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All those expecting #4 in 2009? Lock Rss

Hi just thought we should start a thread for all of us Mummy's who are having their fourth little bundle next year.

A bit about me, I am 35, will be 36 when our little cherub arrives. I have got 2 DS's; 10 and 8 from previous marriage and a 19mth old DD with my current partner and can't wait to have #4 in May.


Hi Alison,

I'm Nic, 28, I'm having my fourth bub in Feb/Mar my kids are always late so I'm not expecting a Feb bub! I will have just turned 29 when I have this one. I have 2 boys 5 and 18 months and a girl who is 3 next month. We found out this one is a girl too! So it will be nice to have 2 of each! Are you going to find out what you are having this time?

xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

HI girls,

my name is Kimberley, i am 33 and expecting my fourth on 15 Jan. I have 1 boy 10.5, 1 girl just turned 8 and 1 girl just turned 3.

I have been put on complete bed rest due to having contractions and bleeding. I have now made it to 25 weeks only 15 more to go. Do you girls know of any good dvds. I take medication twice a day to try and stop the contractions.

I hope this finds you both Alison and Nic well.


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Hi girls,

Nic, how exciting, the perfect set for you!! I would secretly love to have another girl I have enjoyed my DD so much so far plus I wanted to have another child so she has got some one close to her age and if it were a girl that would be perfect. Having said that though I would be just as happy to have another little man cause they are just as cute as well.

Kimberley, our older kids are the same age, hope yours aren't as big a handful as mine! My 8 year old is so full on and difficult.

It must be awful for you, how are you coping having everyone else look after the kids? I find it really hard watching other people do stuff because they always do it wrong, cause I am so perfect!!! LOL

So when did the problems start? and is this the first preg that you have had problems with? As for DVD's haven't really seen any lately, I am a bit of a sucker for lifestyle food on foxtel...... I did read heaps of good books when I was preg with #3.

Sending lots of sticky baby dust in both directions.


Hi ladies,
I'm Janine 29 years old and expecting my fourth bub in April 09.
I have three boys already 11,6 and 4 sooooooooooooo would love this time around to be a girl hehe.
I am waiting waiting for my Morning sickness to go away also although I managed to keep out of hospital for the last 5 weeks with medication.

oohh bout the DVDs have you seen ps I love you or the notebook although you probably need quite chill out ones as you don't want to do too much laughing or crying??? I don't know as I always go 2ish weeks overdue so am unsure as to what you are going through but I hope it all goes well. I am very used to people having to pitch in and help with my kids especially when I am too busy vomitting all day..........

Does anyone find their fourth pregnancy v hard!!! I do this time around I am way more tired, itchy, achey, sick and the biggest moaner out lol.
Nice chatting to you all hope to hear from you guys again soon xxx


Hi Everyone,
My name is Krystal, I'am 25 would of just turned 26 when i have this baby. This our 4th baby. We have a daughter named Saige 4, A daughter named Dakota 2.5 & a son named Kaide ( like kade not kate we just spelt it unusual). I'am due June 2nd so still in the early stages. Very scared about having another one but am excited at the same time. This on was a bit of a suprise we only tried twice and it workeD. So it was a bit of a shock it happened so fast we thought we would of had a few months of trying like the other 3.
We are hoping for a boy so its 2 & 2. We thought after our son it would be it so we sold everything so now we are back at square 1.
Thanks to my sister in law having her baby it made us clucky again. Well hoping everything is going well for everyone. would be nice to keep in touch.We would like to find out what we are having this time round. We didnt with the other 3. Did anyone else find out with there other children. Does it ruin it at the end?

Hi Girls,

Alison, my 8yr old is just starting to lie, other then that she is just lazy. It's our 10.5yr old that we are having problems with, his attitude really stinks at the moment.

I must say it is hard relying on everyone to do everything for you, i am like you i like to do everything myself. It is good to have my husband home though. My 2nd preg my waters broke at 29weeks and my 3rd i started contracting at 16weeks. I started to get contractions around the same time with this one. Atleast with this pregnancy they have given me medication to try and stop them. I must be a sucker for punishment. This is my last one though so i was trying to enjoy it. At the moment i just feel helpless.

Janine welcome, morning sickness i know that one well, i was 20 weeks before mine stopped. Medication reduced the sickness but didn't stop it.

I watched the notebook this week but stopped it before the end so i didn't cry.

I am finding the fourth pregnancy hard only due to the fact that it is hard on the kids, and it is hard to rest with 3 other one's. I am achey and tired but atleast i can breath, the baby is head down, way down so it is killing my pubic bone but there is no pressure on my ribs.

Hope you have all had a great weekend, hope to catch up soon.


Hey all.....

Yes Kimberly my 11 year old is a nightmare at the moment. Definantly an attitude problem and he is so lazy!!! I have been told its hormones and doesn't get any better until around 18 hope they were just pulling my leg.

Other than that I am just plodding along 14 weeks today and not a sign of morning sickness going away completely yet. I am just glad when I close my eyes everynight that another day is down and only so many hundred to go lol

Take care

HI my name is Christine and am 29 and am due on the 15th of Feb with my fourth boy. I have an 8,4 and 2 year old. We tried for a girl but i keep having boys! This is def our last. Besides from getting really tired in the afternoon ive been ok, i had bleeding in the early stage of the pregnancy but it seems to have gone for now anyway. Looking forward to chatting with everyone. My son the 8 year old is lazy as well you have to tell him 20 times to do something and its still not done. Janine i hope your kidding about the being 18 and getting better bit lol

my name is Cathy. im 25 married with three kids and one on the way i have a ds will be 6 in jan. dd will be 3 in jan and dd is 17mths old. im due on the 21st if april.
we are hoping for a boy this time but i dont like my chances.
i had my second ob app today and my ds got to see the baby. my ob has a u/s machine in his room now.yay. it was very exciting.

hope you are all going well.
take care

hey everyone,

sadaka, We did find out with our younger 2 kids, I don't think it ruined it in the end. I think it helps the kids bond with the baby while it's still in your belly cause they can call it by name, if you have agreed on one! LOL But It's still a great surprise to see what they look like! We also found out with this one.

This pregnancy hasn't been that hard really, except for having the flu it's been about the same as the rest.

How is everyone else going?

Hey Cathy! Fancy meeting you here! LOL

xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

lol hi nic. that is funny. oh well we are doing it again. i am addicted to huggies.
hope your feeling better soon.

we are going to find out the sex of this one. i have found out with all of mine and i think it is still a surprise in the end. just a mircle really, that a baby can grow inside you and then in a few hours(or longer) you have a baby in your arms. it is the most wonderful thing in the world.

how is everyone else going preparing for #4. i still haven't really thoought about it. i have no idea what im going to do. you would think i would because this bub was planned. crazy i know.

hope you all have a great day
take care

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