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Hi everyone and congratulations to all the new bubs. I have changed my user name this is Proudmum2boys, but thought i should change it now as i thrilled to be a mum to a beautiful little girl!!

Amber Loree Erickson was born on 12/03 at 12.48pm 7p1o via csection, everything ran very smoothly and im recovering well from the op!!

It was all very exciting the morning of her delivery got a call at 9.30 to say come straight in as they were starting early that day at 12 and i was 1st on the list. I had a spinal which wasnt as nice as the epi as it took longer to get it right and after the drugs hit me i felt really sick like i was going to pass out but they gave extra drugs which made me fell better within about 5-10mins. When she was just about out of my tummy they lowered the screen for me and i saw her feet delivered 1st (she was breech) and then the held her up for us to see but the doctor was holding with the thumb covering the bits so we couldnt see what we had and because girls bits are swollen at 1st i thought i could see "balls" so i asked what is it and they said a "girl" DH and i were very emotional and a few tears fell. I got to feed her during recovery and i pretty much havnt stopped since!!

Because i have a negative blood and Amber is positive and some of our bloods crossed she became quite jaundice after the 1st day so the doctors decided to but her under the lights in the special care nursery , which i found really hard she was there for 24hrs and i had to go to feed her on the dot every 3hrs. I got really upset when they wanted to give her formula as i really wanted to establish breast feeding 1st, 1 midwife was supportive as i explained the trouble i had previously but a male midwife was quite rude telling me we could put a feeding tube down her nose if i didnt want to use formula, it didnt help i was on my baby blues day and just burst into uncontrolable crying, as it was i had a good supply of clostrum and she didnt need the intervention!!

I hate it how the midwifes push for breast feeding but as soon as you are in hospital with a unsettled bub they push you to use formula!! But i do have to say the midwives and staff at redcliff hospital were fantastic and i was so happy with all the help they have me.

Well id better go Amber is hungry again. I look forward to hearing everyone else birth stories and im sorry if i went on to much. Nik

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

Hi All,

Congratulations to all the mums and bubs. Hope that you are all enjoying motherhood.

Haven't been on for ages with the boys in hospital and all the doctors appointments we have had since they have been home.

The boys are now home after spending just over 4 weeks in special care. They have been home 2 weeks. They came home just in time for our daughters birthday which was nice. It was really had going backward and forwards to the hospital for a month with a three year old as well.

Riley has been and had his heart checked and all is good a really nice surprise, Brodie has a heart murmur in his lung artery but am told that it's nothing to be concerned about. We can't belive that we ended up with two healthy boys with everything we went thru.

Good luck to all the mums to be who are still awaiting the arrival of bundle of joy and once again congrats to all the new mums and bubs.


I have been stalking this thread for a few days now and since I am 40 + 4 days, i am starting to get a little axious and emotional. We have been booed in for an induction next Sunday night if nothing happens between now and then. I have been getting lots of sharp pains down into the cervix and also some period painb type feelings, but nothing on a regular pattern.

At the 40wk appt, they did an internal (which didn't hurt as much as i was expecting) and my cervix was soft and 1cm dilated.

DH and I can't wait to meet the little one, it just seems as though it doesn't want to join us jus yet...

I am thinking about going to get some accupressure done tomorrow...anyone had that done before to induce labour?
Hi All,
Congrats on all the new babies!! I'm sooo jealous.
Still hanging around - waiting for things to happen.
I have an appointment on Thursday to find out when they will induce me - i made the appointment for 9am, so hopefully if i haven't gone into labour before then, they will be able to put me in straight away. Aidan was 10 days late - this one looks like she will be the same!!!
I'd love for Aidan to have a day in day care while i'm in hospital so i don't have to worry about him being looked after by the MIL (she means well - but she's getting on in age and can get forgetful about how young he is and what mischief he gets up to).
Anyway - take care all - and great to hear all the different birth stories we've had so far (please can i be next lol smile )
Hey mums and mums to be smile

congrats Jo and Nik it's so great to come on here and read your stories xx i'm so happy for you both. I can relate with you Nik Leah was under the lights for nearly 3 weeks, luckily i am a great cow and she only had formula once. your so right about the breast feeding ad formula thing.

it's funny the posts get less from mums once the wee ones have popped time consuming. I have been on here everyday but never have the time to write lol.

