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Due in August 2006 Lock Rss

Just took a pregnancy test and i gess my doctor was wrong, i can concive without hormones. i did plan on having another but not untill rye was around 2 years and teagan was out of the car seat, i also need a bigger car now as i've only got a duel cab ute. lots and lots of issues to deal with in 8 months. i dont think it will get easier with each kid i just think the issues will be diffrent.

Teagan 7, Ryden 4, Tayla 3 and Me&Dh 35

congratulations!! wishing you all the best for your pregnancy. i am also due in august, the 18th.
HI everyone.
I'm new on here. This is my "first" pregnancy (after dealing with endometriosis and a previous very esrly miscarriage I am surprised I actually fell pregnant within 6 months! I am currently 8 weeks and due on 4th August 2006. Can't wait to have my first scan!
Have had terrible morning sickness (which wasn't fun as we just bought and moved into our first house!) and I'm also very tired.
Good luck to everyone smile
Hi everyone

I am 6 weeks which makes me due on the 22nd August- 5 days before my partners b/day!!!! Hes realy excited, he wants the baby to arrive on his birthday-he keeps tellin everyone "atleast its a present i've never had before"!!!!

Im realy lucky I havnt had very much morning sickness yet-hopefully il have an easy pregnancy with no complications or sickness

Has anyone else had what feels like period pain whilst being pregnant- I asked my Dr who is also an OB and he said its normal!

Merry christmas
Congratulations Ladies. I am also due on the 27th August 06. I am actually feeling great, no morning sickness at all.. just feeling really tired. I will be going for my first visit with the obstetrician soon. Does anyone know what to expect?? Also has anyone heard about how the Mater Hospital is in Crows Nest??

Sonya, Sydney - Baby Bump Due 30/08/06

Hi im due august the 8th with my second baby but i had a miscarrige with my first baby so im hoping all goes well with this one.
congratulations to everyone due in due 8th of august this is not my first pregnancy but unfortunately my first born baby..i previously had a im excited but at the same time a bit scared..but im now 15weeks so hopefully all goes well.i just wanted to know when is it a good time to start buying things for baby..thanks..
congratulations ,i am due in august 30th with my 5th child,we have also had the problem of needing a bigger car several times,this time we now have a 4wd so no need for anymore changes.
niccii,emma 9,ben 7,mitchell 5,elliott 2.5 years

5 kids now

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