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Baby Rhianna Jane born 02.08.08 Lock Rss

Hi guys I wish it had have found this thread before I had my baby.

My name is Kym i'm 25 1/2, living in Melbourne VIC. I have 1 daughter already Talia Nicole who is almost 3, I was due to have our 2nd daughter on the 24th of August. So excited but anxious because our house was due to be finished around the same time and i didn't want to be moving house and go into labour. I also wanted to have bub's room set up in the new house before she came.

However bing my luck it definately did not happen that way on July 31st I had just got into bed and my water broke...however being induced completely with my first i wasnt quiet sure what had happened. So we went off to the hospital and sure enough it had...after many visits back and forward to the hospital on the 1st August. Our little girl Rhianna was born at 4:23am on 02/08/08...3 weeks and 1 day early (I had figured she would be early but not that early)

I had only borrowed a bag to pack that afternoon, and hadn't packed it yet. I was still at work and planed to be for another couple of days after that smile

Rhianna is now 3 weeks and 5 days old and doing really well. Although i am having a little trouble with b/f and getting a little down about that, but we will be fine! Big sister Talia is VERY VERY proud of her little baby sister.

Anyway best be off...i'm on facebook if anyone wants to chat!! Just let me know in the friend request that you are from the huggies august babies forum, I would love to chat to mummies with kiddies around the same age as my girls.

Take care everyone x o

congrats on your baby girl!

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