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May 09 babies!! Lock Rss

Welcome Darey and congrats!

Bree, DH and I discussed what we think we having tonite, and I think another boy, but he is thinking girl. I have left option up to DH as to if we find out the sex this time we didn't with DS coz I put my foot down and said no, so this time it is up to him. I would love a girl but will be happy with 2 boys, as we only plan on having 2 children.

Dacey - Welcome
Bree - DF and I are secretly hoping for a girl. But evn if we get another boy were happy. We are finding out too, i hate suprises.
Kat - You only want 2? I would like 3, but not sure cause i really want to go back to work. So not sure yet.
Kylie- yep 2 is all I intend on having, We spent my whole pregnancy with DS contemplating 1 or 2 children, it wasn't until DS was probably about 6mnts old that we decided we would go for 2, when I worked out I was pregnant last week, I felt happy knowing that this is it and my family will be complete. I am still very young so I still have at least 10yrs to change my mind if that be the case!
Mummy2Myles - cool. How old is DS now? I know what u mean, 2 is enough for now lol
we would like to have a boy.because we have to girls but i would be happy with another girl cose if we had a boy i wouldnt know wat to do with partner wont even look at girl names he wants a boy that


Kylie- DS turned 2 last week!!

Dani- We haven't even looked at names yet, DH is about to go on a month long holiday (aren't I so nice to allow it) So we waiting til he returns from that to start discussing it all.

Funny thing happened today, I currently have a cold, so I went into chemist for some cough lollies to help my throat and the lady asked me did I maybe want some medicine to help, which I said I don't think I can take anything I'm in early stages of a pregnancy, so she. So as she was putting it thru she asked if I maybe want a spray if I could use that as well, as she asked a good friend walked in coz she runs a business out of the chemist, so I said yeah that would be great and as my friend comes up to say hi to me the lady goes so u in first trimester as she goes to get something for me. My friend was shocked, but also laughing coz she likes the way she found out this time.

Hope u all talking care!!
Hi Bree

I'm new to the forum and you are the first person I have replied to. Hi my name is Melissa and I just thought i'd share with you that I also did a pregnancy test on the 22/08/08 on the spure of the moment (as my period was just overdue and my boobs were sore and I never get sore boobs when getting a period). I did discovered I was pregnant. I saw my GP today to confirm and had my bloods taken. I'm due on the 1st of May 2009 and i'm also mum to a 22 month old son Brodie. Exciting times ahead for us both. I hope the flu has passed and your feeling alot better.
Hope to talk to you soon.


Hi girls,
How is everyone feeling?

Welcome Melissa, I am also due on the 1st May. I have a DD who is nearly two and a half.

My husband and I caved today and told some people. I know it's early but we are so excited. So is DD, she keeps lifting up my shirt saying, 'Mum, your baby's in your tummy.' It's so cute.
hey ladies,

today im happy and more excited about my new found pregnancy went back to dr as ive been soooo sick with watever i have and breastfeeding 3 times a day he wonts to keep an eye on me as im not eating or drinking!!

Welcome Melissa and thanku im starting to feel better be great we due the same time has it hit you yet your preg? lol where abouts are u from?

i should get onto doing a list of us soon ill start with my details and if u like put yours in and ill do it up for us!


p.s. im secretly holding out for a girl this time as i have 2 boys and i girl so one more be great but boys i can do too!!!

oops nearlly forgot

Df - Dave
Kids - 2 boys age 5 and 2..... 1 girl age 9 months
live - Melbourne
Due date - 1st may 09

Heya Ladies
I got my bfp yesterday *yay!* so ill be due 6th may smile Looking forward to chatting to you

DP- Jarrad
DS - Lachlan 13mths
Live - AKL NZ
Due Date - 6th May

My gorgous boy - Lachlan 14/07/07

Df - Daniel
Kids - 2 girls aged 2 and 3/4 and 10 and a half monthslive - Adelaide
Due date - According to lmp da 29th april but im sure it will be due round the 7th may.

Hi ladies.

Thanks for welcoming me I hope everyone is doing well. My husband and I haven't told anyone yet, we're hoping to wait until our 12 week ultrasound. I don't think we'll last that long especially if I get morning sickness as it was extremley hard to hide it last time round.

[Edited on 29/09/2008]

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