Should we start our postnatal thread soon? I sure could use some opinions and help from you guys. just gotta find the time to ask the questions haha

Leanne hope your still trucking along ok...fingers crossed something has happened for you xx

better be off
take care and goodl luck to those still counting the days smile

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

ok i'm officially overdue!!

i'm starting to feel more and more down about the whole situation.
I still have a memorial service to attend for my gorgeous husband in Blackwater ( our home town...currently in Brisbane waiting for this bub) so as soon as I have the bub we have to fly back up there, do the memorial, start packing up special things and get packers to do the rest....I feel like I'm in limbo atm...not going forward and not able to go back...

Still feeling horrible about having this baby without him there with me... scared that I'm not going to be able to cope with 4 children on my own...scared I have no home to live in atm (we lived in a company house in blackwater and our family home in brisbane is currently rented until after August)

Am living with my parents again...feel like I have failed somehow and back where I was when I had my eldest son...

Sorry not a good day for me and just had to get some things out...don't want to worry my elderly I hope it was ok to talk here..

Oh hormones and emotions and worries are just too much atm....come out baby...


Well girls, I too am still here just waiting now. Getting into the clary sage oil today. Just had a big sniff and will have an oil bath tonight. It doesn't smell as bad as I thought.
Leanne chin up , I am not even going to try and understand what u r going through right now, but just think in a short time you will have another beautiful reminder of ur husband forever. Feel free to vent on here whenever you like, that is what we r here for!
I feel bad cause I am not even due yet and I am trying to get baby out too. Anyway hope all are well, just wondering has anyone started a postnatal March thread yet?


Tyron Jack 25/9/04 Ruby Ann 22/3/09

Well not much to report here. Just hanging around waiting for things to happen am still hoping to go early as like the rest of us but have realised that it propably wont be untill next week.
I am sleeping better which is good and the pains and niggles I was having have eased at night so not sure thats such a good thing.
Leeanne feel free to come and vent to us I can't imagine what you are going through. Hopefully yours bubs will be here soon to brighten things up a little.
I am officially overdue...... very depressing....
After a very slow induction on Saturday night.. Sebastian Rex was born on Sunday afternoon at 4:05pm. Had an epidural at about 11am and the day was heaven! It was a really relaxed, dare I say it, easy... birth.

Both of us are great. Came home yesterday.

Saturday 8 Nov - Ryan (RIP)
Sunday 4 Jan - Addison and Zane
Friday 16 Jan - Tiarna and Lily
Saturday 31 Jan - Riley and Brodie
Tuesday 3 Feb - Leah
Tuesday 24 Feb - Blake
Wednesday 25 Feb - Taylah
Friday 27 Feb - Gracie
Monday 2 Mar - Noah
Monday 2 Mar - Kurt
Tuesday 3 Mar - Kayce
Tuesday 3 Mar - Simon
Tuesday 3 Mar - Emily
Sunday 8 Mar - Sam
Monday 9 Mar - Matilda
Tuesday 10 Mar - Lyla
Tuesday 10 Mar - Ethan
Wednesday 11 Mar - Cora
Thursday 12 Mar - Amber
Friday 13 Mar - Liam
Saturday 14 Mar - Ebony
Sunday 15 Mar - Mackenzie
Sunday 15 Mar - Sebastian

Ok for those of you who have had your bubs already, I have started a new thread in the baby section. MARCH 09 BUBS so feel free to chat in there, but don't worry the resst of you preggy ladies! I'm sure we will all be checking on your progress until you all join us! I can't wait to hear more BA's!!
xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

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