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yeh it does really suck. even though i dont post as much as i did at the start (i really have nothing interesting to say) i still check in a couple of times a day to see how all my big belly buddies are doing..

im doing great, besides sciatica that has me in tears daily and exaggerated pain from a car accident years ago.

Im due 3/3/09 (well between then and the 9th) with a pink one which we saw at our 3d/4d u/s a couple of weeks ago.

my belly is big, and i am loving it, even when the little gymnast wakes up just as im going to bed and decides to do some training!!!

take care...hope us marchy mums dont fizzle out sad]

Beginning my work from home adventure

Ok...found you guys....cant' believe this has happened.
It just isn't fair is it...
I am feeling really tired all the time now
Cant' wait till school holidays
Talk more then

good idea to start dumb though all the work that was out into the last thread, at least were all starting to find each other again lol

im due 23rd March with an unknown

talk soon smile

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

Hi All,

I had refreshed my screen last night, and found the post from yesterday with all our due dates. I've copied and pasted below. At least we'll have this much!!!

Cheers Nelly



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Here is an updated list............ let me know if anything needs to be added or changed.

MARCH 09 MUMMIES TO BE... + a couple of February mummies!

27th Feb- Sarah K (boy), Nearly4Lil”Munchkins (Nic) (Girl)

28th Feb- Jetts_Mummy (twins), Joyleen(boy)

1st- AshyAshy (boy), MummyBell


3rd- CMJV (girl), MummyTummy, Mumwith2boys

4th- Kemps, MaybeBaby, Gem11, penn1 (girl)(maybe due 25/2?), melbee,

5th- Alice C, Whitewave (boy), alisha79, Me&Bubbles (surprise)

6th- Karlei, Stylus (Rach)(Boy), nightowl

7th- GlingGling (boy)

8th- SthCstNat (girl), Ali*80 (girl)


10th- Nelly_Aidan (girl), Jmans*Mum, beckygirl, Marie* (boy)

11th- vicki82 (surprise), misscheekychaz (girl)

12th- Natalie75 (surprise)



15th- Quin83 (girl), amorgan, pokie (girl),

16th- Leeds, Mum_2_3_Boys(Leanne) Surprise, TraciePhil (girl)

17th-MumJodi&BigBroAiden(is this Jodi81??(girl), mylittleducklings(Jo) (girl!), ~Paula~ (girl), critter (surprise), ~Two*Tinkerbelles~(surprise)

18th- Mumma Sarah (Angel baby – Ryan 8.11.08 RIP), Emma+Kaylee+Kyran+?, tarsn86, pacific (girl)

19th- katesjoy (boy), mellie21 (boy)

20th- On The Way, Jess., Trish308, barts_mumma (girl!)

21st- tjanitzeski - surprise, Tysmum (girl), xxNataliexx (boy)

22nd- Proudmum2boys, mumi06, mum 2b of#4 (lori) (boy), Kirbo

23rd-emmaj (poss due 5/4), missKelly79

24th- JSRB (sarah) (boy), KarlieOz (girl)

25th- KatelinsMummy, Nonie71, lanie, Excited New Mummy (boy)

26th- Shiregirl73 (boy), Manda-n-Ross,2nd-chance-mum, Twinkles76 (judy)




30th- Julie25 (Triplet boys!), NattyD, spicyapples664


I hope everyone else is on this list....

Of those that we know, looks like so far there are :

18 boys
17 girls
7 surprise bubs
[Edited on 28/11/2008]
Thanks Nelly! So glad you had it! I was just starting the list and got to your post! hehe maybe someone should copy it to their computer in case it happens again! LOL

Not much to say here, not sure if I updated everyone from my app on Tuesday? I don't get the gestational diabetes test this time! They aren't doing it here anymore, even tho I had it with my other three and the youngest is only 18 months old! They have changed heaps this time! I don't even get my urine sampled at my visits anymore!

xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey Nic and Jo, Thanks so much it makes me feel so much better knowing that these feelings are normal!!! I find the question thing so annoying today it was where did our dog come from he wanted to know if she came from my tummy - very hard to explain that our dog had its own mummy somewhere out there, and now when i read a story i cant change the page before answering about 5 questions it just takes so long (thank God for CD stories).

