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Well everyone howdy.
Just popped in to get my weekly fix. I hate not having internet at home to see how everyone is going.
Well 13 sleeps for me but I have been doing the old bed action thing every day and a few bumpy rides in the ute with DP. Even been drinking Raspberry leaf tea and i dont drink tea or coffee.
So hopefully I can get this baby out a few days earlier than the due date on the 24th.
Good luck to everyone who has gone beyond their due date I hope they come out soon.
I think i had a bit of show come out but not too sure???

LAbour vibes your way Girls


P.S I take it no one liked the name Jarrah David for my baby boy?? LOL had no reply's...... smile
Hi JRSB. I LOVE the name Jarrah David. It is our next door neighbours son's name (they also have a DD called Storm which is our DD's middle name). We wanted it for this baby if it waws a boy but it is too similar to Jarrad which is DH's oldest son's name.

Good luck with labour and birth and naming your son!

I had my checkup today at Hospital to be monitored. Everything looking well, baby active and head down ready to go. Woot woot. I had a stretch and sweep to try move things along so fingers crossed.

Hope everyone else is going well and good luck with your VBAC Becky!
Congrats Natalie and welcome to Matilda!!

Well went back to the OB today. He checked me and said that I was a good 2-3cm dialated but not completely effaced yet. He did a big of stretching and have had some really REALLY strong braxton hicks today. Still haven't lost my mucus plug though and no spotting after his help. He has booked me in to be induced next thursday 19th March if nothing happens before then. It's only 3 days after my due date which is good.

Hope to hear news of more deliveries soon



Congratulations to Natalie i hope Matilda had a good welcome into the world!!!

IM HAVING A BABY TODAY - YEAH!!! I didnt sleep very well my mind was like a speed train, just cant wait to see my new bub a find out what it is. My DH will update facebook tonight so any girls who see it on facebook could you let everyone know here and i will update once im home probably monday or tuesday!!! Im up having breaky now cause i have to fast from 7ish until the arvo op which they wouldnt give me a time on they just said between 12 and 4, so i hope im closer to 12 otherwise i will be starving by then (no water either)!!

Nic - I hope you are holding your new bub right now!!

Beck - I really hope that you are in the full swing of labour right now or holding your bub, and that you get your VBAC.

Leanne - I hope that the s&s and strong brax hicks turned into labour last night for you, otherwise good luck for the 19th!

Sarah - I like Jarrah David as well, its different!! But i learnt not to tell anyone my names after my 1st because everyone has some opinion that will either make you love it more or hate it. If i had told people the name Kynan i think i would have changed my mind because i think the reaction would have been about 50% like and 50% hate, and no one (mostly) is that rude to tell you they dont like it after you have named your bub that. So if you and DH love it then go for it!!!

Everyone - I hope the next week brings lots of labour signs and less mood swings (that is if you are anything like me!!) and i cant wait to check in, in 1 wk to see what bubs have been welcomed!!

Bye for now Nik
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Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

Good luck Nic!

Welcome to Matilda!

Well, if bubs hasn't arrived, I will be induced next Wednesday morning - although I am hoping that he/she arrives before then.

I think I started to lose my mucus plug yesterday - but I am not sure. I was expecting a biggish blob, but have been getting little tiny bits (similar to snot TMI!). Can anyone relate? I have also been having a few more aches and pains, so I am hoping that the baby might come in the next couple of days. It is my grandmothers birthday tomorrow and she would just be over the moon if it came then... but whatever will be will be.

Good luck everyone!!!!


Hi all,

Apologies for being rather absent of late - I'm still around but finding time to get online is rather difficult these days!

Congratulations to those of you with new arrivals! For those still waiting, try to get as much sleep and rest as you can now, because it will be full on once Bub arrives.

Blake is now 2 weeks old (time flies!) and we're both getting into a routine...of sorts! Feeding was hard to begin with and I almost gave up but I'm glad I stuck with it. It gets easier. You get used to functioning on not much sleep too.

Anyway, my little man is starting to squawk and is due for some more "boobie juice" so I must go!

Hope you are all doing well and I'm sending labour vibes!!

