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May 09 babies!! Lock Rss

HI girls,

Firstly OMG OMG OMG OMG im pregnant woo hoo..

My name is Bree and this will be bubs #4 for our lil family lol well wont be soo little after all.

I did a test at 1.30 am this morning as all this week my 3 kiddies and i have been stuck in bed with the horred flu so felt really bad so thought ill do a test why not i did one on wednesday and got a BFN so i promised myself i wouldnt test again til today so 1.30 in morning still counts yeah?? lol

Been to the dr today all ready and had bloods to confirm so we are now getting excited.

Cant wait to talk to u all and get to no u all heaps better on our great long journey!


P.S. I already havent eaten for 6 days due to the flu and already feel sick so i hope morning sickness is kind to me this bubs!... i better try to eat as im still breastfeeding my DD who is only 9 months so im now feeding for 3!

Hi there congrats. I have just found out i am pregnant too, i think i'm due early may late april. Going to the docs to get it confirmed tomorrow YAY!!!!

Do you know when u are due?
YAY CONGRATS to you too ... It works out im due the 1st may but my periods have been up and down and all over the place last few months so who knows hoping on going for a dating scan in a few weeks but by going on LMP 1st May

still shocked lol

What number bubs will this be for you? nd how old are your other lil ones?


Thanks. this will be pregnancy #3. I had a m/c in May so am very happy to have fallen so soon. My little boy is 9 months old.
i just wanted to pop in and say congrates. im in the april thread but i know you guys from the ttc august thread.
kylie- so happy for you. i hope this one sticks for you.

bree- congrates. hope you have a great pregnancy.

sorry for crashing your thread.


cathy - thanks soo much and congrats to you too hope you have a fantastic pregnancy feel free to crash anytime!

Kyie - lots of sticking dust to you this time how are you feeling at the moment the lil ones are such a handful arent they lol

My oldest son is 6 next week my DS#2 is 2 and my bella is 9 months also so last 3 all close together which will be great!

how is your lil man going? is he crawling?

hope to talk soon,


Yes he is a little handful. I am feeling great, i never had m/s with Brody, just nasueas early mornings as i was working. But apart from that and heartburn i had a great pregnancy.
But the heartburn has started early with this one, so im very happy. And tired, but i thought it was because i was just sorun down lol.

How bout u any symptoms yet?
No Brody isnt crawling yet, he would rather try and walk little boof he is.
Its great you hve them close together, i think its better having them close together.

By the way where are u from? I'm in Sydney

Congrats guys on your BFP enjoy the next 9 months, I have 5 weeks to go with #4 no idea what we are having but think its another girl so if i'm right I will have 3 girls and a boy.
well take care

congrats tenderheart its seems like only a few weeks ago i remember u saying u were preg lol good luck and cant wait to see what u have

kylie - bella isnt crawling yet either too lazy lol nor does she like to stand i think she has her brothers wrapped around her fingers they do everything for her!!
She still really sick at mo with flu as am i so i dont think i have any preg symptoms yet.

Today tho i have started bleeding so fingers crossed its nothing and all is fine ill keep u updated.

better go lil ones waking up


Awww, i hope the bleeding stops. fingers crossed.
Thats cute that she has her little brothers wrapped around her little finger hehe.

My HPT this morning gave me a pretty clear BFP after very faint ones the past few days, so I am due May 3rd. YAY, this will be #2 DS just turned 2 this week so he will be 33mnts when this 1 comes along!

Bree, hope the bleeding stops soon, lots of sticking dust to the both of u!
Hello to all you mummies to be.

I just found out I am pregnant with #2, DH DD and I are all so excited. I will be due May 1st.

I'm excited to be sharing this journey with you. I see there are a few mums from the TTC Agust thread which is where I was.

Good luck to every one, on a great pregnancy.
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