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Amanda - sorry to hear about the dramas at the antenatal class. I guess at least he showed up. It means he's showing a little interest. When I had Milly after I told her dad when I was 4 weeks preggers I didn't hear from him until just before she was born cause he wanted to help name her. I told him to bugger off (not so politely) and told him I'd let him know when she was born. I was in hospital for 5 days with her and I let him know the day before I went home. My mum and sister had already taken all the pressies and cards and everything home so he didn't see everything I got. (mind you it also took 5 or 6 phone calls to even find him)

Also just in case anyone is wondering. We have our interview with Milly at the child protection on Thursday morning and then on Monday with the police as well. Apparently Andrew's half bro knows what's going on and denies everything, but has already gone to a lawyer for advise on what to do. (Doesn't that sound guilty).

hi guys,
yeah i am showering before using pessary at night. day two and things are much improved. hopefully this will nip it in the bud. hope u r all well

Tyron Jack 25/9/04 Ruby Ann 22/3/09

Hi all,

Haven't had the dreadded thrush...Touch wood! But I've had it before and found that natural yoghurt was effective. You can eat it as well as put some "there" because it equalises the bacteria. And there's nothing worse than trying to sleep after doing the cream thing!!

Well, I guess we're all getting to the "pregnancy was great but now lets just get to having the baby" stage. It's just work that is tiring me out most. I'm a sales rep and I fill in in the shop too, so it's all go all day.

Having said that, I'm not huge yet - Still having "fat" days and "pregnant" days. I haven't put on any weight, in fact I've lost 11kg since getting pregnant! My weight has been stable for the last couple of months. I was overweight to start with though. I must be losing at the same rate that Cletus is growing! I can still sleep on my tummy if I lift my leg up to take pressure off the bump. So aside from the fatigue, aches & pains and overactive bladder, pregnancy hasn't been so bad for me. Still, 2 and a bit months to go seems like forever.

I can definitley recommend the pillow to rest a leg on or put between the knees while sleeping too. smile

Anyway, hope you are all OK.

Sarah smile
Hey all.

Yep, i am suffering with thrush too.. and oops, passed it on to DF too..not nice. I have used the pessary and it helped but i think i need another dose to finally get rid of it. poor DF has to use canesten too.

Had pains last night and thought i might be going into labour. thank god i didnt. the hosp said to keep an eye on it and ring back if it gets worse. thankfully i didnt need to. I am hoping it was just braxton hicks (dont remember them being so painful though) or maybe pulling some ligaments or muscles during the preggy swimming class yesterday.

other than that and the terrible heat, im still feeling good. really enjoying it. DF bought me a portable air con which is AWESOME!!! i guess he got sick of my whinging.. hehehehe

anyway, hope you are well
stay cool

Beginning my work from home adventure

hi all, im sorry my last post sounded so insensitive but i hadn't read any of the previouse posts, im sorry that so many of u are having such side affects from pregnancy, i guess i just dont realise how lucky i have been! well i hope it all gets better for everyone

im due with my first bub 23/03/09, very excited for the big day to arrive smile

Bec Xx

Hi all, quick re-intro (I don't post much...): I'm April, due with our first on 15th March.
Feel v down in the dumps today - winge coming....
I stood on the scales today for the first time in 2 months and I've gained nearly 13kg!!!!!! I'm so gutted. It just doesn't seem fair either - I'm not the type to eat for two, never eat fast food, do have a treat or two, but generally eat really healthily - heaps of fruit and veg etc. I also go to the gym regularly, walk at least 30 mins to work and back each day and take the stairs.
It just doesn't seem fair... I was average weight pre preg so average gain should be 11-16kg. I'm there already sad What on earth am I going to be like in 3 months time?
Sorry for the moan, I just feel v despondent about it all - it would seem fair if I'd sat on my bum and scoffed for the last 6 months, but I haven't so WHY???
Thanks for listening! I know there are worse things to be going through...

Hi there!
Gosh it is soooo hot! I am sitting here on my lunch break with icepacks on my ankles to try to relieve the swelling a bit. 2nd last day of school today! Yay! Then 6 weeks holiday!

Amorgan - My weight gain has been a lot too - I had put on 10kg at 24 weeks..... will be interesting to see what I weigh next week.... not too worried though. I know that I will be able to get it off with a bit of hard work and exercise. I am just enjoying the whole pregnancy experience.

Friend of mine had her baby last week - tiny little 5 pound girl. So cute. Made me very excited!

Hope you are all escaping the heat!


Hi all,

Well, I had my checkup with the OB today. He measured Cletus's head and he's measuring at 31 weeks! I told him that I thought the SUA meant Cletus wouldn't grow as fast!! He's not allowed a big head...OUCH! He's 1.5kg and all my tests (glucose, bloods & urine) came back normal. Normal is good! smile I could see him "breathing" on the ultrasound too!

I've been really hot and my feel have been swelling after being on them all day. I borrowed Mums foot spa and it's FANTASTIC! I put some cold water and foot soak stuff in it and it was great for my swollen feet. I can definitley recommend one!

Anyhoo, hope you are all doing well. Don't panic too much about weight gain - You'll lose a whole heap when Bub is born!

Sarah smile
Hey all, thought it was about time I checked in!
2nd lot of bloods and diabetes tests both fine.
I am getting heart burn though, and mega cramps in my calf muscles in the morning which makes me jump out of bed! - scares the s*** out of hubby!
I see quite a few people are suffering with thrush, thankfully I'm the opposite, I used to get it quite a bit but since preganant I haven't had it at all.
Seeing mw fortnightly now, last measured a just over a week ago at 30cms/weeks.
I have put on 10kg, not liking that so much but enjoying my rather large belly grin If I'm patient sometimes I can see the kicks now.
I must admit I've been suprised at how many people have found out what sex their bub is, It must make it easier for planning, but I think the surprise is half the fun!
Thats all for now smile Stay happy & healthy everyone.

Sam born 8.3.09 and #2 on the way!

Hey everyone,

Just thought this would be a good place to introduce myself! I'm 21, from Melb, and due to have my first bub on 22nd of March.

Welcome Aly27, hope all is goin well with your pregnancy.

Maybebaby....Im so glad you mentioned the cramp in the calfs!! I thought I was the only one. When I wake up and I naturally stretch my legs I get cramp. The other day it was so bad I was screaming and writhing around in the bed. Bruce had gone to work so couldnt rub out the cramp. I didnt know what to do. My calfs hurt for 2 days afterwards lol. hopefully it stops soon!!

Kirbo how you going? youve been pretty quiet lately hope your all good.

kels xx

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

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