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who stole it?? the one Jetts mummy started??
where is it? I couldnt find it sad
[Edited on 04/12/2008]
[Edited on 04/12/2008]

Beginning my work from home adventure

Oh no!! I was just coming in to check how every one was going! I haven't been in here for a while! Maybe we'll have to start a new one!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Looks like they have cleaned us out! Oh well, I guess we won't have to go through 50 pages of posts now!

Hope every finds us!!! Everything is going well with me. 25 weeks and feeling huge (and loving it!).

Take care,

Looks like they have cleaned us out! Oh well, I guess we won't have to go through 50 pages of posts now!

Hope every finds us!!! Everything is going well with me. 25 weeks and feeling huge (and loving it!).

Take care,

Oh well, think on the bright side - at least we won't have to go through 50 pages of old posts!

All going well here - 25 weeks, and feeling huge (and loving it!!). Hard to imagine how much bigger i will get.

Hope everyone finds us!


opps - there is something strange happening here today!


What is going on???? perhaps when they took of that silly post from whowantsme or what ever her name was they took the whole thing.

are you out there ladies??


Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

I was wondering the same thing??

Hey everyone,

Took me a little while to work out we had disappeared as well. That really sucks cause someone had gone to all that trouble of updating our due dates and what we are expecting just a couple of days ago!!! Hopefully it will return.

Well i havnt been on for a while even though i read most of the posts daily i never have much to report or my boys dont let me!!!

I am so worried about how im going to cope with 3 kids, especially because my 2 boys have become increasingly naughty during my pregnancy. My 17mth old is really hard to change a nappy or take out of the bath he kicks me and fights me and he is 13kgs so its such a big effort. My nearly 4yr old is getting really naughty with talking back, yelling at me and constantly asks questions (so annoying). I know its going to get so much harder as i get bigger and im not getting much help from DH because most days he works 12hrs getting home around 6.30pm and then has to do paperwork which takes at least 1hr and he works oncall every 2 or 3 weeks which means working from 6pm weeknights and all weekend. He makes really good money but sometimes i wonder if its really worth it, the strain it puts on our marriage and family life.

I am so worried the amount of stress im under will put me into early labour, might have a chat to the midwife about it next visit which is next week. On a good note im having a night away with no kids (apart from bub in belly) saturday for our 5th wedding anniversary, hopefully one good night away will bring all the stress levels down.

Well i have really gone on long enough hope i didnt bore anyone, would love to know if there is anyone else feeling similar.

Take care chat again soon Nik

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

Hey Nik,

Yup I know what you mean! I will still have 3 home next year. My 5yo goes to school and I really can't wait! Neither can he. But you will cope with 3 kids hun! I mean if I can do it anyone can! My kids are 5, 3 and 18 months, so I know where you are coming from! And the questions!!! GRR doesn't it just make you want to pull your hair out!? Hopefully your boys are just going through a stage hun and things will settle down once bub is here and everything has settled. It probably will take a while after you have bub, but it's gret to see them all playing together!

Take care hun. I'm here if you need to chat! I know what you are going through.
xx Nic

Ohh and we might start a new post with our due dates again hey! Can everyone PM me their due dates and I'll start a thread up! Then we can move there if you like? it's up to you guys!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Bugger! Everytime I join one of these threads something happens and they end up deleting parts of it. I love going back occasionally and reading thru when we all first got our BFP's and how excited we were and looking back on everyones predictions after we have had bubs to see who was right etc! Oh well, hopefully they will put it back up.

Nik, I am glad I am not the only one who wonders how they will cope! I wonder sometimes how I coped with one let alone 3! And we find it so hard to ask for help, so we dont really do ourselves any favours do we? And as for the questions,.....I feel your pain! I know we are supposed to encourage them because that is how they learn about the world, but come on! There are only so many ways you can answer the same question!

Well Aidan now has a throat and ear infection and is full of snot, so we are having a great time here! Cooper's finger is really infected and the nail looks lke it going to come off, so he is on antibiotics too. I am so worried I am going to overdose one and not give enough medicine to the other! At least DH is better now and can share some of the workload. I have become so tired and run down I am starting to break out in coldsores on my lips and chin! I look a treat I tell you what!

I got some really sharp pains in my belly under my bump this morning, they went on for an hour or so. Gee they hurt, they really took my breath away! I mentioned it to the Dr, but he didn't seemed too concerned and they have stopped, so hopefully it was just the little miss pulling on something or laying on a nerve!

Ok, that is enough rambling from me. Nic, can you add me on the new list? #3 DD due 17th March. Thanks.

Look after yourselves,

Jo smile
well this friggin sucks sad.

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