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well i just did a 2hr walk, will do another 2moro arvo and again 2moro night so hopefully i get something happening if not then i don't know what i'm gonna do.
so annoyed with myself, i always leave things till the last minute.

Hey all,

Congratulations to all these babies that are arriving. Hopefully there are more coming soon.

I'm still in one piece. What an interesting week it has been. Monday morning I was loosing fluid, Monday night I lost more, called maternity and they said to put a pad on and if its wet in an hour then go up. It wasn't. Wednesday morning at 2.30am woke up wet again and put a pad on for an hr, went up to maternity as pad was wet. They thought my membranes had ruptured, after an internal and 20 mins on the CTG machine they worked out it wasn't. But I was told that bub's head is just there.
Most of Thursday I had been getting period pains and from 2.30pm onward started getting contractions 20mins apart. Went up to the hospital at 8pm and was told I was 3 cms dilated and bub's head was just there, was told its best I go home and sleep in my comfy bed. Well woke up at 11.30 with contractions 5 mins apart and quite painful so go up to the hospital, and was told my cervix was all stretchy and and loose and bub was still just there but I hadn't dilated anymore. They suggest I stay in hospital cause once my waters break it won't be long till I'm holding baby in my arms. So I had contractions on and off still 5 mins apart up until 4am Sat morning and they completely stop. I have not have any since,grrrrr.

Was sent home at 9am Saturday morning under the advice that if my waters break to get to the hospital ASAP unless I want my DH it deliver the baby at home. so now its just a waiting game. Im soo ready to meet this baby.
Besides the shooting pains, this is what mine felt like. I wasn't having constant back pain but that could depend on where bub is sitting too. Is there a break in them. I found I was having a dull ache like period pain, then a sharp pain then it would dull out to a period pain.

As they got closer together it was a sharp pain. If you are unsure give maternity a call and talk to them.
Mackenzie Grace arrived this morning at 4.30am after a short intense labour, and a week late
8pound9oz weight
51cm length
36cm head
Beautiful thick black hair.
12am first contractions 3mins apart,2am 7cm dialated, a few stiches required etc....
This was a successful VBAC,and at 42years of age, still in shock.
real contractions will begin like that but should also make your belly go really tight. Put your hand at the top of your tummy when the pain begns as this is the top of your uterus and that is where the contractions begin. If there is just pain with no tightening then they are probably painful Braxton Hicks or very early labour pains. With ur first bub this can go on for days before true labour kicks in! Unfortunately these are the pains that do exhaust you before labour so what I find works best that I tell the women I look after is hop in the bath or shower and see if the pains subside, two panadol are perfectly safe and stay well hydrated. The worst thing you can do is not drink enough in this early stage as the body can tire very quickly. I too am getting the lower back pain and shooting pains down my vagina t the moment but they tend to fizzle out after an hour or so. Hope this helps. PM me if you need any more advice (I am actually a midwife so may have some good pointers) !

Tyron Jack 25/9/04 Ruby Ann 22/3/09

Saturday 8 Nov - Ryan (RIP)
Sunday 4 Jan - Addison and Zane
Friday 16 Jan - Tiarna and Lily
Saturday 31 Jan - Riley and Brodie
Tuesday 3 Feb - Leah
Tuesday 24 Feb - Blake
Wednesday 25 Feb - Taylah
Friday 27 Feb - Gracie
Monday 2 Mar - Noah
Monday 2 Mar - Kurt
Tuesday 3 Mar - Kayce
Tuesday 3 Mar - Simon
Tuesday 3 Mar - Emily
Sunday 8 Mar - Sam
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Tuesday 10 Mar - Lyla
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Wednesday 11 Mar - Cora
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Friday 13 Mar - Liam
Sunday 15 Mar - Mackenzie

Ok well I'm still here...still getting strong braxton hicks so I am hoping that everything is just getting ready for a quick delivery...well a girl's gotta dream.

Still losing bits of mucus plug...sorry tmi...just strange haven't had this with 3 boys but everyone's different I know.

I am pretty sure this one is posterior still...lots of back pain and my hips are sooo sore...can't sit down for long...can't stand up for i'm constantly moving during the day...good and bad.

I am constantly waking at 2am everynight. Think the baby might be getting me ready for night feeds. I first noticed labour at 2am for both my natural births so maybe it's me just waking up hoping and wishing too.

It's lovely to see that so many healthy bubs have come into this world in the past week. Hope everyone is going well and loving their new bundles of joy.



Congratulations to all the new bubs. Very exciting.

Can't wait to hold my own little man but not looking forward to labour, but i am sure it will all be good. Been mowing the lawn as husband had knee operation and not very mobile and driving me nuts with all the long grass we have over 1 acre and the rideon is broken so all by push so thinking that might help with making sure he doesn't have to be induced. Sick of the braxton hicks, had them since 22 weeks and they are just getting more painfull and often.

Well lots of real labour wishes to all you overdue and over it. Look forward to hearing more great news.


Well it's my due date tomorrow and still no signs of baby appearing. It is baby number 3 and my other 2 were early so now I am wondering if the dates were wrong?!?!?!

Dr is freaking out about how big the baby will be. I am not so concerned but I am very uncomfortable and want it out. I started maternity leave 2 weeks earlier than I expected because of high blood pressure and strong braxton hicks and now nothing! It looks like I will be going overdue. I am very annoyed because I only get 14 weeks off work which means if I go overdue I will have to be back at work when bubs is only 8-10 weeks old. Grrrrrr...

Sorry for the rant but I a sick of being preggers!

Congrats to everyone who has already had their babies. Hope I am having mine soon too!
well had my appointment today, nothing has changed, she's still '3/5' but my uterus is measuring 38cm again. they think she is posteria so i have to keep walking, sit forward and not allowed to lay on my back.

have to go back next Monday and if i haven't had her there going to book me for induction on the 25th (i think).

Hi Guys, I'm back!

Well thank good ness those 'pains' I was getting on Friday night DID turn into something - aprecious baby girl! Ebony Brooke Allisey was born at 2.49am on Saturday morning 14/3/09 weighing 7lb 14oz.
By about 10pm I knew they were the real thing, but they still weren't painful. At 12am they were 3 minutes apart but still bearable but thought I had better go to the hospital to get checked. I was still only 3cms so I decided to go home and rest up. We got home at 1.15am and at 1.30 things started to get REALLY intense and I wanted to push! I yelled out to DH that we had better get back to the hopsital NOW, so off we went.
By the time we got back, it was 2am and I was 8cms! After umming and ahhing about pain releif, if was time to push and 4 pushes later Ebony was born - with a giant knot in her cord! Had no time for pain releif, so I had a completely natural birth this time around.

Ebony has a touch of jaundice so I am going to have to be vigilant about feeding her for the next couple of days because she is quite sleepy, speaking of which I had better go now.

Hope everyine is well.

Jo smile
Wow Jo congrats on the birth of Ebony! You did a great job by the sound of it! Well done hun!

I just thought I'd let you all know I did a birth story up and put it in the newborn section, under the birth announcements! If you want to read that is!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

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