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Hi everyone. (Now that I've found it).

Hope everyone is ok. I can't wait till next week. We have the wiggles concert. Andrew and I are taking Amani. This'll be my 3rd time, but thought Milly was starting to get a bit old for it. Also my 3D is on the 11th so I'm going to have a good week. We are also having a family get together (very big family) on the Sunday after (14th) so it's going to be a fun week. The only bad bit is the fact school finishes and with Tyson and Amani's court papers we have kids every week cause they Tyson is first week alternating and Amani is weekend + 2 extra days in hols alternating. So as we drop Ty off we pick Amani up, drop her home Tues and have 2 days before we do it again. Over Chrissy we have 8 drop off/pick ups in that week. I'm going to be so over it by then.

Bye for now.

Bummer about the old thread - All my old posts have disappeared too and I was planning to print them off as a kind of pregnancy journal! Oh well, sh!t happens so I'll have to be more dilligent with my next pregnancy and actually write some stuff down. Looks like they've taken down most of the threads in this board leaving the biggest one at 24 pages. You'd think they'd take the small old ones off and leave the ones that people are actually using!!! Perhaps Huggies doesn't have a common sense department. Rant over! smile

I'm good. I just indulged in my latest craving - a huge bowl of Ricies and full cream milk - after a long sleep in. I love the weekends!

Hope you are all well!
Sarah smile

You would think they'd do all the threads back to 2004 first. Why delete ones that are getting used as opposed to 4 years ago that just sit there.

Yeah i think it was a bit silly to delete a current thread.. weird.
Let me introduce myself again, bub 1 due March 2nd... and its a boy.
Ashley - 23
Hubby - 28

Live in melbourne, australia.

Hope everyone is well.

Hey Ashley good idea bout introducing yourself again spose i better to haha
Bub due on 22nd lil girl not 100% sure though wouldnt keep still.

Living in Tasmania

Hi everyone!

How crazy to delete a current thread! Never mind, hopefully they won't do it again though.

I'll introduce myself again. I'm Natalie, expecting number 3 on the 12th. Have two daughters (5 & 2.5yrs), this one is a surprise but am starting to get very tempted to find out at 4D scan next month. All is going well so far apart from having a gigantic belly, starting to worry about how big it will get.

Like some of you, I am also starting to wonder how I will cope with 3 next year. Its going to be crazy, thank god my oldest is off to Prep. I can imagine I'll be drinking lots of strong coffee next year to get through the day!

Better head off, we are putting the Christmas tree up today so have a couple of very excited children pestering me to get off the computer.

Take care

Hey girls well im at work today last one than 5 off woohoo!lol
It's my mum's b'day today so im giving her a beatiful frame with a photo of me and my partner in it lol thats what she wanted and it's so hard to buy for parents i neer no what to get them sad
Well we had a bbq for all the undergroud workers this morning and my baby was loving the sausages it hasnt stopped moving since i ate them lol.
well better do some work have a great 5 days till i speak to u all next xxx
Ok. I know I should know this with already having a kid, but it was a while ago.

I woke up this morning and haven't felt bubby at all. She normally moves a bit while I'm in bed and again while I eat breaky. I haven't felt her at all and I've started getting pains again at the top of my stomache. Should I be worried (which I am)and ring hospital and ask them or should I wait till tomorrow to ring hospital if she hasn't moved by then. I just feel really weird not being able to feel her and have moved in all the positions she normally moves when I'm sitting or laying. We even had sex just to see if she'd move (which she normally will after being shaken around)and I've had nothing.

I know I sound paranoid, but I just don't know if I should be worried or not.

Hey Penn
They say your supposed to feel your baby about 10 times a day on average....but who has time to count!! Well if I was you I would go to the hospital for a check up...they can put the doppler on to hear the heart beat quick enuf. It is better to be safe than sorry and that is what they are there for. Dont feel like you are being an inconvienience to them, they should be understanding. My friend did that the other week. she hadnt felt her son all day, they were really nice and checked her and bubs over...turned out he was just having a rather long sleep, and now he is born nothing has chaged, he sleeps all the time. It will put your mind at rest so you dont sit at home worrying. hope all goes well xxx

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

Hey penn1

i was worried about 2 weeks ago and went to the doctor i got to hear babies heart beat and it eases your mind, you should go do it just to stop you from worrying so much. im actually use to the baby moving now so it doesnt feel as strong as it use to and half the time i never notice it lol.
Hope your ok let us no how you go xx
Hey Penn,
I was thinking the same thing - hadn't felt bubs move around much yesterday, and hadn't at all today. So I had a really cold drink and sat down here on the computer, and now it is moving around like crazy. If still not moving, I would pop into the hospital - like the other girls said, and it will give you peace of mind... particularly because u just spent a bit of time in hospital didn't you?

Take care,

(26, DH 27 Bub Number one on the way - a suprise!)

Ok. It was a false alarm. I fell asleep and when I woke up I was really sick. (chucking and dizzy) and now bubby is moving again. I'm going to ring hospital in morning just to check they're happy with everything and will go from there.
Vicki - Yes I was in hospital a couple of weeks ago. Had pains and dehydration cause of being so sick. They had me on a drip and everything.
That's the other reason I'm ringing hospital tomorrow cause I've thrown up for 2 days now and the feeling dizzy.

Thanks for all the advice, but the sleep took over.

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