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May 09 babies!! Lock Rss

I created a new post by accident girls, still trying to figure this thing out and i'm not even it illiterate. Pasted it in anyway. Sorry.

Hi ladies.

Thanks for welcoming me I hope everyone is doing well. My husband and I haven't told anyone yet, we're hoping to wait until our 12 week ultrasound. I don't think we'll last that long especially if I get morning sickness as it was extremley hard to hide it last time round.

[Edited on 29/09/2008]

I created a new post by accident girls, still trying to figure this thing out and i'm not even it illiterate. I think i'm sorted though. Sorry.

See you can tell i tried three times. what a dope!

Take care all talk soon, but with one replied post only next time. haha.

Welcome to Melissa and Pippa look forward to getting to know u all over the coming months.

I decided I wanted to tell my grandfather last nite when he came to visit, we lost my grandmother only a month again, so I wanted to give him some good news and he was happy bout it! Except about 2 hrs later when he was pouring the wine it slipped his mind for a few moments and he poured me a glass, lol.

DH- Gaz
DS Myles 2
Live - Victoria
Due - 3rd May!
Hi Girls.

I'm all sorted from my mix up's yesterday. Sorry again.

Mummy2Myles- That's nice you told your grandfather, I know what it's like to give good news. We lost my husbands very ill grandfather a few months before our son was born and we told him very early in the pregnancy to give him a much needed boost.

We have definatly decided to wait though. My sister in law is in labour as I speak and I don't want to take the attention away from her (she's done the hard yards) so we'll wait til after the 12 week ultrasound at this stage.

Bree- I forgot to mention yesterday, no it hasn't sunk in that i'm pregnant, I think because i'm earlier (found out at 8 weeks last pregnancy). But it's still nice and i'm still sleeping on my tummy so maybe when i can't it'll really hit me haha.

Take care all, talk soon xoxox

How is everyone feeling? Is there any morning sickness yet? I had one morning of throwing up but have been pretty good since. Just feeling really tired.

Me - Amy
DH - John
DD - 2 and 4 months
Bub #2 - due May 1st
hi girls,

how is everyone?

this is just a bookmark for me as we are soo busy my son turned 6 yesterday and have a huge party for him tomorrow so im really busy transforming my house into a pirate home lol
ill be back after the weekend to read up on everyone!

hope all is great


Hey Bree,
Hope your son has a great pirate party.
Hey ladies, hope u are all planning a great weekend.

Well ms has already shown up for me, except is nite time. I was so lucky with DS and only had nausea and a couple of shocking days a 10 weeks, so we shall see if this continues.

Well better clean house and head of to work, for the next 5 weeks that is what my weekends are gonna consist of.

Hi eveyone,

Completly new to the forums. We've just found out we are pregnant, got the very happy news Thurs when our Dr confirmed it. Been a long journey to get here, almost a year on the IVF merrygoround but it is sure worth it.

Looking forward to chatting to everyone.


Congratulations Kerren and welcome to the May babies. When is your bub due?

Well I know some girls in here from the TTC threads, and finally after 6 months I have just done a test for the sake of it and got my own BFP!!!

Im in a little bit of shock lol

Havent read through all this thread as yet, I will do so shortly, congrats to everyone on their pregnancies and look forward to getting to know you all better over the next 8-9 months!!!

mwah xxx

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