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May 09 babies!! Lock Rss

hello everyone..
i so feel buggered..feel so nauseus..and everything with a smell makes me want to vomit..havnt actually so far..ive booked in with the hospital and ahave a midwife app..
hope everyone else is feeling alrite...

Hey Dani sorry youre not feeling well, hope it eases for you soon.

Youre not gonna want to hear this but guess what - your ticker is wrong! You have more than 194 days to go! LOL Im sorry to break the news, I only noticed cos mine said 4 weeks pregnant 194 days to go as well and I only just realised about an hour ago that its wrong and I have a hell of a lot longer than that. I had to go back to Lilypie and redo it to get the correct date grr.

Now it just looks SO much longer!

i only just redid my ticker too..cose i had to change the date..ill do it again..c wat


Hi everyone,

Reading all your posts i'm feeling a tad guilty I have no morning sickness as yet. I'm sleeping a little more than usual but not to bad but I have the worst intergestion ever but in the big scheme of things i'm feeling pretty lucky. I hope u all start to feel better soon.

I have not booked into a hospital i'm tossing up between 2 so really unsure what to do, also wanting to wait a while as still very afraid of miscarrying. I have booked an appt with the gyno though he delivered my 2 nephews (11 & 9) and my neice (2 1/2) so hopefully he does as good as job with me as he did with my sis.

I like some herbal tea's but have been told not to drink some of them but noone can tell me which ones does anyone know?

hope you all have a good day

Hi girls.

Hope you are all doing well! I'm going to see my GP this afternoon to get blood test results, hope to ask him a few questions about the pregnancy vitamins you can get. Does anyone know if they help with morning sickness? as i said it started on Sunday and it's driving me crazy, i hate it. Smells making me sick (especially when making my son vegemite toast), dry reaching when brushing my teeth arrrrh the list goes on! I envy you who don't get it i wish it was me. On another note though i'm still really excited about being pregnant and can't wait 9 months.
Is anyone just going through public hospital?

Take care all, am loving hearing everyones stories.

[Edited on 29/09/2008]

Can anyone help me with getting my ticker up? It doesn't seem to want to display!

Hey Melissa, with your ticker you use the second code on Lilypie and only copy and paste the bit starting with [img to the other img]

hope that helps!

I am also just going through the public system, I did the same with Noah and they were great, as good as the private hossy here. I was lucky enough to have my midwife who was a friend of my close friend so that was lovely.

No m/s here yet, a pleasant surprise, as by this stage with Noah I was feeling nauseous and that became full blown m/s from Week 7 lasting til Week 19. Not Fun.

Would love to escape it this time but only time will tell I guess. If i get it this time Im going to get acupuncture done, I was having that done to fall pregnant and he mentioned it can also help m/s so definately going to try it.

The tiredness is just kicking in slightly, would love a nanna nap but have a house to clean so better get going.

Hope all are well x


Well I've been to the drs now just to get my bloods and everything done and to make a start. He is sending me for a scan at 8weeks, to confirm my dates and coz I'm not worried about having the 12week scan done so I get this 1 instead. I'm a bit scared about the scan coz I have to go by myself, as DH will be overseas and don't know how I'll go if there is an issue.

Well the morning sickness and nite time still continues to bring me down. DH leaves on Friday... YAY... me time! Well I better finish cleaning kitchen and get dinner start.

Take care!
Hi Girls

well I got really bored today so I did up our EDD list of dates and names, make sure everyone has a look there to see if your name is on it and its correct, if I need to fix anything please let me know

or if anyone wants to be added please let me know!

(and I think we lost Kylie&Brody as she is now due 30 April)

Boy~Boy~Girl (Bree) #4 EDD 1 May
MTLJ #2 EDD 1 May
MBAA21 (Melissa) #2 EDD 1 May
Na1stbub (Naomi) #1 EDD 1 May

Mummy2Myles (Kat) #2 EDD 3 May

Dacey #1 EDD 4 May
Bearycute (Emma) #7 EDD 4 May

Pippa001 (Pippa) #2 EDD 6 May

MummyTS (DanI) #3 EDD 7 May

NoahsMummeee #2 EDD 12 May

PeainaPod (Kerren) #? EDD ?
Roseybub3 (Rosey) #3 EDD ?

[Edited on 03/09/2008]
[Edited on 09/09/2008]


I hope everyone had a good day. I think listing everyone and there EED was a great idea.

yeah I agree great to see all our due dates in a row, mine is 7th May Yay!, every day further along makes me feel more secure. No morning sickness for me but boy am i grumpy! I wonder if thats a preggy thing!! haha Just deciding weather I should get it confirmed with my Dr, done a home test and booked my midwife, want to decorate the nursary! and garden - weird!! gasp)

Hugs to all

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