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Wow Two tinkerbells! 10lb 10!! He was huge! I bet he's just gorgeous tho and his sisters love him to death!

Congrats to everyone else who had their bubs recently (sorry I can't remember everyone, I'm a bit tired) Can't wait to hear how the births went!

xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

ok well i went to the hospital Tuesday (24th) to get induced, got induced at 4pm, they used cervadil mainly coz i'm a first timer and they preferred using that on first timers.
after having the cervadil put in i was put on the monitor so they could see if both me and baby would accept it and we did.

about 10pm i started getting really nasty period pains, i asked for some panedine forte, they didn't help with the pains at all, so after about an hour i tried having a shower to see if that helped, it didn't, i got out of the shower and went straight to the bed and curled up, my mum got the midwife and she gave me some sleeping tablets (which didn't help at all) and said if they don't work she could either give me a shot of pethadine or an examination, i started crying coz the pain was just getting a bit too much, said to my mum "these pains are only going to get worse, i want the epidural as soon as i'm in labour", mum got the midwife again and asked me if i want the pethadine or an examination, i said i wanted the examination, as she was about to do that she said "if your 3cm's dilated i'll break your waters", she then told me i was 6cm's dilated and she was going to break my waters, i started crying more saying i'm not ready do this while trying to do what she wanted me to which was hard as i was getting the pains while trying.
my waters got broken she then put that cable thing on babys head to keep an eye on the heart rate, they started to put a drip in me for the epiduralthen my body went into shock and started shaking, i had all these people around me and all i remember is some1 telling me to push, so i pushed and then heard "head is still too high, push again" so i pushed again and then baby's heart rate dropped to 30-40bpm, they then rushed me to theatre for an emergency c-section. on the way there i felt the urge to push and said i needed to push every1 told me not to so i tried not to but then my body started to the pushing by itself, got into theatre wanted to push again so i closed legs and just sucks on the gas (i think it was) while they gave me a general anaestetic.

i woke up in recovery and asked about my baby, every1 kept telling me she's fine but i didn't believe them. i was put on Morphine for pain relief, they stapled me. Baby was in the nursery almost all day and i only got to see her once but i don't remember it coz of the Morphine.

so my labour lasted 2hrs 17mins and i had no clue coz the pains started at there worst and i expected them get worse than what they were.
i'm pretty proud of myself knowing i went through labour without any pain relief. OH after my waters were broken i went from 6cm-10cm dilated in less than 20mins.
Amber was born March 25th at 3:17am.

it's pretty funny in a way coz i was pregnant to 1 ex and Amber is born on another ex's b'day LOL.

Oh pokie! you poor thing! Sounds like you had a rough time with your labour starting out so bad right at the beginning. I'm glad to hear both you and Amber are ok though! How are you feeling now?
xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

yeah it wasn't what i expected that's for sure, i acyually thought it would get worse, but coz i very rarely get period pains i didn't think they could be that bad lol.
but i think i did well coping with the pains.

we are both so much better now that we are home.
she's feeding and sleeping better, had trouble feeding her in hospital, i found most nurses to be quite critical towards me just coz her 1st day was spent just bottle feeding due to me being on Morphine and unable to do anything.
i've found breatfeeding to be easier at home and less painful coz the home visiting Midwife gave me a nipple shield as it was getting really painful.she's sleeps atleast 5hrs straight so it's good coz i like sleep lol

Hi everyone!

Wow 7 babies since my last post!

Congratulations Kelly(love bubs name! hehe), Cheree, Quin83, Amanda, Nelly, Judy & Casey on the safe arrivals of your babies. Hope you are all recovering well & your bubs are all sleeping & feeding well for you.

All the best for tomorrow Emma, hope your induction goes well.

Take care

Howdy everyone!!!
I am a mum again!! Baby number 3 came at 0635am 22/03/09 and he came in a hurry.

Had my first contraction at 4:45am on Sunday Morning. I went out to loungeroom for half an hour just making sure it was contractions I was feeling then decided to wake John just to let him know. They were coming every five minutes so I had a shower. Contractions seemed to get closer but by 5:45am when MIL arrived I was in no state to count minutes. I was doing all my talking in between as it was impossible to talk whilst in the middle of pains.

We got to Hospital at 6am and as I got out the car my body had taken over and I was starting to grunt out pushes. I thought holy crap get me upstairs quick!!!!
so half an hour of pushing and he was here
1 hr and 50 minutes it took - couldnt believe it!!! I am getting quicker.

He is so beautiful weighed 3390g 7pounds 7ounces 52 cm long and head was 32.
Phoenix David Ah Mat. (We decided against Jarrah)
A lot smaller than the last one!!! (8p 9o)

Hope everyone is well

baby and i are doing fine. So glad he is finally here!!!


Sarah & Phoenix
[Edited on 01/04/2009]
[Edited on 01/04/2009]
Congrats on the birth of Phoenix, Sarah! What a quick birth you had hun! Well done!

Is there anyone else left to have bub yet?

xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Well i think I bring to an end the mums having babies for march hehe. Jessica Rose was born on the 31st March at 9.37am weighing 8lb 2oz. After 2 days in hospital we are home and doing well.
Congrats to all the new mums,

I am still waiting for my baby to arrive. I visited the obstetrician yesterday and she does not think baby will arrive before the induction that has been booked on tuesday. I am still hoping to have baby before then but all i care about is having a healthy baby.

Hope you are all enjoying your babies


Good Luck Wendy! I hope bub arrives for you soon!
xx nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Congratulations Sarah & Emma on the safe arrival of Phoenix & Jessica!

All the best Wendy, you must be lucky last. Looking forward to hearing your news next week.

Take care

good luck Wendy, hope everything goes well for you smile

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