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Anyone having a may bubs??? Lock Rss

Hi all smile im due to have my first baby on the 2nd of may 2006 love to hear from anyone due in and around then!

Hi Shavarn.

I am due on the 18th May 2006 with my second child.

I have been feeling movements from about 16weeks but he is a very quiet soul that dont give me too much grief

Fe, SA, Zaine 4yrs, Jake 04/05/06

Hi Sharvan

Im due to have my first on the 6th of May 06, am 23 weeks at the moment, the first half of the pregnancy (although it didn't seem like it at the time) went so fast and now it feels quite slow, looking at myself i can't notice much change but other people can.
I am experiencing tonnes of movement during mid afternoon and just as i get into bed, i love the feeling, its such a weird feeling but it's good to know he's there.
I m/c my first pregnancy back in June of 05, so i am so relieved to have such a healthy, energetic (what we are pretty sure is) a little boy!
Hi all

WOW mumof5.. i am the same age and i am just about to have my 2nd... You deserve a medal..

I am having another boy.. No names sorted out yet..

Glad to hear that others are doing well. I too know all about the Mc's. I have had 5 in the last 18monts... and i am currently on my 8th preg..

Fingers crossed to all.

Pen which hospital are you going to be delivering at?

Fe, SA, Zaine 4yrs, Jake 04/05/06

Hi Shavarn,
Just wanted to know how your feeling :)Whats new with baby & you ?Are you getting those aweful cramps in your calf muscles like me ? sad
Take care & chat soon xoxox

Deb QLD mum of 4 Emelia Grace 6/5/06


am due on the 3rd of may 2006!!

will this be your first baby??

Hi Shavarn,
Just wanted to let you know that we have finally decided on a girls name............Emilia Grace. Not bad considering i'm 28 weeks now LOL.What do you think of the name ? I am going for that diabeties test this week ( yuk ) How have you been ? Take care & chat soon xoxox

Deb QLD mum of 4 Emelia Grace 6/5/06

Hi, did u know that you are due the same day as Angelina Jolie (the only reason i know this is because my sister in law is due the same day )

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

hello, i am due on may 11th if that is close enough, just wondering if you knew what you were having?


Hi to all the mums-to-be

My husband Chris and I are expecting our first baby, a little girl on the 13th of May. It's going to be a busy month as we already have Chris's parents birthdays, his brother in law's birthday and Mother's Day of course smile

We are naming our little one Isabella (Chris's Mum's name) but haven't yet decided on a middle name..

Nice to meet you all!

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

hi shavarn, i am new to this name is carlena i live with my oartner jason and our baby is due on the 3rd of may.
hope to hear from you soon

ME: Carlena(20) DP:Jason(25)& DD: Kiara(29/04/06)

Hi all,

My first baby is due on the 23rd of may and my birthday is only 5 days later. Ive had a really easy pregnancy so far and would love to hear from mums about their pregnancies as i havn't got a lot of people to talk to rergarding their pregnancies.
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