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Hey guys so sorry haven been on here i've had gastro lol. after my touch of the flu i got gastro and have been so sick sad
Im glad im feeling 100% today though smile
Well I can tell you all now my system has been cleaned out well lol.
I have 3 days off after today and im going to relax and not do a thing around the house lol
So if you dont hear from me after today ill be back on tuesday smile
Hope everyone is doing well and nice to see lots of people on facebook it's great to put a face to everyone although my photo's are like a year old besides my trucks and my belly haha
I dont have short hair anymore thank god haha i looked terrible with short hair lol.
My partner has been so great lately his been running around for me and ringing me flat out when his working to make sure im ok smile his such a sweety.
well better do some work will talk soon xxxx
Right well im back haha havent got much work to do today smile
Im so angry cause the bloke i work with try's to tell me what to do and his so f***ing lazy lol. OMG he is just starting to really annoy me! I no im pregnant and could be the hormones but when someone who tells you what to do every day and to do his work for him it just bugs me so much lol. his got plenty of time to do his work for himself and his just so bossy towards me. best thing is though when his shift change comes in they all no what his like and i cant have a bitch with them about him lol. i feel mean saying this but he takes his job WAY to seriously lol.
I am so bored right now it's not cool!!!
I know I love this ticker thing! It suprised me how many times I look at it as a count down to the big day.

is there a facebook page you guys are on?

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

Ok. This is going to be a stupid question, but what is heartburn like?

I don't think I've ever had it, but I have a really constant pain in my chest like someone is sitting on me and my throat is always hot and dry. I also feel like I need to burp constantly, but can't.

Posted by: misskelly79
is there a facebook page you guys are on?

Yeah, I'd like to know that too.

Hey Penn, sorry to say that is definately heartburn sad hopefully you wont suffer from it for too long. A couple of my mates with wee sprogs have asked if I had that yet, thankfully not as yet.

OMG how good is it now it's the weekend!!!!!!!

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

Yeah - I'd be keen for a Facebook page. I just searched the groups and found one for the Feb 09 girls but gave up looking for March 09 after 10 pages!

If you want to add me as a friend, I'm Sarah Kerry and there's a side-on-ish pic of me and bump for my profile pic.

Going bassinet shopping with the mother-in-law later today, then that will be all the bub stuff organised. DP has promised me that the ceiling and floor in Bubs room will be done by Christmas so I can start wallpapering and dressing the room while I'm on Christmas leave. I'm starting to stress that it won't be ready in time - Especially if Cletus decids he's going to arrive early!
Hi just letting everyone know I may be having my little girl very shortly. I started bleeding early this morning (4am) and have only just got out of hospital. Apparently she isn't getting enough blood sent to her though and I am booked in for a CTG scan first thing Monday and urgent ultrasound Wednesday. They could not find the cause of the bleeding, but between 4am and 11am my internals went from definate cervix closed to feeling squishy and not sure if totally closed. I am on total bed rest until they know what's going on. Will fill you all in when I know more.

P.S. feel free to add me on faebook too. My name is Penelope Rigby-Meth.

Penn - I'm sending you good vibes!! I hope you and your wee girl are OK!
I hope every one is going ok with their pregnancies. So far I havent had to many problems with mine apart from having a low lying placenta at my 20 week ultra sound thus Ihave to go bacon the 24th of dec to find out if it has moved, I also hope we can find out what we are having. HAvent had any problems with leg cramps (I feel sorry for those of you who are) the only troubles Ive had is a small amount of intergestion but that is mainly at the end of the day. If anyone would like to add me on their face book friends my name is Laura Henley. talk to you all soon.
Hey Penn,
I just loggged on and read your post...omg I hope your ok and it's nothing too major. I will have my fingers and swollen toes crossed for you xx

This morning I went to the loo and when I wiped (this might sound gross but all dignity dissapears when knocked up) there was a clear/yellowish sticky blob....sooooo gross. I freaked out that it was my mucus plug. fortunatley there wasnt any blood present so I calmed down soon after. I was wondering if anyone has had this happen or may know what it was. Ive heard you can loose parts of your plug during pregnancy.

my facebook is kelly mclay

take care

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

Hi everyone. I's been ages since I posted on here so thought I had better pull my finger out!
Michelle, I know what you mean about being over it third time around. I have been over this pregnancy since week 12 LOL.... I have been back at work since DD#2 was 3 months old and I really enjoy the days I work just to escape my 26 month old and 11 month old girls who have developed that annoying whining habit!
I feel terrible to say this.... but I have put on 20kg already! I swear it is at least 5kg for each boob and the rest is in my tummy. I am scared to see how big this bubba will be. I put on a total of 25 kg with DD#1 and she was 9 lb 61/2 ozs born at 38 +5 weeks. I only put on 16 kg with DD#2 and she was 8lb 5ozs born at 39 +2 weeks. So should I be expecting a 10 pounder?!?!?
I have symphysis pubis disfunction badly this time around and some nights at work I just hobble because it is so sore and hard to walk. I also have the dreaded thrush! My Dr has put me on Nilstat which is a prescription tablet which costs a whole lot less than buying canesten over the counter and you take it for a month to stop it recurring. Fingers crossed!
Hope everyone else is going ok and the heat isn't getting to you all!
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