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May 09 babies!! Lock Rss

just seeing if my ticker is working
hi girls,

kylie - i forgot to add im from melbourne

Mummy2Myles- congrats and exciting bubs number 2 hmmm i remember that feeling lol oh and thanks for the well wishes on my bleeding it did stop but just started back up again this arvo so its a waiting game... positive thoughts

mtlj- welcome and congrats to u. We are both due on the same day yay i will use your ticker as my guide as i dont want to take away my bellas age just yet and im still breastfeeding her so not ready yet lol but thanks for letting me no im 4 weeks and 2 days preg yay for us!

cant wait to get to no u all so much better over the next 8 months and lets hope for a cooler summer!!! lol


Welcome ladies. I'm due 30th April i think, so i'm jumping from thread to thread lol.
hello everyone..
im preg with number 3.i have a 2 and a half yr old and a 10mth old..
according to my lmp id be due 29april but..the due date for conception should make it aound may 7th..
[Edited on 27/08/2008]

Thanks Bree, feel free to check out my ticker any time you want.

Welcome to the other new mums.
congrats mummyTS welcome.

Bree, I hope all is good now, have u had bleeding in any of your other pregnancies. I did with DS and it was so stressful, and didn't help it was over xmas either, turned out to be nothing, but it gave me a scare I couldn't wait until I hit 12weeks. Can't this time either.

Is anyone telling family and friends straight away or are u waiting? I've told, a good friend coz we were hoping to be pregnant together again and we are YAY!!! she is due in April thou. I'm going to wait to tell family, and I haven't decided what to tell the girls at my mums group, they knew I was trying in August but are waiting to hear the result.

Take care!
we hav told a few ppl..but cant tell anymore ppl with tellin our parents first..well never hear the end of it if they hear it from someone

DF told EVERYONE as soon as he found out. So no hiding it.
awww i cant believe it is up to may 2009 babies already!!

i was in may 2008 bubs and i cant believe its been a year! my lil man was born may 1st!

congrats to you all smile
I've told my best friend but that's all. With DD we told everyone straight away so this time we are going to wait until I am showing.
i got a BFP aswell and am due around the 4th congrats all how are you all going i look forward to sharing this journy as this is my first bubs


hey girls,

and welcome to the newbies... i saw we made it to hot topics today well done lol i just didnt have a chance to get a msg in as kids wanted me!!

today is the 1st day in a week im feeling alive.. this flu has really taken me for a 6er and its making it hard to be excited im preg again... breastfeeding bella still and not eating for my 8th day doesnt help either i guess!!

So is it tooo early to ask wat sex bubs we are all secretly wishing for?? lol

take care ladies


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