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Hi all,

Kelly - I've had the same thing about 3 or 4 times since I became pregnant. I think it's just thickened discharge. Gross, I know - It's a magical time!! wink

Well we had an early Christmas day with DPs family today - Including the dreadded MIL! She was fussing over my SILs 10-month-old all day to the point that it was really irritating. I was feeling really light headded and sick all day and at one point and she thrust the baby at me for a hold saying "What sort of mother will you be if you don't want to hold a baby"!! I really had to hold my tounge. I'm sorry if I wasn't crawling on the floor playing with her like everyone else but it holds no bearing whatsoever as to what kind of Mum I'll be to my baby! Wish I could tell her to feck off and mind her own business. The in-laws are planning a big trip to the South Island in March so at least she won't be hanging around while I'm trying to get settled. DP can't see anything wrong and blames my "being intolerant of others". I'm usually not but she just pushes my buttons. Sorry for the rent - Had to get it off my chest.

Hope you are all well - I have been feeling really off today so I might stay home and rest tomorrow. Bub is more inportant than work!!

Sarah smile
Hi All,
My name is Ashley Spry if you would like to add me on facebook.

Hope everyone is feeling ok!
I cleaned the house all day today now im tired and going to bed!

Hey girls,
I haven't been on for ages! Sorry! I'm now 29 weeks! can't believe how fast it's going!

Discharge could be thickened discharge, or like happens to me (TMI WARNING!!) after you've done the deed, it must build up in there sometimes, and I find it comes out the next day! SORRY! Yuk I know!

We don't have a facebook page, but I guess I could make one for us if you like! Sounds like everyone is on facebook, so I'll go start a group up! If I can figure it out! LOL

Nearly ready for chirssy here. Just gotta wrap the pressies and buy one for my hubby and youngest son then I'm done!
I haven't had a chance to be "over" this pregnancy! My kids have been keeping me too busy, with getting Alex ready for school next year, looking for a car, trying to sell our house, and getting ready for chrissy, also Lauren's birthday was in november! I've hardly had a chance to scratch myself! Finally had a weekend at home this weekend! Next weekend we are going to get our new car! So busy then too!

Hope you all had a great weekend!
xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

hey guys,
Hope you all had lovely weather like we have had today.

Just phoned the hospital after a mate said to be on the safe side. they asked me to go in for a check up. All my obs were good, they said to wear a pad and if anymore came out to let them know. The midwife said it was hard to tell if it was part of the plug or not with out having seen it. It may very well have just been a build up of discharge. Certainly wasn't from any action between the sheets, that went out the window yonks ago lol. The easiest way to describe it is like a big blob of sticky jelly that sort of just fell gross sorry if TMI.

Well im hitting the couch for the rest of the evening. take care all xx

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

Hey everyone, just logged on after 3 days, and man have you been

Hey Penn, thinking of ya...hope it all goes well....

i just wanted to add a little gripe about MIL's....Mine is useless.... Cant stand her, partner cant either though, so it's a win win, lol....

Facebook - I'm on face book too Rachel Perese, should be the only one there....

Now i need to gripe about work....i hate it,'s just me and my boss, lonely as, and i'm sure he's going senile, keeps asking me when i plan to finish, and we have discussed that i am not returnin, k, i finish on the 30th jan for good. he hasnt even started looking for my replacement, and has done this to me before, with my 1st child, i told him i was leaving and he never found someone, rung me up in desperation and i came back in when my son was 4 weeks old, and i havent left...we break up on the 23rd and i come back on the 14th of jan till the 30th - how does he expect me to train someone in that time...arghhhh....

Now gripes on the pregnancy...

So with my 1st i had HOP... i have one symptom back and there are 3, if i get another back i have to quit work and go on bed rest... so shitty cos if thats the case i may also have to have another C-section...i am gutted!!!!

Well i feel so much better now that i got that out...

