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Due in Feb 2009 Lock Rss

hi people my name is lorraine i am also due in febuary on valentines day, i am a 1st time mum so any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.
im Lauren and also due on valentines day. This is my 2nd baby my ds is 9 months old.
Hi. My name is Trish. Im due on the 23/2/09 with bub no 3.
My 2 other children are aged 16(boy) and 14(girl).

i am actually due on velentines day too!!! cool isnt it lol. i usually post in the feb 2009 babies... u are more than welcome to join in with us all.

how have u been feeling? this is my second bub... my first is 2 years old now sad they grow up too quick. i already have a belly with this one.... they say with your second u get bigger earlier!!!! god help us all when its summer... we will be huge!!!

I was in there but it was getting to confusing.
I like smaller forums.
Hey girls,
I'm Nic, I'm due 27th Feb with #4. I hope you don't mind me joining you!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey girls, I agree big forum is confusing, Im Al and Im due Feb 8th with baby no 1, I am a bit computer illiterate so sorry if I am adding to the wrong bit. hope you dont mind me joining you girls. I am getting very excited now.
Welcome Al and Three Little kids.

Today i feel like death warmed up, and my ds is not much better. I'm on my own today dp had to go back to work, yesterday he took the day off to look after us both which was great because i wasn't up to smelly nappy's. Not sure how its going to be today, thinking i may put huggies on him so he will be right to his dad comes home.
grrr hate this queasy stomach. ive been fine all pregnancy until i got the wog that's going around.

Anyway how are you girls??
Hey girls,

I'm feeling pretty good today! I have been getting headaches and have been so tired! My 15 month old keeps waking up in the night, so I'm not getting a whole night sleep, which doesn't help!

Lauren I hope you get over the wog quickly! There's nothing worse than being sick while you're pregnant!

Hope you all have a great day!
xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey girls,

I hope you don't mind me joining in..I'm Leisha and i'm due on Feb 17th with my first..

Time Line for little FEB 09 Group

8th Feb Alj99 (1st)

14th Feb Rainzmac (1st)
Laurenjoh (2nd)
Taylasmum (2nd)

17th Feb bubbie#1 (1st)

23rd Feb preg36 (3rd)

27th Feb Three Little Kids (4th)

Hey everyone i got really bored today while Dylan is asleep so i thought i would do a time line of everyone's dates it will be interesting if they arrive in that order.
When we know the sex i could add it.

Ive been sipping lemonade all morning so im starting to feel a bit better. My 9 month old had a sip his face was so adorable when he felt the bubbles going down i think his little throat must be sore to.
Hey hows every ones day been going? I've been run off my feet all day finally got to sit down..i wish 19 weeks would hurry up already i wanna find out what i'm having..I really think it's a boy but i guess i'll just have to wait and see!! Do you girlies have a feeling of what you might have? It would be fun to look back and see if we were right haha IYKWIM

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