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Hi All,
Well, still haven't gone into labour naturally, so it looks like Hospital for us at 7.30 in the morning for an induction!!! They are going to check and see whether they will just break my waters, or put the gel in and see what that does!! Hopefully all goes ok - and quick!! I was in labour with Aidan for 18 hours, so hoping it won't be that long!
Anyway - good luck to everyone still waiting, and i'll be on in a few days with some good news!
Hi! Michelle....Thankyou! Yes I tend to have big babies as well! Oakley is my third - and his youngest sister was 9 pound 6 and his older sister was 8 pound 11 - I think I will stop while I'm ahead! lol As I have been told they tend to get bigger and bigger!!!

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

All the best for tomorrow Nelly! Looking forward to hearing your news!


Congrats on all the babies being born.. I am still here too and 6 days overdue now. I am not allowed to be induced so I am waiting, waiting for this hippo to hurry uo and come out!
Good lucky Nelly! i hope its a breeze! i think ill be getting induced tommorow too! scared! lol never been induced before, both my other babies were natural.

all the best!
Twinkles, I can't be induced because I have had a previous c/s. Chemical induction can cause the scar to rupture. My Dr is anti any form of induction which annoys me because there are ways of inducing without using chemicals like oxytocin (foley catheter, AROM etc).

He basically wants me to book for a c/s rather than induce but I would prefer to wait it out now and see if bubba will come on it's own. I DON'T want another c/s. My 1st was elective for medical reasons and it was a nightmare. I much preferred my vaginal delivery with DD#2.
Well i was hoping I wouldn't be saying this, but

HAPPY DUE DATE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was wanting bub to come before today,sure has had me up at the hospital a few times with contracts 5 mins apart, but then they fizzle.
Dr is going to call me on Wednesday to discuss inducing me if she hasn't seen me before then.

Congrats on all the little bubbies coming, I am loving all the names that have been posted and I'm pretty sure we haven't had any double ups.

Anyone else still out there and pregnant?????
Hi Judy!

I was induced with my first baby. I was 10 days overdue & showing no signs of going into labour naturally, not even a niggle! I had gel (can't remember the name now?) inserted on the Sunday night & Monday morning. Started to feel a little uncomfortable. Now this was 5.5 years ago so memory is a little hazy but at some stage that day I was put on the drip. I really didn't feel too bad until they broke my waters, about 10 minutes after that the contractions came on hard & fast. They seemed like they were a minute apart. It was a shock to the system as there was no gradual build up to the pain. Also bub was posterior so the pain in my back was horrid. I asked for an epidural after about an hour, hehe! I dilated to 8cm & stopped. They gave me another 2 hours to progress but still nothing & bub was starting to get distressed. I ended up having an emergency caesar at 5am Tuesday morning. They told me that it was more than likely bubs size & position that led to the caesar.

Don't be too scared of an induction as you can see by Michelle's experience they don't all lead to a caesar. Fingers crossed that you go into labour naturally & soon! smile

Take care

All the best Christelle (Critter). Looking forward to hearing your news!

Nat smile

Thanks! feeling better about being induced now. thanks guys. Well for those of you one facebook, you will know when i have the baby. smile

Well not sure if you remember but I was induced with Cora. I made sure they only broke my waters, cause I had had 3 natural buirths previously, so wanted to do it as naturally as possible. Anyway, waters were broken at 8.15am on Wed, had about 2 contractions in an hour and then it started! About 10 or 10.30 it was getting too painful for me and we went to the birthing suite, then I had her at 12 noon. I was scared of induction too but it turned out well for me in the end! Try not to stress about it cause that's when things may take a turn for the worst. Just take it as it comes hun.
Good luck!
xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey girls...thanks for you encouraging words about my experience in really helps to vent...

Ok...all the best to Christelle for tomorrow....hoping things get moving for Judy and anyone else I have missed soon!!!

Inductions: I was induced with my first baby, she was 10 days overdue...doc used gel...had to do it twice as the first time didnt' work....brought on contractions that were really strong and then as OB was trying to hurry me along and monitor baby by screwing the wires into his head (Never would I ever agree to this again!!!)...he broke my waters....contraction so much more intense and had to have epidural to cope....this all was done with me on the bed the whole time not able to move around for 12 hours.....then c-section.....
I am certain I read somewhere that there is a direct link between the rates of c-sections and if at all you can avoid it do.....remember that while it is the pits to be overdue, a normal pregnancy is from 37-42 wks not 40 wks....

This is hard to accept...I know...I got impatient too.
If doc is pushing for an induction and you are really not up for the chance it could lead to further intervention I would suggest get the doc to first check the fluid around baby, the placenta and really give you a solid, backed up reason why it would be best to interfere with nature and induce you...
That is what I wish I had done the first time...then things might have gone differently for me this time rather than have so much pressure to do a VB second time around...
just my own thoughts....make you own decision...but be informed of the risks and benefits....and questions of your dr....ask lots before you do anything!!!!!

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