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dont be scared of labour. its such a wonderful experience. if you go in feeling anxious and negative it will make it seem worse than it really is. that is just my opinion though.

I was scared the first time, this time i cant wait.

mind you, im not saying its not painful! I guess im just trying to say, relax and enjoy.. the pain will be a distant memory when its over. (this is me trying to convince myself lol lol )

take care mummies xo

Beginning my work from home adventure

Hey cmjv,

Im with you labour hurt but was a great experience. In most cases the pain builds progressivly so you can handle it, i sucked on gas and asked for pethadine (which probably didnt do too much), i did ask for an epi but it was too late, and i had a 15hr labour.

Also with an epi you have increased risk of needing an assisted delivery eg vaccume or forceps, and because i was going for a vbac i didnt want that risk. You also need a (sp) cathada inserted(wee bag) after epi and i find these really restrict you after birth and are uncofortable and embarrassing when people come to visit. Im not trying to be negative but these are all things i didnt know until i was in labour!!

I ended up having a 3rd degree tear after bub #2 which needed 2hrs of repair after birth that is when i wished i had an epi, and because of the bad tearing i still needed a cathada, so i really got the s#@t end of the stick!!!

I guess there are pros and cons to each and when labour is in full swing who knows what you will be thinking.

Hope everyone is good. Nik

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

I only had a catheter while I was in labour cause I really had to go after they gave me the epi. I had it in for about 4 hrs then they took it out. Also I'll remember to go before they give it to me this time and probably won't need it at all. My OB questioned why it was even in the first time until they explained I had to go and then he took it out. So it does just depend on who you have and how they think things should go. Also I don't think I could care less who saw me during labour or after bubs is born. I was so out of it last time and I don't think people expect you to be looking your best anyway. Especially if there's poroblems.

Hey all,
I'll reintroduce myself my names Kelly i'm 27 and have a 21 month old daughter and my DH is 31. We are expecting our second child on the 25/03/08 and its a surprise.
I'm with you yeah labour does hurt. I had a 48 hour labour with my DD and only had gas and pethidene did call for an epi but it wwas too late she was posterier and slept throughout the whole labour which made it longer.
I also had a third degree tear and it took them two hours + to stitch me up but I never needed a catheder which was good and the pain afterwards wasn't as bad as some of my friends who never tore at all. Everyones different.
I am however hoping for a much shorter labour this time as 48 hours really sucked
But after you have gone though the pain you seem to forget about it and I guess thats why we do it all over again. Plus the rewards of motherhood far outweigh the pain of childbirth.
Hope every one is doing well
my first labour was 12 hours. i was induced @38 weeks because of pre-eclampsia. i only had the gas for the second half of the labour. no tears or grazes or anything, so im hoping for the same this time, but maybe shorter. guess i was lucky he was only 6lb12oz.. a nice size..

seeing as i already have a bigger belly than what i did at the end with my first. im hoping that shes not going to be a 10lb-er.

take care all

Beginning my work from home adventure

I must have been one of the unlucky ones cause after my 1st bub (csection), I needed the catheter in for 3days and when they took it out they had to put it back in again and the doctor told me i might even need to have it in to go home, thankfully i didnt. With bub #2 they most likely put it in because i had such a bad tear and to save me from having to get in and out of bed to go to the toilet, i think it was only in for 2 days. I didnt really like having to carry it with me when going for a shower or when i took bubs to have their 1st bath, I guess they are the reasons i have such bad memories of them. But I know there are worse things that could happen, and if these are my worst memeroies of child birth then im pretty lucky!!

I hope i havnt scared anyone, sounds like mine was the worst case sinaro, and everyones case is different.

Well enough on the bad stuff, im now 25weeks and am really looking forward to my 3D scan on thursday, i cant wait to see my little precious in real detail!!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Nik

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

well least i know i'm not the only 1 scared of labour and giving birth LOL.
i was thinking about having the epidural, but now i'm not too sure coz i think i'd rather feel the pain than nothing at all and apparently with the epidural you have more chance of tearing coz your numb.
so i think i'll just have gas and pethadine. i've decided (after reading a few things) that i'll try to walk around for a little bit, then rest on my side, and continue that until i feel i can't.
while i was reading some of stuff on pregnancy, labour and birth i came across something that said if you use vegetable oil and put it 3cm inside you and stretch it little bit each time it helps with softening the cervix and apparently helps with no tears.

i had another obstetrician app. on Thursday, i have to have another Glucose Tolerance test (which i have in 2wks), um my uterus is 28cm. i also got told i'm having another ultrasound around 34wks to check the size of the baby, hopefully it won't be too big lol.

has any1 started getting there bag/s ready for the hospital??

Hi to all. This is the first time writing in this forum how ever I have been reading what others are up to and how they are coping. My husband and I are expecting our first on 4/3/09 and it is all very exciting. I was sorry to hear about Sarahs little boy I hope her and her family are doing Ok. Talk to you all later
Oh yay!! I found you all!!

What a drama LOL. Thought it was my good old baby brain messing me around, but looks like its not for once LOL.

Had a busy day today...
took my 3 year old to swimming lessons, met my Doula...she is preg. with her fifth baby...she seems really nice...she is just around the corner from me...also today I made my first gingerbread house...

Man am I tired...I have a sore throat and a mouth full of ulcers..
Great dinner is ready gotta go...I am starved

Hi. Have been reading posts for months and thought it was about time i introduced myself. I am Kay, 28 and live in Lower Hutt NZ. I am due with first baby on 15 March and it is a little boy smile We have been going to the specialist since about week 12 as baby had a cystic hygroma (over 7mm nuchal fold) but were told on Thursday that the specialist doesn't want to see us again... yay!! We didn't even want to buy anything till after week 20 as the specialist told us at the beginning that the baby was most probably going to miscarry. So are thrilled that we don't have to go back to specialist, though it has been lovely seeing our little boy grow every few weeks via scans.
Is anyone else still getting permanant metal feeling in mouth, feel like i am constantly sucking on a bit of iron.
Hi girls,

I am absoluetely loving how much bubs is moving around at the moment - it is like a constant reassurance that everything is ok. My hubby is yet to feel it move.... it seems to stop whenever he puts his hand on the bump - hopefully he will get to feel it soon.

I'm starting to research car seats and like the sound of the Infa Turn-a-tot seat.... anyone heard much about it??? It allows you to turn the seat so that it faces the door to make it easier to put bubs in - thought that sounded good. And it is meant to be good for small cars (i have a Holden Astra) so need to be thinking about that too.

Not long till Christmas - hope you are all coping well with the heat!


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