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Any 1 due in May in QLD ? Lock Rss

Hi i'm new to this site & old at having babies smile I have 3,2 boys & a girl & just found out that this 1 is a girl also smile Also does any 1 out there also have to have anti D injections ?
I hope all the mums to be are feeling well smile

Deb QLD mum of 4 Emelia Grace 6/5/06

Hi Smee!!

Im due in April and live in queensland, just north of brisbane. unlike you i am new at this and this will be our first baby!! Very excited, we decided to wait untill we have the baby to find out the sex, i cant wait for the surprise!! i dont have to have anti D injections though.

xoxo Tam smile
hi All my name is shavarn and my EDD is the 2nd of may, when are you due?, unlike you this is my first time and i also have to have anti D injections (first one is in 6 weeks time) ohh im not from queensland , im from tassie so i dont have to worry anout air con lol...

Hi all,
Thank you every 1 for the lists of names,we have now agreed on.................
Emilia Grace smile WOOHOO bout time i say LOL
Take care xoxox

Deb QLD mum of 4 Emelia Grace 6/5/06

Hi, I'm not due in May (but early June), but I have to have Anti D, having my first one next week. I wanted to find out my partners blood type (as if he is RH negative too there is no risk) but the doctor said I would still have to have injections regardless. But guess it just has to be done!
Hi Tam,
Well i'm sure you have had this baby by now smile I am hanging out to hear what you have & how you went ? I hope all is well:) Take care & chat soon xoxoxo

Deb QLD mum of 4 Emelia Grace 6/5/06

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