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May 09 babies!! Lock Rss

Hi ladies and welcome to all the newbies!

We are getting quite a few mums in here now and it's only the 4th May! I see some of you have been hit with the dreaded ms. I know how you all feel, I wake up and throw up for a few minutes and then am sick ALL day until I go to bed! With DD I had it until 16 weeks so I'm praying it's not that long this time.

Someone asked about preg vitamins ( I think Bree), well I am taking Blackmores but like Farah, I just gag at the sight of them. They are so big and with my ms I can't keep them down anyway. I think I might go and get some Elevit.

I haven't even been to the doctors yet ( I got laughed at when I went at 4 weeks with DD) but I will be going through the public system. I did with DD and they were really good. I even had my own room so no complaints there.

Congratulations to Melissa on becoming an Aunty over the weekend. How exciting for you. Does it make it a bit more real that you are going to have another one? I also know how you feel about waiting 9 months. It's such a long time and I'm so excited!

Thanks for doing the list Farah, looks great.
Hi everyone

Congratulations to everyone.

My husband has nicknamed me fertile myrtle! I have just found out we are expecting baby #3 (have a 4yr and 2yr old). Not planned but we are still very excited and shocked.

Anyway, my doctor has just confirmed by a blood test. My due date is around 12th-15th. Just wanted to share my news.
X - T
Hi Girls.

Farah thanks for the ticker advice i'm going to try it today hopefully it'll work if not i'm giving up. And the list is awesome i couldn't believe how many mums are here until i saw it and yes it's only September 4th there'll be heaps more joining by the end of the month wow.

Hope everyone is feeling better today. I'm counting the days to the second trimetser already.
Someone mentioned acupucture. One of my girlfriends was sick with all three of her kids all through her pregnancies so when she got to the second trimester with the third she was over it (as you can imagine) she tried it and it worked. Also a few of her friends did as well and it worked for them too. Good luck. If i'm still sick by 16 weeks i'm going to try it. I'm such a sook i can't handle it. Nausea is the worst.

Take care everyone

[Edited on 29/09/2008]

Hi guys! can't remember if I've already posted in here so I'll just start again smile

I'm Lisa and I think I'm about 4.5 weeks with my 2nd. I have a DD who is 20 months.

I'm seeing the Dr on Monday and booked in for a dating scan on Wed - yay! I'm saying 4.5 weeks cos I'm pretty sure I know when I ovulated - AF is all over the place smile So going by my calculations I'm due May 9th but that may change smile

Anyway looking forward to chatting with you all!

hi girls,

omg ive been so busy i will have to read everything since my last post welcome to any newbies and i think i saw noahsmummy did our chart thanku sooo much i really was going to do it so sorry

anyhoo hope to get back on here soon


Congratulations and welcome to 2lilbubbies and Lisa. Hope you are both feeling okay and enjoy a great pregnancy.
Morning ladies

Very excited, got my BFP this morning. I don't want to get too excited until I have had my six week scan to ensure that the little bean is in the right place, I lossed one back in March due to an ectopic so we are not telling anyone this time until much later.

This will hopefully be my 4th child DS10, DS8 and DD18mths, 2nd with my new partner who also has two grown up boys.

Going by my dates I should be due around the 14th of May.

Hope you are all feeling well, I know some of you are already suffering the grand old MS, try ginger nut biscuits, if nothing else they taste yummy!

Enjoy your day.

Hi Everyone,
This is my first time posting so looking forward to chatting to you all. Just found out I am due 3rd May so yah!!! Will be my first bubs, after two mc, last one at 5 months in March so a little nervous this time round. Third time lucky:)

Congraulations and welcome to catandmax and mumtothree. So sorry for both of your losses. Sending lots of sticky baby dust and hoping that these ones decide to hang around.

mumtothree - I am one of the ones with ALL day sicknesses so am going to go and get some ginger nut biscuits. I hope they work for me as nothing else seems to.
Congratulations and welcome to the new May Mummies-to-Be!!

Just quickly updated the list, will be off a few days due to internet problems grrr sad

Hope everyone is well and m/s eases soon. I am feeling nervous at the moment as I have no m/s and still only very slight symptoms compared to how I felt this stage with Noah. I guess each pregnancy is differnt, hopefully its just early days. Will be getting things confirmed next week with blood tests so looking forward to that.

PS Melissa try the lilypie again if you cant get it working let me know I can make one for you.

Boy~Boy~Girl (Bree) #4 EDD 1 May
MTLJ #2 EDD 1 May
MBAA21 (Melissa) #2 EDD 1 May
Na1stbub (Naomi) #1 EDD 1 May

Mummy2Myles (Kat) #2 EDD 3 May
CatandMax #1 EDD 3 May

Dacey #1 EDD 4 May
Bearycute (Emma) #7 EDD 4 May

Pippa001 (Pippa) #2 EDD 6 May

MummyTS (DanI) #3 EDD 7 May

~*`*~Lisa~*`*~ (Lisa) #2 EDD 9 May

NoahsMummeee #2 EDD 12 May
2LilBubbies #3 EDD 12-15 May
Mumtothree #4 EDD 14 May
PeainaPod (Kerren) #? EDD ?
Roseybub3 (Rosey) #3 EDD ?

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Hi Everyone

I was curious where everyone is from.

I'm from Melbourne. I noticed there is other postes around where people meet up after they have had bubs sounds like a good idea but probably a nightmare to make it happen cause life can get so busy.

I can't quite comprehend what life will be like with a child to look after too.

But i guess it can never hurt to try if anyone is interested when the time comes.

Hope you all had a good week and have a relaxing weekend.

Hi everyone,

Sounds like everyones excited which is great, I have decided to go to the drs next week just to 'have a chat' and stuff, to put my mind at ease, I am sure a few more weeks and we will all be feeling better, maybe we should chant no more morning sickness!!, not that I can complain just yet! I live in Wellington! so a bit far for me to catch up, but look forward to sharing my experiences! So nice to chat to people when we arent telling any one for what seems like ages!

Rosey gasp)

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