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Hey every belly...

Not much to report here. Just got back from my aquanatal class at the hospital. wish i could go to more but the other times are pretty inconvenient for me.. like dinner time or school drop off time, so its only tuesdays for me. They really help though. I suffer greatly with sciatica and even one day a week seems to be relieving it for a day or two.

Our little princess is making herself known in the belly..lots of kicks, stretching and hiccups.

Hope all is well with everyone. Im so close to the 3rd trimester already! where did the time go??

take care

Beginning my work from home adventure

ahowdy grin.
well i have my 1st antenatal class tonight so that should be exciting, i think it's only a tour of the maternity section, not sure though.

i got a call yesterday about the physio, i start that on Monday morning, hopefully that helps with the torn legiment. last night it was pretty bad, i had to walk like a granny lol.

oh that's what i was going to ask, i'm getting heartburn but i don't know which heartburn thing to take coz i've never had it b4.
i got HEAPS of baby clothes the other night from a family friend, also have 2 baby sleeping bags, there so cute and tiny.
just have to start getting everything ready now, oh what fun that shall be.

hope everyone is well smile

Hi all,

Since we're all re-introducing...

I'm Sarah and DP & I are looking forward to the arrival of Cletus the Fetus on 27 February. DP & I are both 32 and have been happily un-married for almost 15 years. We live in Upper Hutt with 2 cats and a bunny, who are my substitute children. I'm working as a sales rep and I am REALLY looking forward to finishing up on 23 January.

Really feeling Cletus kick now and both DP and my best friend have felt it. He's going for it as I type too - Must have liked the garlic bread I had for tea!

Anyway, hope you are all well!
Sarah smile
Well. Had the midwife appointment today. I actually saw the doctor (2nd time I saw her). She is really worried about my gall bladder. I have had some blood taken out to check for infection and also to check my thyroid (sp?). She also booked me in for an ultrasound to check my gallbladder on Monday. Then I have to go back and see her Tuesday. She said worst case I could be having my gallbladder out ASAP. They can't wait too long if they need to do it now though cause the operation can cause early labour. Or hopefully hold off till Taylah's born. Won't know till next week though so a big long week wait to see.

hey everyone,
hope you all had a great day!! Thats funny Sarah about the garlic bread....i've been craving it for the last few weeks lol. we had our check up today. was great to hear the heart beat again. I had suspected I had a head poking into my ribs and turns out I was right, bubs is in breech at the mo. Hopefully he/she turns around soon it's pretty uncomfortable!!

The doc said we can go ahead and book in at the hospital so thats all pretty exciting that we can start classes in a couple of months. yay

our mortgage got preapproved today too so its been a great day!!! woohoo


Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

Hello. Can I put myself down for March 1st? We're having DS #2. It's nice to see the list back. :)Thank you.

Pokie, I found Quikeze work, or a glass of nice cold milk for heartburn, i've had it bad in both my pregnancies now....

did i mention i went shopping on monday, me and my son had the day off and i said lets go get your baby some new clothes, he was so excited, he ran around looking for clothes, all his size of course, lol.. and then cute little outfits that werent his size, but were lighting mcqueen, he was saying, aye mum, my baby will like this, lol... i ended up putting all his hoices back and getting al Bonds outfits and making sure he looked at them first, he loved that he was contributing....

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Blayne Stylus 19/01/05 & Kayce Kristu 03/03/09

thanks for that, i'll try quickeze.

i'm starting to freak out, i have no idea what i'm spose to do after i've had the baby, i don't know how to do anything and i'm scared i won't want to be around my baby.
i haven't been around a baby in YEARS, i'm just so terrified. i know it's normal and everything to feel like this but yeah i guess it helps to actually say/ voice it.

i think i'll re intro myself also, might help lol.
I'm Amanda, 21yo from South Australia. this is my 1st pregnancy
and i'm doing it all on my own cause the father of the baby is a butthead.

Hey Amanda. When I had Milly it was the day after my 20th birthday. Her father wanted nothing to do with her either (and still doesn't). It comes really naturally once the baby's born, trust me. And if it makes you feel any better I'm also wondering how things are going to go. I haven't been around a newborn since Milly. Only kids about 6mths up. It is really scary, but it is the best feeling as well and it will feel so natural when you get your bubs in your hands.
[Edited on 03/12/2008]
[Edited on 03/12/2008]

Hi just reintroducing myself. I am Joyleen due 28/02/09 with a baby boy. I have two girls already, Helen 3 and Natalie 20 months, both of which came at 12 days past due date. This is why I have joined the March group and not the Feb group.

I hope everyone is doing well.


Amanda, I've never really had much trouble with heartburn but I've heard people swear by fruit tingle lollies and ice cold ginger beer! I dunno, something to try...

Hi All,

Hope you are all going great!

Just wondering, does anyone have any great gift ideas for daddy to be at christmas time?? I want to get his something special, but cant seem to think of anything! Does anyone know of any websites that make personalised grow suits or something silimar?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks heaps!


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