Nic, you sure have your hands full, do you have boys or girls or both and do you know what you are expecting? and thanks for your support.

Jo, I know how you feel with a sick bub kynan has a throat infection as well and his temp has reached 39.8, so im constantly trying to keep it down and he has been waking most nights around 2am and not going back to sleep til 3ish. Its so hard trying to get him to take his antibiotics, dimetap, and panadol. I also had some bad tummy cramping, my doc sent me to the hospital (i think she wanted to be safe than sorry) but the hospital just asked alot of questions and sent me home, but its always a worry.

Well thanks again for letting me ramble, it really is amazing how talking to strangers about our problems can really make things feel better. Have a great weekend everyone. Nik

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

Hey Nik,
I have a 5yo boy, Alex, 2yo girl, Lauren and 18 month old boy, Matthew. I'm having another girl this time! So I'm pretty happy, tho I would have been either way. It might have been good to have to 2 youngest boys then I could put them in the same room! But I'll still have the boys in one room and the girls in the other for a while anyway.

I had all my kids on medication not that long ago, loong story, but the only way I could remember who had what and at what time was to keep a pen and bit of paper near the meds and write down the time and what I gave wach one, under their name on the paper! It helped me remember!

I think it's going to be a long night here tonight. I just took Matt's cot down today and decided that it's time he got into his big bed! So after about an hour of screaming at the door he finally went to sleep! I just hope he stays asleep tonight, I went and checked on him just before and he was laying on the cot mattress on the floor! Ah well at least he isn't in the cot!! LOL


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hi i thought that i might join you guys. I am due with number 3 on the 9th march. I have DD1 nearly 6 and DS1 4 and if they got it right this will be DS2!!! Am nearly 26 weeks and starting to feel the effects now...morning sickness from hell since day dot and now sciatica is really kicking in sad
Hope everyone has a great weekend and look foward to talking to everyone.
Hi guys,
I found you.
I am Cheree. Due 21st March with second child, a girl. Have a 4 yr old boy Tyron at home and am getting over the heartburn and sore pelvis.
Hope you are all well.

Tyron Jack 25/9/04 Ruby Ann 22/3/09

Can't believe they got rid of our thread! I like reading all the stuff posted already grrrr....
Anyways I will reintroduce myself! I am Casey, 27 from Perth and I am due on March 17 with baby #3. This will be our only surprise baby because we found out what we were having both times before. We have a 26 month old and a 10 month old and I am over being preggers already! I am hugely popping out and have SPD really bad at the moment and have fallen in love with my chiro lol....
Hope everyone else is going well!
hey guys i was lost sad haha well this sux but at least we dont have to go through a million pages. So that whowantsme chick got taken off?? was her profile a lie??
Well i was sick yesterday with the flu slept till like 3pm haha my partner cooked me breakfast and lunch in bed, such a honey smile love him..
Got all my moles checked the other day al is good besides the sun spot on my nose which i had to get burnt off sad it was horrible and now they suggest i get it removed which i have to go see a plastic surgeon sad im waiting to baby is born before all that, you can get them removed while ya pregnant but i think i'd rather wait lol. well im starting to get big smile my tummy is just getting bigger and bigger every day. it's the strangest feeling and when i look at myself in the mirror i have a little laugh at myself it's just so amazing how our bodies work.
well i hope everyone is doing well and will chat to use soon.
have a great day xx
Hi there

We are very sorry to report that this thread was removed. As mentioned in the forum announcement we are in the process of improving the site and unfortunately one of the things that has to happen is the deletion of very large threads such as this one. We completly respect your friendship and the support you get from the threads and the decision to delete this one was not out of any disrespect but just so that we can make the forum work better. We understand that this decision may make some members angry but we have to look at the overall forum performance for the good of all members.

We hope you continue to enjoy the site and have fun starting new threads.

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