Have a nice day

Blayne Stylus 19/01/05 & Kayce Kristu 03/03/09

Hi everyone,

I am a first time poster......due 6th March.
Shelley - 33
Jason - 30
Brenna Kate - 23 months

It is soooo nice to hear other 'mums to be' discussing all those annoying and embarrassing things that are part of the whole pregnancy thing.

I have been having the cramping calf muscles for weeks now - I find that if you can catch them quick enough and shuffle to the edge of the bed that putting weight on your feet as if to stand up can help stretch it out before it gets too bad - you have to be realy quick though...

I feel soooooo much bigger than I was in my last pregnancy - and already have new stretch marks (which didn't show in my first pregnancy til I was nearly due).

Anyway - I hope everyone is going well and I am under Shelley Misilei on Facebook.
Hi Everyone,

Im Nicole Erickson on Facebook.

I had a 3D scan last week, it was so amazing to see my bub in such detail!! It was pretty restricted though cause we didnt want to know the sex we really only got to see bubs face (which is very cute), and bub had its hand tucked in behind the ear the whole time.

I have also been really not well this pregnancy. I had to ring the hospital last week because i had really bad lower abdomen pain (which is always a worry with a previous csection) and also pain under my left ribs where it was really hard to breath. As this is my 3rd pregnancy and ive never had this before i was pretty worried, the midwife i spoke to told me to try panadol and a heat pack and ring her back after a couple of hrs, when i rang back i told her it had eased about 50% of the pain she asked if i wanted to go in but said it didnt sound like bub was at risk, and i wasnt too worried about bub cause it was moving heaps. My pain has now moved to my back still making it hard to breath, i cant lift my 18mth old, and ive got the worst headache every time i sneeze i feel like my head is going to explode. It sucks big time feeling like this and i dont get a day off cause i have two boys keeping me busy, although my house work is starting to pile up!!

Penn - i hope you get some good news about your situation, and if your little girl is coming soon i wish you the best of luck!!


Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

Oh finally found us!! lol

I wasnt getting any emails notifications!! aahhh i hate when they stuff us all around!

By the way where is "Jetts mummy?"
Oh! im also on facebook - Christelle Vecchio
hey gals

Penn, i hope all goes well with you and your little bub. Let us know how it all goes, and rest up!

I have had ALOT of lower abdo pain.. bit of a worry at times. DF keeps at me to go to the hosp, but bub is still moving so i think all is good.

had Glucose test this morning. bubs went crazy after I drank the stuff. Fortnightly appointments from now on. Man is time flying by.

Hope you are all well.

Ps. remember Fruit tingle lollies for heartburn.. works a treat xo

Beginning my work from home adventure

Hi Girls

Hope you are all going fine!

Well I went back for my second glucose test on friday because my first one came back pretty high. Got a phone call at 9.00am this morning telling that the dr has called me straight back in to see him, so I'm off to see him tomorrow morning to see what he has to say. Because my mum is diabetic, I've been doing a few random tests on her monitor and they have been a bit high - so looks like after tomorrow I will be on a strict diet and hopefully no insulin shots!

On the brighter side of things... I got my hospital bag on the weekend! How exciting! Not sure when I should start packing it though - I know March seems like a while away, but its going to come along pretty quickly I think with Christmas and everything going on as well!

Is there a facebook group you are all apart of??? If anyone wants to add me, my name is Ebony Evans - my profile pic is of us on our wedding day signing the register!

Talk soon everyone,

Eb smile

Hi all,

Yup - I've been having abdominal pain too - Low down and kind of a cross between a period cramp and the stitch. Bub has also been super-active and kicking really hard. Perhaps he's having a growth spurt and my muscles and ligaments are adjusting. It comes and goes so I don't think it's worth calling the hospital.

I've spoken to some of DPs family who were at the early Christmas yesterday - They're all hung over and feeling really sick. I would be like that too if I wasn't pregnant so it has its advantages! wink

It's awesome that so many of you are on Facebook! Another way to keep in touch! I have some ultrasound pics of Cletus in one of my albums on there if anyone is interested.

Sarah smile
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