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Due 29th May 06... Lock Rss

Anyone else due around here? How're you travelling? I've just gotten over morning sicknesss (and a yucky cold) and am beginning to develop the early stages of a pudge!

Hi Erin,
I am due on the 9th of May, but if my first is anything to go by, this baby will be born on the 19th. my first was rather late and didn't want to arrive on her own accord, she had to be told when to come!
I didn't have any morning sickness with the first, but this one, I was sick for about three, four weeks around the 12th week. horrible. I work in child care so I struggle with other kids dirty nappies, but my own daughter's I can handle, bizarre I know.
I have a lovely large bump already so none of my normal clothes fit me anymore, so it's the preggie clothes again! And I have felt the baby kick a lot earlier this time, at 16 wks. with no 1 it was 19 wks.My mum thinks I have my dates mixed up because of my size and the movement I'm feeling, but of all people she should know everything happens different with each pregnancy she had four kids!

Jo, Emily 2/9/04 & Will 13/5/06

Im due on 9th May with twins. i have an 11 month old now. i suffered severe morning sickness for about 6 weeks. im only jsut strtign to look pregnant now which everyone thinks is weird cause its my second pregnancy plus having twins they think i should be bigger.

How are oyu feeling now?
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