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Hi All,

Vicki - Our bub is usually active when I lie down and DP can feel Bub move if we spoon in bed with my belly against his back. That's only happened during the last couple of weeks though.

My bub is moving loads too. I'm really enjoying the feeling!
Our hospital booking in appointment is tomorrow so that will make it all a little more real. It'll be good to see the birthing unit & wards so we know where we will be. Then we have an OB appointment on Thursday so we get to see Bub again!

Not enjoying this heat...And it's only going to get worse...

Hope you are all well!

Sarah smile
i just need to vent a bit.

i am sooooooo annoyed with my friends, they don't invite me anywhere anymore, my "best friend" is having a party in a few weeks and hasn't even bothered to invite me, sure i'm pregnant and i'm not going to drink but that just friggin hurts that i don't get invited anywhere anymore.
i mean sure i probably won't go anyway but it's nice to be invited to places, parties wherever.

i'm kinda seeing it as i know who my "real" friends are, i need some new friends.

anywayz that's all i think lol

Hey everyone, hope your all having a nice weekend. For once it is not raining here!!

I went mad on Friday night and set up the xmas tree and did a whole heap of other stuff. Then when i went to get of the couch I couldnt stand up cause my back and butt cheeks were in so much pain. Bruce was already in bed so I had to crawl on my hands and knees. Must have looked so funny!! So I have learnt my lesson and will slow down a bit. Hows everyone else coping with back pain?

we just set up the strider which was fun. We were pushing it around making sure it fit through the door etc. All good!!

Well im off to cook roast chicken......yum yum

take care smile

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

Hey guys been a while since i been on here ive had the flu really bad was even unable to see out my eyes they where so puffy lol.Thank god though my doc prescribed antibiotics and i was feeling much better a couple days later Now im just trying to shake off the cough sad
Besides that im growing flat out and baby moves so much now, i can even sleep through the movements, maybe cause iv been so tired lately haha.
Hope use are all doing well xxx
Welcome Kay from lower hutt....

So how was everyone's weekend????
Mine was bloody busy....
Had a midwife appointment on thursday, i've put my back out and she booked me into maternal physio at 2pm today, that should be interesting.... I had HOP with my 1st and i have one of the signs back, if i get one more i have to leave work early, which will be shitty.....But finally into my fortnightly visits now, so i feel like i;m getting closer...yay...

Hope everyones loving the summer sun...LMAO....

Blayne Stylus 19/01/05 & Kayce Kristu 03/03/09

Hey Michelle, I know what you mean about relaxed Obstetricians. My one is exactly the same. we went tuesday week ago and he said not to come back until 2nd January, then the next appointment will be a month after that then it will be every 2 weeks after that. This is my first pregnancy so maybe it's a general rule of thumb they have if all is going well. Must be a good sign if they hardly ever want to see us.

Kirbo I hope your feeling better the puffy eyes sounds so annoying!!!!

kels xx

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

Well after my post the other day... hubby finally felt bubs move yesterday. It was going crazy - jumpping around in there I am sure - and he felt it which was nice.

Miss Kell - my back also started to hurt yesterday, on my left side of my bum, and now today it is the right side. Hurts sooo much to walk - hopefully it will pass soon. My cause was a big cleaning frenzy!

Had a yucky feeling this morning at work. Got to work and sat down to check my e-mails..... within 5 minutes I felt so dizzy and light headed that I was sure I was going to faint. This lasted for about 1/2 hour, and then went away. Not sure if it is low blood pressure, or if the baby is pinching a nerve or something. Anyone else experienced anything like it?

Hope you are all well!


Vicki - That was the last thing I got put into hospital for, but my dizziness lasted like 3 hours (till their drugs kicked in). Apparently there is a really big virus going around at the moment and it's nothing to worry about. Great to tell a pregnant woman. Mind you I was that dizzy I was throwing up too.

