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May 09 babies!! Lock Rss

hi girls,

I finally have 5 mins to myself little ones all in bed yay!!!

congrats to all the new mummies and lots of sticking dust your way!

na1stbub i too am in melbourne... wat part are you from?

so for those mummies how different is this preg for u? With all my other 3 this one is soooo different none of my other 3 were the same as each other either but this one smells are making me dry reach all day and my smell is soooo sensitive also food i cant eat til about 11am not cos i feel sick just cant handle thought of food.. and im soooo thirsty this time around!
the smell thing freaks me out tho as b4 i did a test i was filling up my car with petrol and i usually looove the smell but i literally dryreached and thought oh oh need to do a preg test lol

who here is having a dating scan? I decided not tooo this time as i wanted to wait for my 12 week one but i have my 1st midwife appointment at 8 weeks so only 2 weeks to go

anyhoo better go clean up the house a bit and go to bed thats another thing i noticed im sooooo tired and cant stay awake past 9pm lol so not like me!

have a good night


Hey ya,

Both of my pregs were quite different, I just am so impatient to see what this one is like!, hopefully not to much heart burn as I got that realy bad last time.

I am trying to get the ticker thing working too, tricky for a computer amature! well maybe third time lucky, btw we are secretly hoping for a boy, two girls so far so a little boy would be lovely!

Hugs to all
night (Im so tired!)
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hello. i am taleena 22 from perth. i already have a little boy whos 2y1m. and i am pregnant with a 2nd baby.
its due around 7th - 11th, but i just say the 10th coz its mothers day lol, and i will find out at my 12 week scan.
is its a bit late on the 13th then its my 23rd birthday so that would also be special.

this is the only month that i cant find where i wrote when my last period was, lol so thats why the confusion that i would be due.

i am making a dr app next week sometime. anyone else from perth?
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hey ladies

Well I disappear for a few days and more ppl arrive, YAY! welcome and congrats.

Well my DH is on holidays.. overseas somewhere so I am enjoy the peace and quiet. MS is giving my grief, coz I'm not getting it til the nite time, I am starting to find dinner hard to stomach because I know what is ahead.

I am counting down 18days and I get to have a scan!! I'm hoping to find someone to come along with me, as I not too keen bout going on my own, I'm sure I will find 1 persons outta the 10 who know.

well better clean the kitchen and sort some washing before I am out of action tonite.

[Edited on 06/09/2008]
Hey all,
My name is Lotie, we tested this morning and we're positive!!! yay makes us 4 weeks & 4 days!! so excited - am still new at this with the ticker - still tyring to get it to work.

Welcome to all the lovely ladies here, i hope to enjoy this 9 month journey with you...

Right our story:

We accidentially fell pregnant but them miscarried (d&c followed) at 8 weeks 4 days - so am feeling slightly nervous this time round.

Would love to talk to ladies due in may from nz, but doesn;t matter much really, any mum's to be would be great.

looking for to hearing from you all.
Sending sticky baby dust!

I live in the yarra valley what about u?

I told everyone here that i was not going to tell anyone for 12 weeks, well that didn't last it was my mums birthday today and we ventured up to puffing billy ( for those who don't know its a old steam train through the mountains) we had a family picnic at the other end. I spoke to DH last night and decided to tell them so i was a little cheeky my sis and I had gone halves in a big pressise so i pipe up and say "mum do u want to know what ur other prezzie is ( my sis looks at me very sus!) mum freaks out more u shouldn't have etc ( like mums do!) and i said u may have to wait a little while for it ( usual response oh thats ok) lol I said oh well u will have to cause i'm only 6 weeks pregnant so u have a while to wait. Her face just dropped and said REALLY? your kidding? lol and my sis burst into tears it was great, they were very happy.

I always said to them i wouldn't have kids for another 5 yrs i think thats why they were so suprised.

We are telling DH family next weekend i want a rest day tomorrow still really really tired.

Hope u r all having a good weekend

Hi everyone, dont want to jinx anything but had a faint BFP... still have to wait another few days as i tested early lol!! But i may end up joining you here... will let u know by the 12th of sept i will know for sure by then...
Hi everyone! thought I'd drop by again. This m/s is really getting to me. No throwing up yet but it gets worse as the day goes on so right now I feel awful sad This pregnancy seems to be progressing the same. I've had a couple of m/c before but m/s if definitely stronger this time so thats a postive I guess. I kind of welcome the nausea now cos I know there are plenty of hormones smile Oh and I think my nipples are a bit more sensitive this time around too. Weird. 4 days until my scan! Can't wait! Anyhoo hope you all have a great day tomorrow. Chat soon. Oh and I'm from NSW...

hi everyone im from adelaide..both pregnancies with my 2DD were so different..but this time i sort of hav symptoms of both and so nausous 24/7.i wish i could just throw feel so face is so pale and the pigment has changed this break outs for far with this one tho..touch stomach hurts so much..its not

i asked my oldest the other day whos nearly 3 what sibling she wanted..her answer was i want a brother but dont want a boy...i tort it was hilarious..

Boy~Boy~Girl (Bree) #4 EDD 1 May
MTLJ #2 EDD 1 May
MBAA21 (Melissa) #2 EDD 1 May
Na1stbub (Naomi) #1 EDD 1 May

Mummy2Myles (Kat) #2 EDD 3 May
CatandMax #1 EDD 3 May

Dacey #1 EDD 4 May
Bearycute (Emma) #7 EDD 4 May

Pippa001 (Pippa) #2 EDD 6 May
Lottie NZ (Lottie) #1 EDD 6 May

MummyTS (DanI) #3 EDD 7 May

~*`*~Lisa~*`*~ (Lisa) #2 EDD 9 May

~Taleena~ EZH+1 (Taleena) #2 EDD 10 May

NoahsMummeee #2 EDD 12 May
2LilBubbies #3 EDD 12-15 May
Mumtothree #4 EDD 14 May
PeainaPod (Kerren) #? EDD ?
Roseybub3 (Rosey) #3 EDD ?
JaxsonsMum #2? EDD ?

yay some more ladies I recognise from the TTC threads smile

quickly updated the list, havent read through just on my sisters computer still waiting for ours to get fixed

be back in few days xxx

hope all are well !
[Edited on 09/09/2008]

Hi girls,

Thanks for the welcome, how was father's day for you all. I gave my DP the positive HPT this morning with all his other goodies, he was very happy, thought that was a nice idea, gosh it was hard keeping it a secret.

Bree that is so funny, only last night I was cooking DP's lamb ragout and I was nearly heaving. The only time I have ever been like that was with curried egg sandwiches when I was pregnant with no 1.
Just noticed we have the same, 2 boys and 1 girl what are you hoping for this time?

Sorry don't have a whole lot of time to write, will try to read all the other pages tomorrow and catch up with where everyone else is up to.

Hope you are all feeling well, I just keep downing the ginger nut biscuits...... you know that if you are really bad the blackmores travel calm is awesome and safe to take same as what is in the morning sickness tablets.

Is it time to go to bed yet? Goodnight


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