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The "Due In July" Group Lock Rss

Hello to all the mum's due in July!!

I have noticed there are quite a few of us due in July and I have enjoyed sharing many of the final stages of pregnancy with you as well as many other topics. It isn't long now for most of us to give birth and I was hoping we could form a little group here to share our experiences well after all of our precious babies are born...

What do you all think...? Would this be a good idea...?

We could all use a little support from time to time and who better than someone who is going through the same thing as you at the same time...?

Would love to hear your thoughts about this smile

Michelle (Due July 30 with baby No. 2)
Hi Michelle,

I think this is a great idea ... count me in!! I too have really enjoyed chatting to everyone and sharing experiences.

This forum and chatting to all other expectant mums has really helped make the prospect of my first bub a lot less daunting.

How were you thinking of starting the group? Just via a post we all chat on??


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo,

So happy you replied to this post grin

Yes I was thinking a post here might be the easiest way to go as I am no computer expert. I think since we are all pretty familiar with this site and its set up that it would be best.

I'l wait to see if we get a few more responces and then work out where to go from here.

I hope that if no one else replies here that at least we can continue to share our experiences - both good and bad...

Have to run, a demanding toddler needs her mummy!!! sad

More soon,

Michelle smile

Hey Michelle,
I think thats a great idea because I love reading about other peoples experiences. I think that it would be good just to do it like this, we all know how to communicate on this site, it won't get complicated then. It will be nice to have a little group of Mum's who can share stories about their new bundles of joy.
Nush xxx

Nush,Qld mum to Caitlin(18/8/00)and Ella(24/7/04)

Hi Nush,

Thanks for your feed back. I am going to organise a new post soon... Just waiting to see if a few more mum's due in July are interested.

I look forward to chatting heaps more with you too.

Are you due near my due date...? 30 July. For some reason I am thinking you are due 28 July? Well in any case the count down is on!!!

More soon,

Michelle smile

HI Michelle, count me in.

We could also exchange email address

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

Michelle if you want to give them all the address to my group - you can all chat on there! We can even organise a CHAT night!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Good idea, count me in smile I am due July 28

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Hey all,
I'm not due in July ... my 1st is 6 months old and i'm not pregnant with the 2nd yet ... but I was wondering, Marti, what your group is!! By the way, I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE ANOTHER BUNDLE OF JOY!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hey Michelle,
My due date is 26 July, pretty close to yours hey!!!!
Last night it felt like my baby was having a rock concert in my belly lol! My man is saying its keeping him awake, well try having it first hand in your belly lol! Caitlin is at kindy today so I'm just enjoying the peace and quiet.
Nush xxx

Nush,Qld mum to Caitlin(18/8/00)and Ella(24/7/04)

Hi Brandon's Mum

Good luck with conceiving your second!

I haven't even had my first yet and am thinking I would like to try for a second pretty soon afterwards. Problem is my partner has always been adament he only wants one so he can 'give him everything and spoil him rotten'. Now we know we are having a boy he reckons he is even more certain. I am hoping he will change his mind after he meets his firstborn.

I have two sisters and we are three years apart and close ... I couldn't imagine growing up without siblings!

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hello All,

What a fantastic response grin

I am so excited that there are so many of us due so close together. It will be interesting to see who goes first and who will be the lucky last (perhaps me - due July 30) to give birth.

Marti - If you are happy for eveyone to come across to your chat site then please do put your details here for them.

I also would like to start a new post, probably towards the end of June in the "Newborn" - "Looking After Yourself with a Newborn" section, so that we can all continue to chat and announce our Births there.

For now though I hope everyone will continue to chat here as the final stages of our pregnancies play out.

More soon everybody,

Michelle grin
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