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May 09 babies!! Lock Rss

Hi Noahsmummee, I wrote to you in the TTC thread but I just wanted to say welcome and congratulations again. It's good to see that August actually ended up having a few BFP's.
[Edited on 31/08/2008]
YAY, noahsmummee, Congrats and welcome.

Yeah August didn't get many until these last 2 weeks!
Thanks girls!

Just read through the thread and got up to speed lol

So to update, as I was preoccupied before when posting as my sister had just rocked up lol

This is #2 for us, we have a beautiful 23 month old and so the age gap will be about 33 months.

Due between 11 May and 18 May I think, as my cycles have been very irregular of late so I might request a dating scan when I see my GP and get blood tests sometime in the next week or two.

Trying to keep it quiet for a while this time as we didnt get to with Noah. Hopefully m/s doesnt give it away!

Had terrible morning sickness with Noah but nothing yet with this one. I did throw up and have diarrhoea Monday this week but not sure if its related or not as I did the same last month so maybe just a tummy bug.

I have no symptoms really yet which is why I was really surprised!!

Well better run off to bed, night everyone x

ETA typing too fast cant spell hehe
[Edited on 31/08/2008]

hey girls.

Well as I stated the other day, morning sickness set in early for me sad well it is at nite, so I have started to have lighter meals at dinner time. A side from that I am not too tired yet and have very few symptoms that I make it thru the day pretty well, just with a little nausea. DH is going on a trip to Greece and London this month he leaves on Friday, as much as I will miss him, I'm excited to get sometime to myself and try and relax over the next few weeks, my biggest issue will be work, as I am the boss if my staff stuff me around I'll be the 1 picking up the slack so I hope it all runs smoothly.

I hope u are all feeling well with little or no ms

[Edited on 01/09/2008]
Hi girls.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine started out ok except IT hit sunday morning. As soon as i got out of bed i knew it ms had arrived. I was really hoping i'd get out of it this time round. It's really only nausea, but it doesn't seem as bad as last time although it's kinda hanging around on and off all day boo. I've started to get tired too i couldn't believe how much of an effort it was to unload the trolley yesterday i was panting afterwards haha.

I became an auntie over the weekend too, so it was unreal holding a new born and knowing i'd have my own again soon. Yey.

Take care all.

[Edited on 29/09/2008]

Hi All

I have just joined up I am due about the 4th May with baby No7 and only just found this forum hehe.

We are keeping quite about it for now.

I have 4 boys and 2 girls so a girl would be nice to even things up but a boy would also be nice not really fussed.

Bye Emma.


Hi everyone, Just wanted to crash your thread, and say a huge congrats to you all smile]. I was where you are a year ago, so I was in the 'May 08' thread. Wishing you all the best with your pregnancies and safe arrivals, I know it seems like so long away but time will fly.

cheers Lynley

My name is Naomi and i just found out i'm pregnant with my 1st.If i'm right 1st may (which is also my birthday) DH is so excited but we are going to try and keep it a secret till 12 weeks.

hi girls

and a BIG WELCOME to all the newbies..... so exciting!!!

Ive had a huge weekend with birthday parties and family and everything going on.... its SO hard not to tell them im pregnant i just want to shut it out lol and i had no excuse why im so tired usually im all bubbly but by mid arvo im wrecked and ms is starting to kick in at 2ish in the arvo but so far so good!

Who else is taking multi vitamins here?? I am but take them at night as they seem to make me worse! im taking Elevit.

I will do our list soon too when we get some more mums on here...

Also who else has booked into hosi? I have and i was the 1st may mummy to do so lol im abit organised haha

sorry about all the questions!

"Ill be back laters to talk some more.
have a great night girls


Hi there everyone,

Im Rosey and I am preg with my thrid (third baby first planned one!!) so I am realy excited but a little nervous to know so soon. I look forward to being able to share this with you all. No m/s yet so I hope thats slow in coming!, Im not up with all the short hand so forgive me if Im a bit slow!!, but I have two girls, ones 5 1/2 and other 3 and we are trying to keep it a secret for as long as poss, but Im not very good! I just want to tell everyone I see!!


<img src=""> wid

Also who else has booked into hosi? I have and i was the 1st may mummy to do so lol im abit organised haha

lol Bree, I haven't even seen my doctor yet.

Welcome newbies!

Hi girls, welcome to the other new faces as well! Will be great to get to know each other over the coming months smile

Bree Im taking Elevit also. I used Blackmores with Noah but after m/s I just cant take them anymore, even now I gag looking at them lol. I prefer the Elevit now anyway.

You are so organised booking into the hossy! My hospital wont allow you to book in until you are 20 weeks so I have quite a while to go yet lol. Made my doctors appointment today for blood test but cant get in til mid next week which is a pain.

We're not telling anyone either yet, just told my sister, DHs brother and our close friends who are 5 months pregnant (we started TTC at the same time). And my mum phoned tonight so I told her, was going to wait until blood tests confirmed it all but since I cant get in for so long I didnt want to keep it that long from her.

I am off to a hens day/night this weekend which should be interesting. It starts as a champage breakfast lol then is a limo tour to a heap of wineries for wine tastings and lunch. Should be fun trying to discreetly NOT be drinking whilst at a winery lol, Im going to have to be stealth about it as I dont want to give it away to everyone there! Wish me luck haha.

Night everyone x

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