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Hi Everyone!

Wow, there has been a baby boom since my last post!

Congratulations to Michelle, Ashley, Marie, Jo & Liveinthesticks on the safe arrival of your babies! Hope all is well.

Mel (MOC728), glad to hear that Riley & Brodie are doing well.

Pokie, you cracked me up again. Pregnancy is definately not a time to be shy hey.

Leanne, stay strong. Your husband will be watching over you in that delivery room, making sure your new baby arrives safe & sound.

Take care everyone, hopefully there will be some more babies when I'm on here next.

Well I'm still no further than I was the last time I posted.
But.....I will have this bub tomorrow.
I have to be in at the Mater South Brisbane tomorrow morning at 6:45am to be induced. Really not looking forward to the inducement...was horrible with DS 2 but need to meet this bub and start to move on to everything else I have to do.
Well hopefully all goes well I will be a mum to 4 little ones tomorrow...hope all others that are due meet there little ones soon too.

Thank you to all for listening to me the other day


Btw I am Leanne Stevens-Barker on Facebook if you wish to see pics. Hopefully they will be up there soon after I have the bub.


well think things are happening, just worried about when should head to hospital cause 45 min drive away and don't want to have one the way and first came within the hour of getting to hosp. Had a stretch and sweep today, ouch! I am sitting down relaxing timing time between and how long last for.


Hi all. i havent posted in here for awhile but ive been checking in. Still no baby for me. See the doc on friday.

Good luck Leanne!!

kate - id ring the hospital when you have figured out exactly how far apart the contractions are and they will advice you on what to do. Very exciting !! smile

Send me your labour vibes!! lol

Ok well i'm up, dressed can smell the toast cooking..

Day is it...I have to leave home in about 30 minutes to get myself to the hospital to be induced at 6:45am.

Not sure how I feel today...numb is the closest way to describe it...want this bub out so much...don't know if I'm strong enough to do it on my own.

Well next time i'm on here I will have my new bub....I am excited about that...not so excited about having another induction...last one with DS2 was pretty traumatic. Hope it's quick...I am really scared ....



Hi Everyone

Leanne my heart is with you and I am sure your husbands heart and soul will be with you too. Can't wait to hear the good news

Well I am 39 +2 today and I am getting anxious. My mum arrives on my due date (24th)and I hope if he hasn't come by then he decides to Grace us with his presence before the 31st as thats when my mum goes home!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is feeling well and nopt too down - Remember ladies the long wait will be SOOOOOOOooooo worth it


Hi judy - i see the docter tommorow so hopefully some good news. I can feeling things happening "down there" just waiting for the "yep,...this is definatlly it" moment ,lol.
You sound like you are in a better frame of mind. i really dont think you'll go over......wink

I wonder how beck is getting on, she would be home now. i keep looking out for some piccies from her on facebook.

Congratualtion Leanne on the safe arrival of your little boy! i hope all is well and am thinking of you.


Hey girls,
well 2 days off my due date and still nothing much happening. saw my midwife today, discussed a stretch and sweep but we have decided to wait until next week when I am actually overdue. Seems we are all in the same predicament with relatives and husbands being off and no babies. My husband has 3 weeks off and started this week with nothing eventful happening so hopefully we'll see what the weekend brings. I have lots of things to do on the weekend so of course she will make her appearance then.
Also had a CTG today cause baby's movements have been on the quiet side but of course she made a liar of me and moved in the 25 minutes I was on the machine more than she had all day!
Anyway hope all the inductions and labours are going well.
Will keep you posted

Tyron Jack 25/9/04 Ruby Ann 22/3/09

come on ladies, pop those bubs out so you can join us on our postnatal thread xxxx Hope your all feeling ok just wanted to let you know we are still here 4 you all even tho we on a new thread aswell

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

Saturday 8 Nov - Ryan (RIP)
Sunday 4 Jan - Addison and Zane
Friday 16 Jan - Tiarna and Lily
Saturday 31 Jan - Riley and Brodie
Tuesday 3 Feb - Leah
Tuesday 24 Feb - Blake
Wednesday 25 Feb - Taylah
Friday 27 Feb - Gracie
Monday 2 Mar - Noah
Monday 2 Mar - Kurt
Tuesday 3 Mar - Kayce
Tuesday 3 Mar - Simon
Tuesday 3 Mar - Emily
Sunday 8 Mar - Sam
Monday 9 Mar - Matilda
Tuesday 10 Mar - Lyla
Tuesday 10 Mar - Ethan
Wednesday 11 Mar - Cora
Thursday 12 Mar - Amber
Friday 13 Mar - Liam
Saturday 14 Mar - Ebony
Sunday 15 Mar - Mackenzie
Sunday 15 Mar - Sebastian
Thursday 19 Mar - Maxwell

For all of you that haven't added Leanne on facebook she had her baby yesterday. Maxwell John Neil Barker born 11:06 a.m, 8 pound 1 Oz, 51.5 cm.

There are some beautiful pics of her and the boys on facebook.

Congrats Leanne it sounds like you did wonderful.

Hi everyone,
Here's my story.....

I was in pre-labour last friday - things kicked up a notch in the early hours of Saturday morning. Went to the hospital at 5am and waited and waited and waited for them to do an internal - they finally did at 9.45am only to find that I was fully dialated (without any drugs!) Well I hit the gas, and they broke my waters for me.

3 hours later... no urge to push, baby was posterior, cervix was swollen, bubs heart rate was dropping dramatically with each contraction...... so Emergency c-section for me.

A beautiful baby girl - Abby Maree - born weighing 3950g (8 lbs 11oz). She is feeding well, and sleeping beautifully. So happy that she is here and loving being a mummy!!!!

Take care everyone.


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