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May 09 babies!! Lock Rss

Hi Girls.

Just reading and catching up on the weekend's post's. I still can't believe how many of us already. Hope everyone had a good weekend and the boys had a good fathers day.
Morning/All day sickness has eased a little but still peeing me off. I'm finding that i'm hungry ALL THE TIME which is annoying as i'm scared that if i don't eat the nausea is going to get worse. Is anyone else like this?

Don't have muchtime today. Take care everyone, talk to you all soon.

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Lilypie doesn't like me!

Hi everyone

I don't have a lot of time today either but just wanted to catch up on the news. Glad everyone is going ok

Have a good day

hi girls,

just a quick post b4 i go bath my lil ones for the night ahhh i love this time of night haha

welcome to the newbies and i hope all the DF/DP all had a great fathers day i no mine did he got spoilt with pressies and clothes to take to qld we fly out in 3 weeks cant wait we staying at sea world resort.

na1stbub - i too am on the borderline of yarra valley and maroondah we just moved out this area from about 2 suburbs away lol.

Allison - im not sure wat i "WANT" at the moment i think im having a girl BUT i keep looking at boy things haha i always said i wanted 4 boys so my princess decided different on that one but i also dont want people to say i bet ya want a girl to even it up. what do u want?

I need a vent so beware lol this huggies site S**T me somedays people on here cant ask a question without been shot down or spoken very negatavely too as i think it was one of our may mummies who asked about the name soldier and some of the other responses in there where hash very hash i think its fine to have an opinion but a no i dont think i like it would be enough without going on about it... as u no my name is Bree and its not short for anything just bree and growing up i was the only one with that name at school both primary school and high school and to this day i still get asked how do i spell that with an i or ee.
My kids names are also spelt differently and i wouldnt change it our name is who makes us and as long as we like it who cares!
I asked a few weeks ago on here about a name my DF and i picked if this one is a boy and the responses i got who really hurtful i no i asked but didnt realise how bitchy we all are!

sorry for a long vent i feel better now!!!

so much for a quick post haha

have a great night all


Hi girls and welcome to all the new mummies to be.
Sorry I haven't had time to read all the post because I have been so sick. Literally 24/7. I have tried ginger ale, ginger nut biscuits, ice blocks and even magnetic bracelets. Nothing seems to work for me, does anyone have any other suggestions? I hope everyone else is doing okay!
hey ladies,

mtlj sorry to hear about the al day sickness, no suggestions here. Mine has settled, the nausea feeling is still around, so thats still a good sign but for the last 2 nites I have had a very early dinner and no issue. Well this pregnancy is sooo different to my last, first up dealing with ms, which I barely had with DS and I am also very emotional this time around.

Ok I need to vent so ignore if u wish.
So I have said that DH is on a holiday, well after months of promising MIL and DH that I could cope without them, I seem to have found plenty of issues as soon as they left. First up the ms, takes a bit out of me, I've got a very difficult customer at work who is making it impossible to do the rite thing no matter how hard I try. DS is covered in spots which my dr could not confirm as chicken pox but he also couldn't rule it out so I have to treat it as chicken poxs and keep him out of day care, so my 2 daysfor sanity and to get all my paper work done at work has gone out the window and I have to try and work around DS nap time to get it all done included MIL paper work that I agreed to take on so she could do this trip. Oh and we have been trying to sell our house for 7mnts now and recently changed agents who promised me we wouldn't do open houses while DH was away has put 2 open houses for this week, so I also gotta continually clean my house when I just wanna collapse for a day. ok that feels better now

Take care ladies.
Hi there ladies, I am so sorry to hear of your m/s! I hope it eases soon, I dont know any miracle cures, I've been told small meals reg, but that didnt realy work for me last time! I hope something works for you, my husband said sniffing a lemon!!, I have no idea how that is supposed to help but let me know if you try it and it does!! I went to the Drs this morning so all confirmed due 7 may and had my first bloods taken (not quite so exciting!) Looking forward now. Still trying to get my ticker up and running! [url="">Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker[/url]

<img src=""> wid

Hi everyone... I havent fully been confirmed yet waiting till Friday but if it is a BFP i will be due on the 19th of May. Will let you know If it is a confirmed BFP or not....
Hi Everyone <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

My internet is still off at home which is really starting to bug me, luckily I work Tuesday arvos so I can get my Huggies fix at work quickly lol

JaxsonsMum best of luck with getting that BFP!! Im sure it will be!

Just had my first doctor visit yesterday and waiting on my blood results which should be ready today some time. Feeling anxious til I get them! Although Im sure everything is fine.

Sorry to hear some are not feeling well. I have been so lucky so far, this stage with Noah I had nausea then m/s after week 6 so who knows, maybe I will be feeling differently next week lol. Just feeling tired now, going to bed early and almost needing an afternoon nap, also feeling quite hungry as someone else mentioned, not much you can do about that though other than eat! And already the midnight trips to the toilet have started which is really annoying!

To the girls having trouble with tickers, on the lilypie site after making your ticker, use the 2nd code from the top. You copy and paste only from [img to the other img] bit into your huggies member profile nothing else. Hope that helps!

LOL I almost forgot, how weird is this...

We havent told anyone other than a few close immediate family and friends we are pregnant, going to wait til our 12 week scan til we tell everyone else.

My mum rang me a couple days ago and said some friends of theirs, who we dont know at all, just rang to ask is it true I am pregnant??

I said how on earth do they know that? Turns out the lady is a member here on Huggies and put 2 and 2 together after seeing a pic of me on here once and recognising me from Mums wedding!!!

What a small world LOL!

(So Melanie if youre reading this, please let me know what your username is I would love to know!!)

Anyway, luckily they dont know any mutual friends of ours, but just to save it happening again with anyone I do know, I have removed my name from my previous posts for now.

Have a good one!!

Hello Ladies!

I have just found out I am pregnant with number 2! Makes me due on the 13th of May!

Hope to chat to you all soon and share the journey smile


Hey everyone if AF no shows i will be due on the 19th of May. Heres to hoping smile let u no in a couple of days as i dont have any more HPT's LOL
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