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Babies due Feb 09 Lock Rss

We have been robbed of our posts and I think that it sucks.

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Looks like everything has gone!!! Time to start again!!
Hope everyone is well this morning, i'm actually in a baby organizing mood this morning, cleaning baby carseat, clothes, wraps etc. so exciting!! love getting baby stuff ready.
What is everyone that has a toddler already doing for prams???
i was thinking on the pram with the toddler seat, but friend pointed out to me that the only problem is the toddler can never fall asleep in the toddler seat. saw a lady with a side by side stroller asked her how she found it, if it was too wide etc. she said it was great and that other tandem prams were still quite wide anyway. nice to know what you other ladies have got planned in that department as i'm still undecided.

Bummer about the thread!!
Hope everyone is well today.

Keri-Leigh we have bought a skateboard but my DD is 3 and hates being in the pram so it is a little different for you!!
Is anyone storing cord blood for this baby?

Take care
Kate x

I havin't even finished painting the nursery yet let alone start washing and organising all the stuff. Although I have done lots of shopping and have bags and bags of stuff ready to unpack so maybe I'm not as unorganised as I feel.

Right now I'm so glad that I go over cus I'm planning on doing the room over xmas holidays as I have a week off then. I decided not to take mat leave untill the 19th of Jan as I don't do so well sitting around waiting for something thats not going to happen.

We don't have any company that stores the cord blood here in adelaide so I guess I don't have that option but I think it is a great idea for those that can.

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They were jealous that we had up 107 pages!!!
All that good advice I was coming back to gone in a puff!

After my have you packed a bag question, I have still not done it. I feel like crap and have had a flat out week. May be I will feel better and have stopped coughing long enough over the weekend to make a move on it!

Well ladies. I am going to have a rest (hopefully) before the diabetes centre ring. I am expecting the inevitable on Monday and have to start insulin :-{. No big deal though, I had to do it for DS#1 too.
Catch you later!

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

This is the second thread that I post in that has been deleted. Unbelievable!! The other thread also had loads of pages so I wonder if they are deleting all the big threads.

Anyway, just had to let you know that I am freaking out. I just got a call from the hospital regarding Emilies tonsils and they want her to come in next Tuesday for the surgery, that is only four days away. So of course I said yes but I am so scared, the thought of my little girl going under the knife scares the hell out of me. I have been in tears just thinking about it.

Thanks for listening.

Sue. X

oh wail! I stopped in to see if anyone replied to my questions about the name Zoe Margaret Medlin-Smith and discover the entire thread gone! Makes me so cross. Where do I complain!! Qs were should I break up the Margaret and Medlin with another name or would that make it too long.... and is Zoe too common now?


I had to go thorough that with DS2 the hardest part was when we had to go into the theater and I had to hand him over. Still mkaes me shudder at the thought. I guess the best bit of him being so young when it was done is that he doesn't remember it at all, which was really supprising as only the year before he had broken his leg and still remembers the pain and the very long hospital stay.

All the best for a fast recovery for your DD

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Sue... sorry to hear your girl needs an op. They seemed to do it almost routinely in NZ when I was little so I'm sure the methods will be excellent these days. My neice(4) had hers out in Aus earlier this year and went well.
She'll be fine smile

I agree the hardest part will be leaving her and waiting for them to come to get you after.
Lachie has had two ops for Hypospadias. We knew 2 to 3 months before the date etc. It was quite distracting so at least you will not have too much time to think about it.
She will amaze you in her recovery and I think you will amaze yourself how well you cope!
Lachie learned to climb stairs the day after op#1 and was so full of energy the day after op#2 that the surgeon suggested that we go out for a few hours to tire him a bit! LOL!!
Good Luck honey not that I think you will need it!

NOw I love the name Zoe Margaret tec I think it is lovely and if you are worried about the M M thing I would not. I think itr sounds fine and how many times in her life is she going to have it all run together anyway?

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

Well poop! I knew they were going to delete all the old threads but we should have been allowed to keep ours.
Though considering how many problems we have accessing the forum and posting I'm surprised it even exists anymore!
All that valuable info lost into cyber space - what a waste!


grrrr how annoying i had written a huge post asking lots of questions came back to check answers and its gone

i think zoe is lovely and i don't know anyone named zoe and i think it sounds good how you have it the ms are fine

anyone that has or has had gd did you put on lots of weight?

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