm 32 weeks....
I also live in the hills and am having my bub at Mt Barker hospital- my husband and i went for our tour and its beautiful! A huge bath for water births and lovely midwives, they do however only have facilities for 2 laboring women at a time so hopefully i wont be sent away!!

Hello ladies,

I am 24 years old, live in the Adelaide Hills and am pregnant with my second bubba.

I am having my bub at the Womens and Childrens Hospital simply because I was really happy with the service I got first time around and should anything go wrong at least i'm in the right place.

hi there i'm 37 and i too am having a baby in november at the WCH. this is my second pregnancy after a 15 year gap also. surprised us all!

Looking forward to getting to know u all!

ive been happy with the womens and childrens this far! ive only been there two times. going back again next week.
im 24 weeks today, does anyone know how much weight its normal to put on? ive put on about 4-5kg this far
Hi Ladies,
I am 23 and due on the 1st Sept with my first bubz. I live in Far North Qld but will be having my bubz in Adelaide at Flinders as all my family are down there. I would love to join you even thoughI am not an official Adelaidian!!
I am going to Flinders Hospital as my sister had a bubz in January there and was treated really well.

i read the other day that the average weight gain during pregnancy is 5-11kg.
Welcome Lauren. are u already in adelaide or how soon before bubs is born are you coming down?
Hi Kerry,
I am living in Qld but I will be coming down to Adelaide 4-6wks before I give birth depending on how the pregnancy is progressing. I am going to stay down for about a month after. My bubby will try and come down about 2 wks before bubz is due.
Hope you are well.

I live in the Adelaide Hills. This is bubs#2 EDD 20th October. I will be having it at Burnside as had a great time there with DD. Fantastic OB (who is also pregnant, how exciting!). Dodnt want to go to Mt Barker as didnt want to have to if go elsewhere if full.

I live about 5km out of the city CBD and having my Second on Thursday (2days time Argggghhhh!!!) at the Calvary North Adeliade. They are a great Hospital from my first experience.
Goodluck to all!!!


Hi! I'm 28 in northern Adelaide (Prospect) & due with my third around 8th August. My two other girls are 5 & 2 and it would be great to meet other Adelaide mums with kiddies around the same age.

I had my other two at the WCH and was happy with everything there, so will be going there again with this bub. I was lucky enough to get into the Midwife Group Practice as well so have been booked into the Birthing Centre which is great!

Take care x

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

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