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Ash I'm hearing you hun! Hopefully these babies don't like it in there too much and decide it's time to come into the world very soon!
Thanks Jo, I'm sure they will do the s&s at the very least!
[Edited on 09/03/2009]

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

I am already freaking out about going overdue. Because this is estimated to be a big baby, the Dr has already tried to book me in for a c/s twice! Rude much?! What is it with the March bubbas? They don't seem to want to come out LOL...

Beck, as far as your question... I am plannig on waiting as hard as it is. I want another VBAC and want this baby to come out when s/he is ready. I will get monitored and all the rest if nescessary but I wont be consenting to a c/s.

Labour vibes for everyone here. I am hoping this baby is out before it's due date but it doesn't look promising so far!
hey all...still no labour....What a surprise!
Last night had the worst back was sciatica tho...don't think labour related....although did have some contractions where felt the "pain" or "discomfort" in both my abdo and back...
Didn't sleep much but who would with a hubby who has restless leg syndrome and whose snoring is at its peak at the moment....
Not to mention he keeps flapping about in bed like a bird in a net and whacking me!!!!!
Just what I need right now of course....
Baby was very active when I went to bed...probaby due to the revolting herbs I took...
anyway better go got OB appointment in an hour....
will let you know how I go...
sending labour vibes everyones way!!!!
C'mon babies.....

Ok so thought I would com in and let you all know that

If nothing happens with Cora coming tonight then I will have a gorgeous baby girl tomorrow!

I'm going to the hospital at 7.30 in the morning and getting my waters broken at about 8, so hopefully I'll have a baby tomorrow morning!

I'm already about 4cms dilated, so I'm hoping things will happen tonight! Mum is on her way here now, so the kids are sorted pretty much! Just have to wait now!

I have to say it's a bit scary!! I've never been induced before and truthfully it scares the shit outta me, just thinking of all the interventions that can occur cause of induction!

Anyway that's the news for now! Could be my last post for a while too!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hope its the night for labour! Good luck Nic, have my fingers crossed for you! Must be nice to know that you are already 1/2 to being fully dialated without doing the yard work to gwt there!

Had my Dr's appontment today. The baby is down to 1/5 engaged (yay!). He did a s&s and I was already 3 cms dialated. Woo hoo! So he thinks that my next lot of pains should bring on the real thing! I have had a few pains since the s&s but nothing I would call contractions yet. I am just about to go for a walk tonight to help things along. Mum has come over to stay the night just in case. So if you dont hear from me hopefully it means that the baby has made her long awaited entrance into the world!

I might pop on a bit later to let you know how things are going.

Good luck to everyone if I dont get back on.

Jo smile
Good luck to Nic and Jo, and there was someone else going in to be induced today i think.

Nic I think you have been so patient, I think if they break your waters its not as bad as needing drips or gels etc, even though i went into labour naturally last time they still broke my waters to help speed up the process!!!

Jo, I really hope the s&s gives bub some motivation tonight you must be thrilled to already be 3cms.

We I only have 2 more days until my bubs arrival, and as nice as it is knowing when my bub is arriving its pretty hard getting my head around everything because this time i know what to expect like the recovery pain, not holding bub for about an hour, getting the shakes and itchy everywhere.

Also ive been worried about leaving my boys with DH!! Although he does a great job with them he is always slow to check on them when they are quite. I spent saturday in emergency with my 20mth old because he opened a jar of poison while helping daddy in the yard (thank god he is ok it could have been alot worse) and just yesterday he got a step and climbed up and turned on our stove, but luckily i was watching. I have given DH lots of warnings and told him he has to watch them every waking moment!! Im sure they will be fine, I just dont like not being able to be in control.

I hope i get to hear some baby new tomorrow before my stay in hospital!!

Take care everyone Nik

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

Hey all..

I posted a few days ago about something a doctor said to me while she was doing an internal. She said (much to my horror) "Oh yes, this definitely feels like a cervix that has had two kids".

Well, I found out from a friend studying midwifery what she meant. Apparently a cervix before kids feels like a lifesaver with a dot in the middle.But after kids it feels more like it has a puckered up smiley face on the front, instead of a dot. I'm just thankful that she didn't mean it was saggy smile

So my due date has come and gone today, not so much as a niggle. Will just have to wait for the induction on saturday night.

Having trouble sleeping tonight, had a 'thing' with DH. Not a fight as such...but you know how it is at this stage of pregnancy. Any small thing can set you off. I do find it incredible though that I can be sitting on the edge of the bed bawling my little eyes out and DH can turn his back and fall asleep less than a metre away and start snoring. Which in turn made me cry more, and the more I cried, the wrigglier bubs got, a vicious cycle tongue

Ah well, tomorrow is another day I guess.
Congrats to all those who have their babies already and good luck to all those still waiting smile
Well I'm in labour!

I've been having contractions for a while now, they are about 7-8 mins apart (i'm timing them on here! The only reason I'm online!) and lasting about a minute! So looks like I'll have a baby this morning no matter what!

Marie, I have heard that about the cervix as well, it never goes back to being fully closed or whatever they call it, and you'll find later in pregnancy that you are more dilated earlier!

Good luck Jo! I hope you are in labour now too!
Good luck for your c/s too Nik!

Have a great night (morning when you read this)
xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Woo Hoo Nic! I am really excited for you! Good luck for today. Although I hope you are holding little Cora by now. Cant wait to hear the details!

Just quickly popped on to let you know I am still here. Had some pains and niggles overnight but nothing has come of it. DH haas taken the day off today and we are just about to head off for a walk so I will come on later to let you know how I am going and do some personals.

Jo smile
Congrats nic! Chances are that you have probably had your bubba by now!!!

Well today is my due date - off to the dr later on this morning to see what he says. I am really concerned about how big it is getting! I was so proud to have got through this pregnancy without getting any new stretch marks (just had some on my hips from puberty), but i discovered some yesterday! Fancy that, 40 weeks and now they start to appear. Stupid thing to whinge about....

Hope we have some more March bubbas on here soon.

Take care everyone,

Hey Everyone
Well last night ended up in a trip up to the hospital to check if I had ruptured membranes or not. I woke up with the feeling of I wet myself and the pad was wet after an hour. So off I go to have a trace and internal. No ruptured membranes. But bub is in a good position for labour quite low. now just waiting for bub to decide that it would be a good idea to come. The midwives don't think I will be waiting for too long, I wish bub would agree with them though.

How is everyone else going? I'm not really all that coherent to read too far back this morning,very sleepy but I have a 2 yr old who is energic and waiting my attention. So wish i could curl up and sleep.

Sending labour vibes to those who are yet to have bub, hope those who have had their bub are going well and coping as well as they can.

hey girls....
can see a few might be in labour but I am not able to think clearly enough to read everything...
I had 5 hours of contractions which were 8-10 mins apart from about 4am this morning.....thought it was starting but then stopped at 9...
went for huge walk.....had a sleep.....woke up with some contractions again....who knows...I think might be in for a long night tho.
Doula says often labour can sort of stop during daylight hours.....
just gonna focus on rest and dealing with contractions if they come...
My mum a bit annoying tho....saying things that are not helpful....sent her away with my daughter...just me and hubby at home....doula lives 5 mins away so she is gone for a while too...
all the best
hopefully will have my bubby sometime tonight or tomorrow...
aaahhhh.....gotta go here it comes again...

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