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well hi anyone due in June...

We have just found out that we have #2 on the way... still very early as in 4 weeks... this bub was planned but still the best surprise.. we thought it would take longer than only 3 months of me being of the pill... we didnt try any particular things for trying to concieve just had fun and let things happen...

I have been a little bit quessy the last few days and a little light headed but nothing much.. i do have bit of a chesty cold so i actually just thought that it was that and didnt expect to have fallen pregnant but I AM!! well unless the test was wrong. i hope it wasnt.. is it possible to get a false positive?

Any mums due in June please stop by for a chat...

feeling sick sucks wish i could just be sick already.......

Hi there

Congratulations to you!

Just found out we are expecting #2 on June 3rd 09 too. Very surprised as we were not planning any more and must admit when I found out I cried, but over the last week am slowly getting used to and accepting the idea of doing it all over again. We have a 3 1/2 year old daughter named Kaylee who is extremely bright and independent so going back to the baby thing will be a shock.

This will be my 5th pregnancy so am a little bit nervous at this early stage but all seems to be going well.

Will update as things progress.
hi there

i just found out i am pregnant too. I am also feeling a little sick but nothing too much. We have a boy charlie and he's just ovfer 8 months so its a little scary how close they will be. It wasnt planned but we are very excited. We arent telling too many people incase anything happens untill 3 months but i am sure everything will be fine and i cant wait. very happy for you both being pregnant smile

i'm so glad that we have more mummies due in june... well as i mentioned this is my second bub... my darling little girl Kayla is nearly 2 will be in November. The poor little thing is very very sick with a gastro bug the worst thing is that i have caught it it seems.. which is really bad as im trying to look after her and yet run to the toilet myself.. my house is a 24 hour laundrymat at the moment.

We also havent told any family members yet, not even our parents. Honestly my MIL cant keep her mouth shut and if she finds out then everyone else will and i figured i cant tell my parents and not DF's. so we are going to wait until we are 10 weeks to tell our parents and then we figure that if other family members find out then its close to 12 weeks anyway.

i hope that we all have smooth sailing and easy births!!!

Hi There, I'am new to this forum. I just found out that i'am 4wks 6 days pregnant. I have done 3 home tests and had doc appt today. So all is confirmed. This will be my 4th bubs. I have two daughters Saige 4, Dakota 2/5, and our son kaide is 13mths. I had only 16mths between Dakota & Kaide it was hard at times but it gets easier.I'am a bit scared of having 4 under 5, But we are excited as well. We are also not telling anyone until around 3mth mark even though Hubby is excited and wants to tell the world i just want to wait to see how everything goes. We are going down to see my parents this weekend so we will see if i can keep it a secret still.
Hoping you are all doing well. Hope to keep in touch throughout the pregnancies it would be nice to see what everyone had and how it all went.

Wow! Must say that I am in awe of all of you with multiple little ones and another on the way. My mother had 4 under 5 too and coped remarkably with it, although I have never been keen to follow in her footsteps as far as that goes. But well done to you - I think you are very brave. I hope that everyone is feeling good and managing to get just a little bit of rest when needed.
My name is Kristen, i'm 24 and have a 16 month old daughter, Madison. We are expecting our 2nd baby the 4th june 2009. DD will turning 2 on the 9th june... so will de exactly 2 years apart. We fell preg in june this year but unfortunatly had a m/c at 8 weeks due to baby not forming past 5 weeks so am really scared this time around. I am going to Dr appt. tomorrow afternoon to get blood tests done and ask for an early u/s to make sure all is going well. i feel very positive with this pregnancy,feeling much like i did with DD, my last pregnancy (m/c) i just didn't feel right from the moment we found out. so fingers crossed all goes well.
I am excited to be sharing this journey with you all and hope you all have trouble free and healthy pregnancies!!!!

take care,
Good morning ladies,

I got my BFP this morning and I'm so excited. I've been stalking the June '09 threads all weeks hoping that BFP was just around the corner.

My name is Skye 27, DH Paul 33, DS Eli 14 months (still breastfeeding so looking at weaning now). This will be my 3rd pregnancy, m/c my first at 12 weeks, but like Kris am feeling really positive about this one. I think I'm due 12 June from my calculations. But I had to have a c-section with DS so no doubt will have to have one with this one (still undecided about VBAC or whether or not I will be able to - our c-section was so peaceful and I really enjoyed it, so wouldn't be unhappy with another one), so therefore will probably have it end of May.

Anyway just wondering if we should be joining both June threads together as I noticed there are 2???

Hope everyone has a good day - I know I'm going to now. smile

Skye xx

Hi Ladies,

Well I got a BFP this week too but it is still very early days cos AF isnt due until Sunday but Im so excited I can hardly contain myself!!!

My name is Bek and Im 25, DH Adam is 29 and my beautiful Kyah is 13 months. We very very lucky to fall in the first month of trying. All going well I would be due on or about 14th June 09 (by my calculations anyway) just 3 days after Adams 30th.

I had a suspicion I was pregnant as I have been soooo tired exactly like it was with Kyah from very early on.

Well I hope everyones MS hasnt been too bad.

Sticky Dust to all.


HI Ladies

well its been hectic here the last few days... we have had family staying and ive been back and forward from the hospital with our close family friend... his wife has been staying here with us and yeah well she caught the gastro bug it seems and as she is 80 years old sometimes bowels dont work like they should... TMI sorry, so im yet again cleaning linen and yeah running back and forward from the hospital. but otherwise all is good, feel great just getting tired but otherwise all is good.

i dont feel pregnant some days... other days my clothes already annoy me.. ive found that im feeling bloated and waistbands are crap!!! But thankfully i have 2 days to myself... Df has taken about a week off work and we were meant to be going out to my parents today so that kayla could get some time in riding her pony before she goes to a horse sports day on saturday. she loves riding... i didnt go because i needed to stay with our friend.. im really starting to worry about her as she hasnt eaten in 2 days and is barely drinking any fluids... but she is a stubborn old mule i tell ya... so i stayed to keep an eye on her... so this afternoon i cleaned the house after every one left then i have watched a couple of movies and just relaxed its been great...

I didnt realise that there was another JUNE thread... mmm might check it out or i might just go and watch another movie and might organise to go have dinner out tonight i think!!
Hope everyone is good and had a great weekend..

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if i can join this thread? My name is Carrie i'm 27 & after 13mths of TTC i finally got my BFP last week but won't truely believe it until i get my blood test results back on Weds. AF was due almost 2 weeks ago & i'm having all the same symptoms as my 1st pregnancy, so i'm pretty certain but just need to hear it from someone else!

I have sort of worked out my due date would be around the 7th june. DS will be 3 on the 12th july so i'm quite happy with that age gap.

Best of luck to everyone!

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