Sarah smile
Saturday 8 Nov - Ryan (RIP)
Sunday 4 Jan - Addison and Zane
Friday 16 Jan - Tiarna and Lily
Saturday 31 Jan - Riley and Brodie
Tuesday 3 Feb - Leah
Tuesday 24 Feb - Blake
Wednesday 25 Feb - Taylah
Friday 27 Feb - Gracie
Monday 2 Mar - Noah
Tuesday 3 Mar - Kayce
Tuesday 3 Mar - Simon
Tuesday 3 Mar - Emily
Sunday 8 Mar - Sam (Not 100% sure it was Sunday, let us know April)
Monday 9 Mar - Matilda

Hi Everyone,

Well I am very proud to announce the arrival of our georgous little man into the world, Samual (Sam) Robert Barnett was born 2:35am Sunday 8th March at Lincoln Maternity Hospital.

Sam weighed 7 pound, 9.5 ounces and the birth went very smoothly. I had a water birth and my labour was a little over 5 hours. Sam's head circumference at birth was 33cms, and he was 51cms long.

After having no pains whatsoever, my waters broke in the shower at about 5:30pm on Saturday (very convenient!), the real contractions were well established by around 9:30pm, we headed for the hospital at around 11pm where I pretty much got straight into the water. After a bit over 3 hours of sucking on the gas in the pool Sam was born. He then screamed the hospital down for about 10 minutes!! Fantastic lungs!

Best wishes to all the ladies yet to receive their little bundles of perfectness, and congratulations to all who have.
[Edited on 12/03/2009]

Sam born 8.3.09 and #2 on the way!

Hi Guys!

Congrats to you all who have had your bubs. I am feeling very jealous right now!

I shouldn't have listened to my Dr when he said I would have the baby in 24hrs. I am so emotional. I really expected to be holding her by now. Oh well, what can I do? I have another appointment with him tomoroow morning because he wanted to check my blood pressure again because it was a little high. AND he goes on holidays as of 5pm. I really dont want to be seeing another Dr at this late stage of my pregnancy, but what can I do? I am just crossing my fingers that she will make her grand entrance by the end of the weekend so I can stop worrying about it.
Last night I was having pains on and off in my back. I haven't had back labour before but it was in my lower back and just on my right side. It was coming and going every 10 minutes or so, but I took some panadol and it stopped. Has anyone else experienced this?

Sorry for the whinge, I am just over it right now!

Hope everyone else is having a good day.

Jo smile
Saturday 8 Nov - Ryan (RIP)
Sunday 4 Jan - Addison and Zane
Friday 16 Jan - Tiarna and Lily
Saturday 31 Jan - Riley and Brodie
Tuesday 3 Feb - Leah
Tuesday 24 Feb - Blake
Wednesday 25 Feb - Taylah
Friday 27 Feb - Gracie
Monday 2 Mar - Noah
Tuesday 3 Mar - Kayce
Tuesday 3 Mar - Simon
Tuesday 3 Mar - Emily
Sunday 8 Mar - Sam
Monday 9 Mar - Matilda
Thursday 12 Mar - Amber

Just letting people know that Nik (proudmum2boys) had her baby today. Her name is Amber. That is all that was on her facebook so hopefully we'll know some more later.
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[Edited on 12/03/2009]

sounds like u guys have real friendships going on here, sorry i missed it... i'm 3 days over now (4.30am!) & it's friday 13th... had a blood 'show' yesterday arvo so hopefully will go in today... i wrote a little journal for my son (7 1/2yo) & was re-reading what i'd written, the 'show' happened the day before, so i'm guessing i'll go in today...
a funny story from last time tho... u might find amusing...
to get baby out from being overdue - didn't work, but anyway...
my mum had suggested for my partner to take me for a drive down the bumpy dirt road up the back of the estate, so we got in his old panel van & headed up a back paddock to begin at the top of the hill... but before we got there he decided to do donuts in the middle of the dewy grass... round & round we went, i was holding the door & my stomach at the same time... then all of a sudden we heard a clang... the back door had flung open & all his tools (electrician), nuts & bolts & wires flew all around the paddock... so of course we never got to the bumpy road but spent the next 20 minutes slowly picking up crap out of long grass. never again!
i might go back to bed now for more sleep, now i've had a snack & rested my poor hips. nite.
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