I have another visit with the doctor today. I had my ultrasound yesterday and will find out today if I'm going to get my gall bladder taken out before or after bubby. I really don't know what I want. I think if they need to take it out now I'd rather wait till January just in case I do go into early labour, at least that way I'm furthur along (I'll be 32 or 33 weeks at the start of January). Has anyone else heard about someone having an operation while they're pregnant? I'm just kinda getting scared. Not just cause I don't know what's going to happen, but also I don't want to miss my kids over the hols if I do go into hospital. And I don't want to have Taylah that early. (No matter how much I'm over it)

Hi All
Well im back at work today and feel S***y lol.I have terrible back pains which im considering going to the doc about it's only down my right hand side bout half way down my back and has been very uncomfortable for me sleeping. iv only been able to lay on my back as it hurts and aches to lay on my sides, anyone else experience this??
I have been really tired and realised i haven actually felt bub move since yesterday morning so im hoping all is ok there. i see my midwife again on the 6th jan and than get another ultrasound sometime in Jan. We did get told that we where having a lil girl but wasn't 100% sure so we hoping next scan will tell us weither or not the first one was right lol.
Well i hope you all have a good day,mine will be one of them slow days lol.xx
Hi Penn, my sister is pregnant too, and when she was 13 weeks, she had to have a cyst removed from her ovary, opposite to the one she concieved in, they told her if she didnt she would either harm the baby or it could explode and she wouldnt be able to concieve again...the risk for her was, that she would lose her baby....
so she got a C-section cut, its her 1st pregnancy... she did well though, everything went fine.. and she is due 2nd of April...
i think they will only operate if it is safe, but even if your not preggas they warn of every complication possible aye....

Also, my friends partner, who was the same weeks as me, had their daughter at 25 weeks, she was due in march too, but arrived last month, and she's doing fine...

just some success stories to try and ease some worries for you...hope it helps...

In NZ when you have a midwife you have monthly visits up till 28 weeks and then they are fortnightly untill 36 weeks and weekly after... with my 1st pregnancy i had a doctor and my visits were the same too....

[Edited on 09/12/2008]

Blayne Stylus 19/01/05 & Kayce Kristu 03/03/09

Hi all,

Yup - Am totally over being pregnant! Bubs room is still not finished but I have all the baby gear, clothes etc and am starting to put my hospital bag together. As if all the preparations would speed things upa bit!! I mean I want him to "cook" for as long as possible but I can't wait for my wee man to arrive.

We went to the hospital for the booking in visit yesteday. The midwife told me I'd be there for at least 2 days (longer if I have a CS) and that they won't hurry me out once Cletus is born. They all seem really nice and we had a tour of the ward which was cool. I'm booked in for an antenatal breastfeeding class and might take an accupressure class so DP can learn how to do it for labour. The midwife who booked me in was a bit dithery so I hope she did everything she had to. I get a visit at home from one of the midwives in January to sign things off.

My OB visits have been 4 weekly until this week (29 weeks), then I go fortnightly until 36 weeks. I've had more scans than most because Cletus was misbehaving for the first two 20 week scans!

Work is getting to me. My boss is stressed and making it hard on the rest of us. I'm trying to stay level-headded for Cletus's sake but I'm just so tired!! I'm kinda hoping the OB tells me to finish earlier than 23 January. At least I get 16 days off at Christmas!

Hope you are all well!
Sarah smile
hey everyone,
well don't we all sound like a bunch of sad sacks, and I am only going to add to it.
I have never experienced thrush before but OMG! am sure am having the worst case ever at the moment. I can barely walk, the rubbing is so irritating and poor hubby, sex is noot even on the agenda. Has anybody else had thrush before, everything is just so dry and stingy (sorry if TMI!) I put my first canestan in last night and went to bed in tears with an ice pack, amazingly feelng a bit better today.
In terms of the rest of the preg, I feel great. I don't see my midwife until 2nd January and little Ruby is movin around like crazy. Am getting heaps of Braxton Hicks though, not painful at all but the tightness takes my breath away at times. Heartburn is still a killer.
In terms of my previous labour, was 13 hours but the last 4 was going from 5 cm to baby out after my waters got broken so it wasn't so bad. Used gas til about 8 cm and then had one shot of pethidine for transition.Am actually looking forward to labour this time, doing a few things more differently and being more prepared. Hope u r all well and getting organised for xmas.

Tyron Jack 25/9/04 Ruby Ann 22/3/09

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